#Cwtchfest2017: Cwtch Workshops

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We have five great workshops running this sunday at #Cwtchfest2017 Starting at 12 noon and each running on the hour for 30 minutes. Here, you will get to meet some of Wales’ finest and most experienced wedding professionals. Spaces are limited on some so we are advising you all arrive early. If you don’t manage to get a space then you are all still welcome to listen and take notes :)

12 noon- Maria Farrelly Photography

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Creator of Cwtch The Bride and professional wedding Photographer, Maria Farrelly is kicking off the first of our Cwtch Workshops.


Getting the most out of your big day

Having photographed hundreds of weddings over many years Maria has ALOT of experience of virtually every type of wedding in most locations. From Festival weddings in the middle of no where to traditional church weddings with 300+ guests, maria has found they all have one thing in common. The need to be well organised!

Planning your day properly and being aware of how long things REALLY take will give you a better understanding of how your day will go.


In this workshop, Maria will walk you through the typical time scales of a wedding day. This is a great opportunity to involve the bridal party (who normally don’t have a clue what is going on). So many brides want to plan their own wedding and think its easy. Its not, trust us. The more help you get, the better. Maria will show you how to delegate, who best to give roles to, how to avoid turning into a bridezilla and most importantly how to get the most out of your day.

She will also give you some great tips on how to look great in your wedding pictures!



1 pm – YumeYume Logo

Yume Hair and Beauty Salons Cardiff, presenting Bridal Hair trends.

You’re never fully dressed without Yume hair! Yume means dream and we LOVE to create dream hair for that dream wedding!wedding-collage-2
Hensol - cwtch the bride_0022Do you want your own personal wedding hair stylist that’s part of a professional team of wedding experts to create your bespoke wedding look? Then that’s another reason to say “..I DO” We will be showing three very different bridal looks, each being bespoke to the individual wedding style. …From Classic/Elegant to Rock-chic and Boho too…lots of fabulous ideas to share with you. The complete look – hair, make-up and wedding dress too! Your visit to the salon needn’t be daunting and worrying…but a happy, exciting experience knowing you will come away with lots of hair and make up ideas, hints and tips, including your own personalised Wedding hair and beauty plan!

* Veil or no veil…?

* How to prepare your hair for the big day…?

* Is your hair as glossy as it could be…?

* Does your hair colour suit your cool or warm skin tone…?

* Wedding hair trends 2017-2018…?

We take pride in sharing with you our advice and guidance on how to enhance your own wedding ideas…. focusing your vision of your dream wedding and turning into a reality!

2 pm- Do You Believe?

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We have Helen from Do You Believe running a fabulous workshop on Body Confidence.

Every bride is capable of looking and feeling fantastic on their wedding day, no matter what size, height or anything else that varies! But theres more to it than just trying to be on trend. You have to be smart. If you truly FEEL fantastic you will certainly LOOK fantastic too because confidence is more striking than any frock I can tell you to wear.304

If you are looking for some advice on how to work with your god given gifts then Helen has some pearls of wisdom which she has learnt over many years of dressing all different shapes and sizes.050

I have a top 5 tips on how to work with what you’ve got and some hints on how to make wedding dress shopping easier and more enjoyable: 1) the dos and donts for your shape and size 2) what to take with you- being prepared when shopping 3) be open minded 4) the finishing touches- the devil is in the detail 5) when/where and who PS- a touch on bridesmaids- the diplomatic approach


3pm – Make Up By Nicola

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Award winning professional make up artist, make-up by Nicola has over 10years of industry experience and will be answering all your make up questions at the workshop

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias PhotographyIMG_2413

4pm – The Flower Hive

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Come and talk to Eva at The Flower Hive about using locally grown flowers for your wedding, and creating naturalistic designs.
Join in a buttonhole workshop . Learn how to design and make your own unique buttonholes and be creative at your wedding.   Practice floristry skills using spring flowers and hedgerow foliage.

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

#Cwtchfest2017 Spotlight -The Cwtch Workshops

Good morning Cwtchers!

Ahead of our next event on the 9th April 2017 in the stunning St Fagans we have our gorgeous Cwtch Workshops that are entering their third year and forth event by showing you what we got up to in Septembers #Cwtchfest2016 in St Fagans.

Over the weeks we have been trying to explain what makes our events a little different and the Cwtch Workshops are an essential part of this difference.

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

The Dead Canary offering a taster gin masterclass

Set in Stretch event’s beautiful stretch tent, which allows you to feel part of the festival whilst experiencing some fascinating and enjoyable workshops.  Like a Gin masterclass that was offered by Cardiff’s very own secret cocktail bar The Dead Canary– What is there not to LOVE!

Owen Mathias Photography

The wonderfully talented Make up by Nicola

Owen Mathias Photography

Inspiring hair styles by the lovely Hannah Mlaterm

It also offers you the chance to meet some amazing wedding suppliers and for them to run a half hour workshop in something that we know will help our brides and couples plan their wedding like the fabulous Penny from Pad Deco offering wedding planning inspiration.

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

One of the many questions brides question themselves when looking at costs is could I do flowers myself and Eva from The Flowerhive offers a workshop that allows you to have a hands on experience.   Our Cwtchfest couples have LOVED her floral workshops.

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Inspired? Are you yet to get your tickets?  You will find them here…


We will be announcing this years line up in the coming weeks keep your eyes peeled!!!


Cwtchfest: Our Cwtch Workshops

Hello lovely Cwtch people,

Maria here :) Only a few more sleeps to go until Cwtchfest eek! I cannot put into words the amount of hard work and long hours my team and I have put into planning and organising this wedding festival. We are so excited to open the gates next week for what is going to be one EPIC day! 

Last year we ran a series of Cwtch Workshops at our very first wedding festival. They were very popular and naturally top of our list when planning this years event! We really hope you will all to join us at CWTCHFEST next Sunday and take part in this fabulous line up of inspiring workshops to help you plan and inspire your amazing wedding. 

What is a Cwtch Workshop?

A cwtch workshop is a 30 minute wedding workshop designed to help you with different aspects of your wedding. Each workshop has been hand picked by myself to inspire you, educate you and be great fun all at the same time. There is no additional cost involved to take part in the workshops but you will need to pay an entry fee into Cwtchfest.

For those that still don’t know…CWTCHFEST 2016 takes place on Sunday 17th April at The Glanusk Estate, Crickhowell.

click here for tickets

Cwtchfest starts at 11am and we have a huge exhibitor tent full of the best welsh wedding suppliers! You really don’t want to miss this. Some will be running fantastic offers and some… well… they don’t ‘do’ wedding fairs but really wanted to be part of our festival, so you will find suppliers that you just won’t find at any other event (we’re cool like that).

Our Cwtch Workshops kick off at 12 noon. That will give you a good hour in the exhibitor tent beforehand if you want to catch the first one.

The Timetable

If you are planning to do a bit of DIY for your wedding then feast your eyes on this fabulous line up.

  • 12 noon Flower hive – Buttonhole Workshop- max 10 people
  • 1pm Sylvie & Joan Creative weddings – planning your own festival wedding.
  • 2pm HANNAH MLATEM hair salon – Bridal Hair inspiration
  • 3pm Make-Up By Nicola – Live demos for your bridal party
  • 4pm All Sewn Up – Lavender Heart’s
  • 5pm Flower Hive – Flower Power Ring

Full details below

Cwtch workshops

12 noon – The Flower Hive – Buttonhole Workshop (max 10 people),

The Flower Hive is based in Pencoed, close to Bridgend, Cardiff and Swansea. We grow traditional cottage garden flowers in accordance with organic  principles.
Come and learn how to create a wedding buttonhole with exposed stems

DSC_0347Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride052 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride058 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride059Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride064

1pm -Festival Wedding Planning with Sylvie and Joan

Join Emma for a glass of fizz and a workshop on planning your own wedding festival.

Emma is Managing Director of Sylvie and Joan Creative Weddings and Events. She also runs her own festival management company, working on festivals including Greenman at The Glanusk Estate for the last decade.

Emma will run through the main aspects of planning your own wedding festival and share hints and tips for giving your guests a day to remember for a very long time!workshopNicki-Rob-0207 workshopNicki-Rob-0670 workshopNicki-Rob-1162

2pm- HANNAH MLATEM hair salon – Bridal Hair inspiration

Get some bridal hair inspiration with live demos from a local specialist.

Hannah, owner of HANNAH MLATEM hair salon in Gilwern, is well known for her bridal styles and gets booked up several years in advance.
Watch live demonstrations of what’s hot this year and inspiration for your own big day. Hannah will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have from preparing your hair, getting it wedding ready and also advice on what styles suit your hair type, dress and theme. There will also be floral head pieces and accessories to complement your perfect bridal look.
 IMG_7416 IMG_7423 IMG_7421

3pm- Make-Up By Nicola – Live demos for your bridal party

Make-Up By Nicola is an award winning make-up artist based in South Wales. Nicola will be offering live demos and giving must have  tips and techniques for make-up for your bridal party on your big day.   She will also be available to discuss bridal make up and able to offer advice on when to book, trials etc.



 4pm – All Sewn Up – Lavender Heart’s

Helen Rhiannon from All Sewn Up will be showing us how to make Lavender Heart’s which can be made using just plain stuffing or lavender.  The heart are ideal favours for female guests at your wedding hung over the back of chairs or maybe as a personalised gift for your bridesmaids to hang over their hanger on the dayPhotoGrid_1456075880005
Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride084Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride085

5pm – Flower Hive – Flower Power Ring
The Flower Hive is based in Pencoed, close to Bridgend, Cardiff and Swansea.
We grow traditional cottage garden flowers in accordance with organic  principles.
Create a beautiful flower ring utilising florist techniques to create you very own powerful design, using fresh flowers and foliage

DSC_0253 DSC_0051 DSC_0300 DSC_0296

There will be loads more to keep you busy throughout the day at CWTCHFEST! and we have more spotlight post coming up this week to get you even more excited! Don’t forget, if you haven’t bought your CWTCHFEST tickets yet, make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute. We want to make sure you all have a speedy entry and not having to queue.

click here for tickets

If you are still undecided, take a look at some of the images from last years event. It was great fun!

Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride001 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride002 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride003 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride004 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride005 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride008 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride009 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride018Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride035 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride037 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride039 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride040 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride042 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride043 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride044 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride045
Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride047 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride048 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride049 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride050 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride051Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride065Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride075 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride076Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride081 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride082 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride083Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride087 Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride088