Real Weddings: Emily & Dan’s Homely, Country Wedding by Gareth Scanlon

 Hello cwtchers.  Well, today we have the beauty! Real Weddings: Emily & Dan’s Homely, Country Wedding by Gareth Scanlon is just so pretty, with a gorgeous feel to it.  So many clever DIY bits in here from the clever bride, Emily, like her coffee jars she turned into vases.  But I won’t spoil anymore, I will hand over to the bride and groom and the talented Gareth, to tell and show you more….

All Images by Gareth Scanlon Photography

Emily & Dan 550px  (78 of 129)

Emily & Dan’s Homely, Country Wedding by Gareth Scanlon

What was your budget? 

Around ten thousand pounds.

How would you describe your wedding theme?

No theme really, we always wanted a relaxed-style wedding and we loved the Vintage/Country style the venue had; we just incorporated it into our wedding! Emily made all the decorations herself using empty coffee jars and decorating them with hessian and lace for candles and flowers. Our florist – Issy & Bella – supplied the flowers and really listened to what we wanted and delivered fantastic in-season wild flowers.

Emily & Dan 550px  (27 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (28 of 129)

For the clothes, the boys could wear any colour tweed suits they wanted; the maid of honour picked a beautiful vintage style dress. We wanted everyone to look and feel comfortable.

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Emily & Daniel: One particular highlight was when we released two balloons in the afternoon, one for Emily and one for Daniel – which was our way of remembering those from our families who we’ve lost and couldn’t be with us on our big day, but we knew were looking over us. It was such an emotional part of the day for everyone whilst we remembered our loved ones but it added so much more, and we are so glad, and grateful, to have been able to do it.

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Emily: waking up to a little letter that had been posted by the night porter from Daniel, it was beautiful! – It just made everything more exciting and special.

Emily & Daniel: The toasts – simple, emotional but meaningful!

Daniel: Emily’s maid of honour – Grug (and her husband Steve) – bought Daniel a pewter brooch of a Whippet. We have two Whippets, who couldn’t be there on the day and Daniel was made up when he saw that – quickly sticking it to his jacket where it continues to sit proudly.

Emily: Seeing my Dad for the first time that day, as he came to collect me to walk me down the aisle! I will never forget the look on his face… To see both my parents so proud, I will never forget that!

Emily & Dan 550px  (45 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (49 of 129)

Emily: feeling terribly nervous waiting to walk down the aisle and then when the doors opened, and I saw Daniel, forgetting everything and everyone; the look on his face when he saw me, I will always remember that!

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In all there are so many favourite moments it’d be impossible to pick just the one (apart from getting married obviously!); one thing was seeing everyone so relaxed and enjoying the occasion. It really was the perfect day, which sounds so clichéd but it’s true. We wanted the day to never end and it was so nice to get our families together and celebrate our special day.

(Also, almost forgot: the karaoke needs to be mentioned… We’ll just leave that there…)

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd when it comes to trends and I love to always be different. I love lace and chiffon so I knew it was definitely going to be the main material of my dress, I wanted a free moving style dress that wasn’t going to hinder my dancing (I love to dance). When I visited the first bridal shop and explained what I was looking for they gave me a blank look… This was a bad start! I persevered and tried on a few dresses, fishtails, a-line, even short. Nothing was convincing me… We moved on to another shop.

We weren’t intending to go dress shopping that day so I was very nervous and when it came to the next shop I suggested we just looked at the dresses from the window… Haha mum my grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shop – you could see the excitement all over her face.

They walked me into the room which was full of dresses and grand looking chairs and listened to what I was looking for. We walked round and pulled out 8 dresses, mostly in the style I was looking for. They were all lovely but I wasn’t getting the ‘feeling’ everyone talked about! My mum then handed me another dress that had caught her eye. I stepped into it and gasped – this was it, i knew instantly! I walked out and onto the pedestal where my mum was sitting and she instantly started crying. It wasn’t what I had envisioned and planned to pick but when it was on I knew this was the one for me… It was perfect, small train, free flowing and most importantly comfortable. The detail around the bust and shoulders was beautiful. Thank heavens for Maggie Sottero and her Alanis dress – it felt like it was made for me!

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Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Emily picked her best friend Grug to be her maid of honour; Dan picked his best friend Jack – we wouldn’t have had anyone else and having them made our day that extra special. We didn’t have any ushers or bridesmaids.

Why did you choose your venue?

So many reasons we can’t list them all, but here’s some:
Brecon is a lovely place and we always wanted to get married in that area. It is a perfect place to get lost in the picturesque countryside and away from the hustle and bustle of working life!
Llangoed Hall is an absolutely beautiful venue. With its incredible staff, that helped make the day perfect for us – particularly Lynsey the wedding co-ordinator and Brian the Manager – who were only too happy to help out, it was the perfect location for our wedding that exceeded our expectations.

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The theme of the venue was perfect – it was Laura Ashley’s old home and the décor/furniture was beautiful. Exactly what we were looking for: a country home to get married in. As we had exclusive use it felt like we were staying in someone’s home. As Brian kept saying – This is your home for your wedding day.
The style of the manor helped make our wedding day. The long drive down, and seeing the front just blew our minds. Not forgetting the incredible bedrooms. All the guests felt it was a very relaxing family get-together as opposed to the more formal nature of some weddings. Again, a relaxing day (with a ceremony in between) was what we wanted!
Everyone was able to spend the night which meant they could fully enjoy the occasion!

Tell us about your photographer

Legend. We had complete trust in him from the moment we first met. It was easy to see that this wasn’t a job for Gareth, it was his passion. We were constantly being asked whose side of the family he was on (which tells you all you need to know about his personality) We didn’t want the standard ‘everyone stand here’ type photographer – we wanted someone who could capture our day without us noticing and getting everyone in the most natural of ways. We could never thank him enough for such beautiful pictures. We’ve hopefully made a friend for life.

How did the proposal happen? 

The proposal took place at the location where Dan first knew he was in love with Emily. On their 5th anniversary of being together, Dan asked if Emily wanted to go to Langland Bay for the day and booked a night at Morgans Hotel.

Emily didn’t suspect anything during the day but Dan had to make sure she was walking in front of him at all times as he had the ring in the box in his back pocket – which stuck out as you’d expect a box would be.

As they were walking along the coastal path Dan kept looking for the right spot – but there were council workers in nearly every bench area cutting the grass. After turning around and coming back towards Langland they passed the same council worker who just laughed and waved (he must have known something was going on). They eventually managed to find a quiet spot and sat down (although rather awkwardly for Dan due to the ring box). They sat and chatted for a little while then Dan asked Emily for a photo. Emily got up to move in to position for the photo and Dan started to say “You know this is the place where I knew I was in love with you” (commence lowering on to knee) and then “will you marry me?” (commence increased heart rate) to which Emily said “YES!”.

The newly engaged couple then went back to Mumbles for a lovely meal and on to Swansea for drinks to celebrate.

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

The seating plan/table layout was made out of our bathroom mirror! Emily turned the glass around and put some brown paper over it and used that (with other lovely decorations). People were asking us where it came from and when we told them it came from our bathroom, it went down a storm.

Our wedding cake was made by Daniel’s sister (and now Emily Sister-in-law); it was beautiful and tasted fantastic too!

Emily made her maid of honour ‘”Open When” Letters’ which were simply letters that you give to someone, instructing them to open them at a specific time. For example ‘Open when you need a laugh’ and inside would be a little letter to do with that subject. I loved writing them as they could be as personal/meaningful or as silly as you wouldn’t them to be; I felt they were the perfect gift and loved Grug’s reaction when she got to open the ‘Open when you receive these letters’ on the morning of the wedding. I also wrote a letter to my mum (who burst into tears before she even opened it…lucky our makeup wasn’t on at this point!). Sometimes you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to show your love for someone.

Emily & Dan 550px  (6 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (9 of 129)

In the orangery/reception room, where we had our meal and evening entertainment – we draped old photos of all the guests across the welsh dressers, which went down a treat. Seeing the photos hanging there was again emotional for some people but also an ice breaker, as people were laughing and joking at old memories; it was Emily’s idea and was such a nice touch to do.

Emily also made the table centres herself, from empty Dowe Egberts coffee jars – wrapping them in lace and hessian and adding a taillight candle.

What was your first dance & why?

We chose ‘December 1963’ by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. We loved the song and it wasn’t the typical slow burning song you normally get at weddings – we wanted our guests to also want to get up and dance with us too – which they did, after about 20 seconds! The whole dance floor and room was full of everyone dancing and enjoying – exactly what we wanted.

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In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?


Do you have any advice for future couples?

Do exactly what you want, stick to your guns – don’t let anyone influence you as it’s your day, your ideas and your dreams all rolled in to one.

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

We didn’t have any advice; only best wishes and love from both our families and friends.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Spending quality time with my mother planning and designing almost ever aspect of my wedding – they are memories I was always treasure.

Being reassured and guided by my best friend when things got stressful.

Most importantly having total control of what we wanted for our big day. Knowing that what happened on the day would be exactly what we had wanted and set our minds to.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Gareth Scanlon
Ceremony Venue: Llangoed Hall, Llyswen
Bride’s Dress: Alanis by Maggie Sottero
Bride’s Shoes: Abigails Party by Irregular Choice
Bride’s Headpiece:Wildflowers from Issy and Bella
Bride’s Jewellery: Self-supplied
Groom’s Outfit: Hammond & Co.Ltd at Debenhams
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Maid of Honour – Jenny Packham (Debenhams)
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Self-supplied
Cake: Supplied by Sister-in-Law “Cupcakes by Rejoco”
Flowers: Wildflowers from Issy and Bella
Hair: Hair: Beauty and Hair by Rebecca
Make Up: Self-styled
Stationery: Self-supplied
Any Reception Decor/Props: Made by the Bride

The Wedding Album

Emily & Dan 550px  (1 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (2 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (3 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (4 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (5 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (6 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (9 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (13 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (7 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (8 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (10 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (11 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (12 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (14 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (15 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (17 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (16 of 129)

Emily & Dan 550px  (18 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (20 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (22 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (23 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (21 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (25 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (24 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (26 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (27 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (28 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (29 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (30 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (31 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (32 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (33 of 129) Emily & Dan 550px  (34 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (37 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (35 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (36 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (38 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (39 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (40 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (42 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (43 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (44 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (45 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (46 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (47 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (48 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (49 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (50 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (51 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (53 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (56 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (52 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (54 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (55 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (57 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (58 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (59 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (60 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (61 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (64 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (62 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (63 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (65 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (66 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (67 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (68 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (69 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (70 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (71 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (72 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (73 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (110 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (74 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (75 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (76 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (77 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (78 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (79 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (80 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (81 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (82 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (83 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (85 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (84 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (86 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (87 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (88 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (89 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (90 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (91 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (92 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (93 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (94 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (95 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (97 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (100 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (101 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (102 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (104 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (105 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (107 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (108 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (106 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (123 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (124 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (111 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (112 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (113 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (114 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (115 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (116 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (117 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (118 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (119 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (127 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (125 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (126 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (128 of 129)Emily & Dan 550px  (129 of 129)

 Such a lovely personal day guys – thank you so much to you Emily and Dan for telling us all about their fabulous day, and to Gareth Scanlon for sharing these beautiful images! xx



Styled Shoot: Boho/Country Styled Wedding Shoot in Monmouthshire by Hepburn Photography

Today we have a gorgeous boho/country styled wedding shoot submitted to us by Hepburn Photography to show off all that Monmouthshire has to offer in terms of wedding suppliers. Nanette from Hepburn Photography tells us all about it here.


The Inspiration

These are the photographs from a recent styled photo shoot that I photographed at Kate Humble’s farm ‘Humble by Nature’ in Monmouthshire, South Wales. The idea for the photo shoot came about whilst talking to my friend and fellow wedding supplier Kelly of WhiteCrafts (wedding stationery) one day at the school gates. HepburnPhotography-28
It was suggested that we get together wedding suppliers from all over Monmouthshire to showcase their skills in a photo shoot. We never set out with a theme in mind we just wanted to show off individual talents. However once I sourced the venue ‘Humble by Nature’ the story for the wedding shoot became clear.HepburnPhotography-41
The open farm landscape of the venue suited a relaxed country feel and the trees and plants called for a floaty Boho style bride with flowers in her hair. The groom needed to be comfortable too, no stiff suits or hard lines. Tweed & braces were the starting point and it went from there. HepburnPhotography-26
My goal as photographer was to make the wedding shoot believable. My style is real, natural and relaxed and I didn’t want it to look staged and false. Luckily the models were an actual couple so I could show the real affection and tenderness between them. HepburnPhotgraphy-6
Humble’s Hideaway is a secluded area in the woods with shepherd’s huts and trees. It is a magical place to visit and I wanted this to be the main focus of the shoot. I am a massive lover and owner of ducks, so had to get some of the local runner ducks in the shot. Thanks to all involved!

The Styled Shoot

The Suppliers

If you are looking for a wedding supplier in Monmouthshire hopefully you will have been inspired by the suppliers in this shoot, here are all of the details of the suppliers involved.

Venue: Humble by Nature
Rachael Geddes
T: 01600 714595

Photography: Hepburn Photography – Nanette Hepburn
Based: Monmouthshire, South Wales
T: 07977 097 934

Professional Make-up Artist: Alex Gallop
Based: Abergavenny South Wales
Alex said – The lace dress was really reminiscent of an Edwardian day gown so I wanted the make-up to look capture a little of this era. Also, the bridal bouquet included some really pretty coral peonies so that gave me a strong colour to incorporate into the design.
I kept the model’s skin as natural as possible, using an illuminating moisturiser and dewy foundation. The eyes were defined with warm, nude colours which were softly blended to look pretty rather than striking. I used pencil to define the brows but brushed this through really thoroughly for a more natural look.
I wanted the cheeks and lips to mimic the pretty shade of the peonies so used cream blusher and two shades of lipstick blotted to give the appearance of a stain.

Designer Bridal Boutique: Victoria Valentine
Based: Abergavenny South Wales
T: 01873 852866
‘Lucy-Lou’ by Charlotte Balbier.
‘Lucy-Lou’ is a full lace Romantic Gown with delicate lace sleeves and stunning pearl and crystal embellishment. A vintage boho gown with a modern twist. Styled with a gorgeous Charlotte Balbier Pearl & Crystal Belt. £1,725.00

Jewellery: Gus Jones Jewellers – Danielle Booth
Based: Abergavenny
T: 01495 223338
We are an Independent family run Jewellers established since 1903. Based in the heart of Wales, selling a large range of Gold and Welsh Gold Wedding rings and beautiful bridal jewellery as well as Gents accessories and Giftware.

Models: Laura Chesters (Friend) & Simon Pengelly (Actor)
Simon is an actor and stuntman , Laura is a wedding co-ordinator at Buckland Hall in Brecon.

Flowers: Catherine Gray
Based: Chepstow
T: 01291639172
British grown seasonal flowers, rustic style. Bouquet Flowers included Peonies, Alstromeria, Forget-me-knots, daisies, alchemilla mollis. Vase arrangement also included Sweet Williams, Viburnum, Alliums, Pinks and Solomon’s Seal.

Awesome handmade wedding stationery: White Crafts –  Kelly White
Based: Monmouthshire, South Wales
T: 07841623403
Paper flowers/fans, ribbons, table decorations

Hair: Lisa Logan Bridal Hair Design – Lisa Bidwell
Based: Monmouthshire
T: 07807 881233
Lisa said: The rustic, natural setting at Humble by Nature and the bohemian style of the dress inspired the hair design. I used a bun ring and soft curls to create volume and height, and give the illusion of long, thick hair pinned up. The hair style was structured but romantic, with braids to create texture and small wild flowers for a pretty but relaxed look. I particularly liked the fresh flowers as they added a lovely country feel to the style. Often, brides think their hair needs to be long to create this kind of look but the model’s hair was shoulder-length. It’s surprising what you can do with mid-length hair.

Cake: Little Black Cat Wedding Cakes – Kathleen Butler-Donnelly
Based: Monmouthshire, South Wales 01291 691234
Rustic ‘Naked’ Cake – Three tier Victoria sponge cake with all edible flowers.

Menswear: Extons
Based: Raglan, Monmouthshire
T: 01291690486
Extons has been established since the 1960s with 3 stores, Raglan, Usk and Abergavenny. Stocking ladies and gents clothing and accessories as well as gents formal hire wear. A growing trend in wedding attire this season is tweed which Extons has a large selection of, pop in to see our full ranges or visit extonsonline.​

Behind the Scenes

Here is a sneak peek of the fun that was had by all on the day!


Real Wedding: Ceri & Jon’s Rustic Country Wedding by Hepburn Photography

This weeks real wedding feature is a stunning rustic country wedding courtesy of Ceri & Jon. They were married on the 27th April 2013 at Glangrwney Court, Crickhowell and had the lovely Hepburn Photography on hand to capture most of the day :) 

Hepburn wedding Photography0050How did the proposal happen?

It was the day after Boxing Day and we’d planned to do a walk on Pen Y Fan. On the morning Jon was being a bit odd, asking where my toothbrush was as I might want to freshen up after the walk and other little odd things, but I didn’t really take any notice of it at the time. What I didn’t know was that he was trying to pack me an overnight bag! We did the walk on Pen Y Fan and the weather wasn’t brilliant – lots of rain and fog and we got to the top and couldn’t see anything! Then on the way down, he took us ‘off piste’ , going down a steep edge of the mountain to take me to his secret waterfall where he used to go as a kid. It was a very arduous climb down to the waterfall and really cold, so when we got there, we sat on a rock and had some leftover xmas dinner sandwiches watching the waterfall. It was really beautiful and I knew something was going on, when he suddenly turned to me and said lets go and make a wish at the waterfall and produced a coin from his pocket. He has never done or said anything like that before so in that moment I pretty much knew what was about to happen! We went to the edge of the waterfall and he got me to throw the coin in and make a wish, and whilst I was doing that he got down on one knee and asked me if I would do him the honour of becoming his wife! To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement so I just hugged him and forgot to answer, so he had to ask again! Of course, I said yes, and then we spent the hour’s walk back to the car basically planning out our dream wedding, which is pretty much what we ended up having! He then whisked me off to Gliffaes hotel where he’d booked a room with a 4 poster bed and we had a romantic dinner. It was perfect in every way.

What was your Wedding budget?  £12000

How would you describe your wedding theme?

It was a country, rustic theme really – lots of lace, hay bales, natural looking flowers…. with a cream, green and pink colour scheme. We wanted it just to look relaxed and natural and to just reflect us and what we love.

Hepburn wedding Photography0004

Hepburn wedding Photography0080

Hepburn wedding Photography0065

Hepburn wedding Photography0070

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

There are so many favourite parts that its hard to choose just one. I loved every bit of the getting ready process in the morning. I found the build up really surreal and exciting at the same time and everyone commented on how calm and serene I was but I was nervous inside.

Hepburn wedding Photography0020

So, to try and shake off the last nerves before I put my wedding dress on, I grabbed 2 of my bridesmaids and best friends and we put the Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ on and rocked out. It totally worked and made us all laugh, so then I was ready to step into the dress and go get married!

Hepburn wedding Photography0032
The favourite part of the actual ceremony for me was saying ‘I do’ and as well as sealing the vows with a kiss we also high fives each other, and just that overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by everyone we love and having just promised commitment and love to each other, was just incredible and that feeling and memory will stay with us forever.

Hepburn wedding Photography0043

Hepburn wedding Photography0044
And a special mention has to go to my gorgeous, romantic and comfortable dress. My mum amazingly bought me the dress as her wedding gift, and she’s the most beautiful garment I have ever, or will ever wear. Lacey, fitted, floaty and just ‘me’. I enjoyed every minute I got to wear her, I love the way she made me feel so beautiful and elegant and yet free and a little boho. And I hope to put her on again one day to recapture some of that feeling! (I bought the dress from a fantastic little boutique in Richmond where the ladies were so friendly and honest and its the Garbo dress by Charlotte Balbier but I customised it by adding silk covered buttons all down the back (my mum’s fab idea – thanks mum!), and removing a crystal empire line detail to keep it simpler.)

Hepburn wedding Photography0048

Hepburn wedding Photography0053

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I picked my 4 best friends to be my ‘she-wolves’ as I ended up calling them (and still do now – the name stuck!). 3 of them, Tammy, Becky and Cathy have been my best girls since school and I’ve known them longer than I haven’t and 1 is a great friend I made through working in TV.

Hepburn wedding Photography0033

Hepburn wedding Photography0060

I was so proud to have them on my team and they went above and beyond in their duties. Cathy took photos all day from a wedding party perspective and as we only had Nanette doing the professional photos until 5pm, Cathy diligently took over in the evening and captured all of the wedding breakfast and dancing festivities too. Becky made 82 napkin favours out of different vintage, country fabric I’d sourced and they were such a hit that people were trading them between each other and trying to scoop up any spares left on the tables afterwards! Tammy and Becky also did a speech during the wedding breakfast and did me very proud, and Nikki gave an absolutely heart warming and incredibly honest speech during the ceremony, even quoting from Ryan Gosling which was spot on!

Hepburn wedding Photography0078The best men were Jon’s brother, Dave, who had come all the way over from Australia where he now lives and Mike, who has been Jon’s best friend since they were 3 years old. Hepburn wedding Photography0014

Hepburn wedding Photography0019Why did you choose your venue?

We were quite specific about our venue requirements, and Glangrwyney ticked all of the boxes. We wanted a country house style feel with a barn, and wanted to do the ceremony and reception all in one place and have accommodation on the same site for the wedding party to stay. When we saw the amazing house and gardens of Glancourt we fell in love. Its the right mix of shabby chic and vintage with the most incredible natural views of the mountains and wild flowers, that we knew we felt at home there. The mix of rooms and cottages for people to stay were just brilliant, and the staff and owners were so relaxed and friendly and helpful, the whole process was a delight.

Hepburn wedding Photography0057

Hepburn wedding Photography0013
We loved the simplicity of the barn and that we could use it for the ceremony and then the reception and then make it into a giant dance floor! It kept everything so intimate and relaxed.
Stress-free was a major priority for us and it was, plus we think the place is a bargain!

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

The whole wedding was very D.I.Y, as we not only wanted to make the most of our budget, but I also wanted to do as much as we could ourselves as I think it makes it more personal and is definitely more satisfying to see something you’ve worked on being admired by guests.
Hepburn wedding Photography0001
I did my own flowers, which everyone told me I was crazy for doing but it totally calmed me actually and gave me a focus and was lots of fun! I’ve since gone on to set up a flowers and cake business with a very good friend, and my wedding was basically the dress rehearsal to see if we could pull it off! I had some invaluable help in the planning and ordering of the flowers from my lovely local florist where we live in Balham, London, Lisa at The Flower Sanctuary, and I cannot thank her enough for all the help and advice she gave me, and for making the buttonholes to give me a little less to do! I loved doing the flowers the day before with my team of family and friends helpers!

My dad and Jon’s parents were in charge of re-potting the herbs and bay tress that lined the entrance ways and wedding breakfast tables and I made all of the other arrangements from little posey arrangements in recycled jars and bottles, to large jug arrangements using jugs borrowed from my mum and the venue, to the bouquets for me and the bridesmaids. (These I finished off on the morning of the wedding which was actually a great way to make me think of something other than how I looked for a part of the morning, which was ideal for me to keep me relaxed and centred). The best thing about doing table floral arrangements in recycled glass jars and bottles was that I was able to give lots away after the wedding as thank you gifts to anyone who had helped.

Hepburn wedding Photography0066My sis in law and some friends tied sprigs of lavender to the napkin favours my best friend had made and attached a name tag that I had written and stamped our initials and tree logo onto the back of, and they looked beautiful. Such a simple idea but really effective. I would recommend doing something like this. I just used everyday manila luggage tags and lots of twine to attach them – cost very little, but looked great.
Hepburn wedding Photography0071I found Etsy an indispensable source of inspiration and help too. I got paper bird garlands, lace bunting, wooden birds, dried flower corsages for the mums (so that they could keep them after the wedding) and the bridesmaids necklaces from different sellers on the site, and the prices were really reasonable and all of the sellers really lovely to deal with and happy to customise anything for me. I knew I wanted to make our save the date cards and invites ourselves and we really liked a stamp effect, so I found a lady who owned an Etsy shop called stamp online who I commissioned to make us 3 stamps, 1 with all the save the date details, 1 for the invites and 1 that had a tree logo ( as I was marrying an Elms!) and our initials and the date, which we ended up using to stamp on all of the napkin favours and on the envelopes for the invites which added a really great personal touch. We bought recycled card and then printed out inserts with all the wedding details on and spent an evening stapling and gluing them all together. We felt really proud with the end result and everyone commented how lovely and natural they looked and totally summed up what the wedding was going to be all about. It costs very little to get your own stamps made and then you just buy 1 big ink pad and its still going now and you’ve got the stamps to keep as a memento so I’d recommend looking into this as a cheaper and more sustainable options than going to an expensive printers.

Hepburn wedding Photography0002We also got our table numbers done by another great seller on the site, I knew I wanted it to look like the invites, so on recycled brown card, with a stamped tree, number and quote from a song that tied into the number and the seller that made them for us totally got the brief and made some fab table numbers which we then just put in a herb pot. They went down a treat!

Hepburn wedding Photography0068Other things we d.i.y’ed were, I got all the wedding guests to keep any nice looking jam jars, bottles, vases etc… and then my bridesmaids came over for a weekend, and we filled the bath up and scrubbed the glassware to get any labels off, then used craft glue spots to attach different ribbons to the bottles and jars to make them look prettier and more vintage, and these were then filled with small flower posies and used as table arrangements on the tables for the wedding meal. They looked utterly charming and were a big talking point amongst the guests.

I also collected mini San Pelligrono glass water bottles from work which I ended up lining up in the windowsills of the venue and filling with single stemmed flowers which looked brilliant. Recycling and getting your family and friends to help you collect things is a great way to make everyone feel involved and get some free decorations!
Hepburn wedding Photography0003What was your first dance & why?

We ummed and ahhed for ages over this, but in the end, we chose ‘Rise’ by Eddie Vedder. its a gentle, acoustic song by one of our favourite artists and its from a film soundtrack that we both really love and always reminds us of being outdoors in breath taking scenery (i.e Wales!). It was also short and sweet as we didn’t want to be dancing on our own for long!

One of the most important moments for me was also being able to walk down the aisle to my favourite song of all time, Pearl jam’s ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ – its an emotional and uplifting song for me, and I’d always thought of the section in my head when I wanted to reach Jon after walking down the aisle, but having never practised the actual length of the walk I didn’t think it would actually happen on the day. But, as serendipity would have it, I got to Jon at the exact section of the song i had wanted to – clearly it was all meant to be!

Hepburn wedding Photography0039

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Absolutely not. We did it our way with lots of help from family friends and it turned out better than we could ever have hoped. The only thing we’d like to do, is do it again! (Oh, and if there was one thing actually, I had wanted to wear a flower crown or some flowers in my hair originally and then changed my mind, partly out of easing up the amount of flowers i had to do!, but in hindsight I wish I had made a small flower crown to wear for the ceremony.) If that’s the only regret though, I think we did good!

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Don’t be pressured to do anything or make any decisions that aren’t right for the two of you. If a family member wants you to have something that you don’t, like a certain type of cake for example, just be kind but be firm, and say no. Always remember its your wedding, so do it your way.

However, involve people as much as possible and use every offer of help – people love to feel a part of your big day and you’ll be grateful of the help too! (Plus its a good way of keeping costs down and because your friends and family know you, their input just makes it all the more special). We made a list of everyone we knew who might be able to help out with the wedding and ended up using them all which made the whole affair much more personal and interactive. My uncle and cousin dj’d the disco and went down a storm, our close friend Polly did an amazing job doing not only my bridal hair on the day but also did 4 beautiful up do’s for my bridesmaids. Hepburn wedding Photography0031

My mum and aunty made hundreds of Welsh cakes to serve for the evening guests, a close family friend made our wedding cake for us, my bridesmaid took extra photos in the day and evening and 2 of our friends filmed the ceremony and speeches for us on their iPhones – a simple gesture but a huge saving as we didn’t want a wedding video as such but we did want to be able to listen to those two parts again in the future.

Be realistic about your budget early on too. Work out what you want to spend the most money on – i.e the dress, the venue, the food… and then try and find d.i.y ways of doing the other stuff that will mean you can spend more on the things you think are more important.

Lastly, make sure your wedding dress is comfortable! You have to sit in, stand it in, dance in it, eat in it, drink a lot of fizz in it (bloating!), sweat in it and look good in it so its really one of the hardest working pieces of clothing you’ll ever buy! Don’t be tempted to buy too small or too tight and ‘hope you’ll get into it’ – that’s too much pressure to put on yourself at a time when there is enough going on, so buy it in the right size, get it tailored to you and remember to leave room to eat and drink. I made sure I could bust out my signature dance move in mine before committing to buy and I knew it was ‘the ‘ dress because I burst in to tears when i saw myself in it! (as did my mum and best friend and the shop owner!).

Hepburn wedding Photography0075

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

The best advice was just to keep loving and respecting each other, and keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past 7 years. He’s my best friend and I’m his and that’s what makes us work.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

I loved every single detail of the planning. I especially loved designing the flowers and decorations side of it and even drew sketches of how I wanted the barn room to look for the ceremony and the reception. I knew exactly what I wanted and enjoyed the process of working out how to achieve that.

My nan and uncle unfortunately passed away before the wedding, but I loved finding a way to have them with us by hanging vintage photo frames of them on their wedding days in the venue.

I also loved writing and designing our invites and programmes with Jon – he designed an amazing tree logo of the front cover with our fav open and fav song lyrics as the branches and leaves of the trees. It was amazing to see him create something so incredible just for us, and we had a lot of fun writing the biogs for our bridesmaids (she-wolves) and ushers (wolf pack).

And I loved getting to spend so much time with family and friends all coming together to get something done – they were invaluable in helping us set up the barn for the wedding the day before and equally to help us clear it all up again the day after, collect glass jars and bottles for the flowers and generally show their love for us by helping out in whatever way they could. We cannot thank them enough!


Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue:
Reception Venue:
Bride’s Dress:
Bride’s Shoes: Gift from work friends
Bride’s Jewellery:
Groom’s Outfit:
Bridesmaid’s Dresses:
Bridesmaid’s Accessories:
Cake:Family friend
Hair:Close friend Polly
Make Up:
DJ: My uncle Wayne and cousin Brynley
Any Reception Decor/Props: D.I.Y or Etsy!

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