Cwtch of the Week: A Steaming Hot Cwtch!

Good morning Cwtchers!

So this is a toe curler! Two sexy as hell people in a steaming hot cwtch! Happy Monday to you!!! Shot by the very lovely Les from Clixx Photography, this is a super romantic Cwtch of the Week! And we will have the pleasure of featuring the engagement shoot in its entirety very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

Over to Les! Enjoy everyone!


A Steaming Hot Cwtch!

COTW Les Cixx Small

After a model call on my Facebook page, I was inundated with lots of couples wanting to take advantage of a super cool day out at Aberavon beach and getting romantic with a loved one and of course getting some kick ass images to remember forever. The brief to the couple was simple. “We are heading to the beach and I will need you to sit in the sea and just be your selves” . Emily and Luke did not let me down.

The reason I wanted a real couple is because I wanted to see how the couple interacted with each other and not for me to help pose or direct.

Thank you so much for sharing Les!

Real Wedding: Claire and Tom ‘Con-Man’ Conners by Clixx Photography

Before we even mention how sensational Claire, this stunning bride, looked, having the groom as Tom ‘The Conman’ Connors was always going to mean ball skills were going to be incorporated in there somewhere!

Tom is a record breaking internet sensation, with 300,000 followers on Facebook.  His company, SBX, came along to help with the entertainment which included football skills, break dancing and were spinning basketballs on the brides heels!

All of this captured by the wonderful Les of Clixx Photography.  Over to Claire to tell us all about this fabulous day……

Real Weddings Banner

Claire and Tom ‘Con-Man’ Conners Family Wedding


How would you describe your wedding theme?

We both wanted an intimate ceremony with only family and extremely close friends. We chose all the wording very carefully and both mums gave beautiful readings.


It was simple and understated with the main importance being on the words and the commitment we were making to one another.
Following the ceremony we just wanted a fun day for all our guests and the children to relax. We spent a long time choosing the right entertainment especially as it was an 11am wedding we wanted to keep the day flowing. Also as Tom owns an entertainment company it was also great to have all the SBX entertainment team involved and of course Tom also had to perform during the evening!

clixxphotographyc-0554 clixxphotographyc-0580 clixxphotographyc-0588 clixxphotographyc-0591 clixxphotographyc-0594 clixxphotographyc-0601 clixxphotographyc-0606 clixxphotographyc-0607

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

We both agree the ceremony was the favourite part of our wedding. We were both so nervous, we could not wait to say ‘I do’, we literally counted down everyday until the wedding and chose to get married early in the day so we could say ‘I do’ as soon as possible.

clixxphotographyc-0228 clixxphotographyc-0241clixxphotographyc-0001-8

Isabella, Claires youngest daughter also could not wait for the ceremony, every morning in the run up to the wedding she asked, Tom how many sleeps until the wedding?
Tom also loved signing the register, he said the reality hit him then that he had married his dream girl he was overwhelmed that he now had this amazing woman to spend the rest of his life with as his wife.
When I looked over and saw the girls crying happy tears following the signing I couldn’t hold back my own tears. Our family felt complete and I could not believe this wonderful man was now officially my husband and step father to my two beautiful daughters. We both struggled to take it all in, it was a highly emotional moment, something we both wanted from the minute we met one another and it had finally happened, neither of us could really believe it but we also loved it!


Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I loved trying many different wedding dresses on, and of course all my original ideas of what type of dress I wanted went completely out the window as soon as I got in the shops. I was somewhat limited in styles as I only had a couple of weeks to get the dress. I originally thought I wanted a long sleeve lace dress however once I got them on I realised I would not have felt comfortable all day in those styles. My maid of honour booked all our appointments and was on hand to offer opinions. We had some great days, the shop assistants were amazing. I found a Justin Alexander style online and luckily a stockist that could get my size in with the limited time frame as there was one in production in America.

clixxphotographyc-0509 clixxphotographyc-0512 clixxphotographyc-0533 clixxphotographyc-0535

Much like the ceremony I wanted to keep the dress simple and understated. I wanted a style that would be timeless. My mother came along and saw the dress when it arrived and advised on the alterations required.

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Maid of honour was my best friend Dawn John, who has been an amazing friend for the last 10 years.
Bridesmaid was my youngest sister Charlotte Campbell, we are extremely close and both Charlotte and Dawn are always on hand to help me with whatever crazy requests I come up with. I was also extremely nervous so I needed calming influences around me on the morning of. My daughters looked gorgeous, and every time I looked at them they filled me with pride and love on the day. The first time they met Tom they said, Mum can you just marry Tom? And so I think for them they were very happy with the whole day.
Two smaller bridesmaids, Sophia (Claires eldest daughter), Lily (Tom’s sister).
Two flower girls, Isabella (Claires youngest daughter), Rihanna (Tom’s little sister)
Pageboy, Ryan Tom’s brother.

clixxphotographyc-0335 clixxphotographyc-0418 clixxphotographyc-0481
Best man, Chris Poole, Toms brother, and the person that understands how important this day was to Tom. Tom had been waiting for the one and Chris understood how much the wedding meant to him.
Toms youngest sisters and brother are adorable and get along so well with Sophia and Isabella and of course love their big brother so it was only right that they were part of the day too. They are always full of hugs and kisses for Claire and I was so proud to see them all do such a wonderful job of walking down the aisle.

Why did you choose your venue?

St David’s Spa Hotel was where Tom proposed, so it felt right to also get married there. The staff were amazing during the engagement evening and now St David’s will always hold a special place on our hearts.

clixxphotographyc-0001-2 clixxphotographyc-0329

Tell us about your photographer

Les is an amazing photographer and really had his work cut out. Due to Tom’s work he loves the camera, he’s a natural entertainer and definitely knows how to strike a pose, just check out Tom ‘Conman’ Connors on Facebook and all other social media! Claire on the other hand is extremely camera shy so poor Les had to really work hard to build confidence quickly. Not only is Claire camera shy she was also shaking with nerves. Les was a real calming influence on the day and was determined to get the shots we had discussed previously. The wind picked up whilst we were outside so we all had to fight with the veil but les kept spirits up and the veil shot is actually my favourite.

clixxphotographyc-0307 clixxphotographyc-0312 clixxphotographyc-0308

He was a complete professional but also completely up for anything, as Tom is a professional Street basketball player, currently holding 15 world records it was of course necessary to have photographs with the basketballs. He even taught me a few tricks during the evening show, such a spinning the ball on a pen and on the heel of my shoe!!! Les caught all the action and we simply adore our wedding album. Les was awesome from start to finish, which was a very long day and the images he captured blew us away, we can’t thank him enough.

How did the proposal happen? 

Tom had designed abdarranged for a ring to be made by Roger Williams, Pont canna, however he also got a TV job in Singapore during the same period. He went leaving the jeweller strict instructions as he wanted to propose as soon as he got back.
He arrived home from Singapore on the Thursday and the Friday he took me for a lunch and a pamper session. He then said just go home now, relax and tonight we will chill out in St David’s.


I was in the shower when his dad called and asked could I meet them at Castle Coch as they needed to give me something for Tom, obviously I said I couldn’t but they were welcome to come to the house and leave it with me; by which time I should have been able to throw some pj’s on 😂 his dad was a bit flustered and little did I know I had spoilt the start of the plan!!
His dad, step mum brother and younger sisters arrived, the little ones where all dressed in fairy tale costumes and looked fab! They had a card and gift but would not say one word. I thought they were going to a party and wondered why they wouldn’t answer any of my questions; apparently Tom had given them strict instructions not to give anything away. They left and so I opened the card; it read , the thing is with fairy tales is that they don’t come true…..until now! Make your way to dawns and I had some champagne and chocolates to take. I was somewhat confused but excited so made my way to my best friends house with the card. When I arrived she passed me another card with another message from Tom asking me to make my way to st David’s suite for a relaxing night together, the room key was in the card so I was super excited to get there and see him. When I got to the room I expected to see Tom but when I opened the door there was another card and gift. The card asked me to go back to reception and ask for Steph the manager. I was shaking now, Tom had been away and I just wanted to see him and have quality time together. I practically ran back down to reception and as I came through lifts Steph was waiting for me. She asked me to follow her and walked me over to the Dahl suite. As I came around the corner I saw a red carpet and then some petals. On my next step i saw Tom waiting at the end of the carpet and there was some music playing. I started crying as I walked towards him, he held me when I got to him, kissed my face then dropped to his knee and presented me with my beautiful ring; he asked me to marry him; he was shaking and crying, I said yes and started crying too. We held each other for ever. A table was set in the room for us to have an intimate meal and our waiter was great, taking hundreds of photos for us whilst also serving our meal. After the meal Tom said we should have a drink in the bar before we head up to our room, little did I know; he had arranged one final surprise and some of our family and closest friends where already there and waiting to congratulate us. It really was a fairy tale evening.

What was your first dance & why?

Craig David – Nothing like this, after out first date we both got in our cars to drive home and obviously must have been listening to the same radio station as this was the first song that we both heard, following that everytime we went somewhere together it came on, it was a sign!

clixxphotographyc-0611 clixxphotographyc-0613

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nope! 😊

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Just make sure you do everything exactly as you want. We had great fun planning everything together, wedding planning lunches became my new favourite thing! We would get to sit and eat whilst planning and we would always end up super excited. We were determined to not be guided by anyone else. The wedding was only about what Tom and I wanted and that what makes it special to us.
It was also very important to Tom that there were only guests there that were very much part of our lives. We didn’t want to be looking out to distant family or friends, we wanted everyone there to be close to us and understand our relationship and how much it truly meant to both of us.


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

For Tom: happy wife, happy life! 😄


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

We did every single thing possible together so it was all enjoyable, we love each others company and we are completely on the same wave length as one another so it makes decisions very easy. Claire is a psychology graduate working on building her property portfolio so we both work from the same office meaning we get lots of time together; this was great during the planning stages.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Clixx Photography
Wedding Planner: Gemma King, St David’s Hotel and Spa
Ceremony and Reception Venue: St David’s Hotel and Spa
Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander
Bride’s Shoes: Carvela by Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Headpiece: Alison Jayne
Groom’s Outfit: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Monsoon
Cake: St David’s Hotel and Spa
Comedian- George Lucus
SBX– Ash Randall, freestyle footballer, Ryan, Beatboxer,
Frankie and Ricky, breakdancers.

The Wedding Album

clixxphotographyc-0001-3 clixxphotographyc-0001-4 clixxphotographyc-0001-5
clixxphotographyc-0011 clixxphotographyc-0016 clixxphotographyc-0023 clixxphotographyc-0025 clixxphotographyc-0027 clixxphotographyc-0028 clixxphotographyc-0041 clixxphotographyc-0042 clixxphotographyc-0052 clixxphotographyc-0064 clixxphotographyc-0069 clixxphotographyc-0080 clixxphotographyc-0095 clixxphotographyc-0127 clixxphotographyc-0144 clixxphotographyc-0154 clixxphotographyc-0182 clixxphotographyc-0190 clixxphotographyc-0193 clixxphotographyc-0198 clixxphotographyc-0205 clixxphotographyc-0228 clixxphotographyc-0241 clixxphotographyc-0242 clixxphotographyc-0252 clixxphotographyc-0275 clixxphotographyc-0289 clixxphotographyc-0296 clixxphotographyc-0304 clixxphotographyc-0307 clixxphotographyc-0308 clixxphotographyc-0312 clixxphotographyc-0319 clixxphotographyc-0327 clixxphotographyc-0329 clixxphotographyc-0330 clixxphotographyc-0335 clixxphotographyc-0339 clixxphotographyc-0341clixxphotographyc-0001-8 clixxphotographyc-0001-9 clixxphotographyc-0001-3 clixxphotographyc-0353 clixxphotographyc-0360 clixxphotographyc-0364 clixxphotographyc-0372 clixxphotographyc-0374 clixxphotographyc-0379 clixxphotographyc-0385 clixxphotographyc-0398 clixxphotographyc-0399 clixxphotographyc-0400 clixxphotographyc-0401 clixxphotographyc-0409 clixxphotographyc-0417 clixxphotographyc-0418 clixxphotographyc-0424 clixxphotographyc-0458 clixxphotographyc-0459 clixxphotographyc-0460 clixxphotographyc-0462 clixxphotographyc-0465 clixxphotographyc-0481 clixxphotographyc-0490 clixxphotographyc-0491 clixxphotographyc-0492 clixxphotographyc-0497 clixxphotographyc-0500 clixxphotographyc-0505 clixxphotographyc-0508 clixxphotographyc-0509 clixxphotographyc-0511 clixxphotographyc-0512 clixxphotographyc-0520 clixxphotographyc-0533 clixxphotographyc-0535 clixxphotographyc-0544 clixxphotographyc-0545 clixxphotographyc-0546 clixxphotographyc-0549 clixxphotographyc-0554 clixxphotographyc-0556 clixxphotographyc-0560 clixxphotographyc-0562 clixxphotographyc-0567 clixxphotographyc-0573 clixxphotographyc-0576 clixxphotographyc-0577 clixxphotographyc-0580 clixxphotographyc-0588 clixxphotographyc-0591 clixxphotographyc-0594 clixxphotographyc-0601 clixxphotographyc-0606 clixxphotographyc-0607 clixxphotographyc-0611 clixxphotographyc-0613

Emily and Morgan’s Homemade Farm Wedding By Clixx Photography

Hello you beautiful bunch!

What have you got planned to tick off your wedding “to do” list this weekend? We thought we could be of assistance and show you an amazing homemade farm wedding by Clixx Photography to get the creative juices flowing. I hope that it can help with a little bit of inspiration.
clixxphotography(c)-0075clixxphotography(c)-0001Real Weddings Banner

What was your budget? 

We were on a limited budget as we had/have been busy saving for a deposit for a house. Fortunately the mother of the bride was very artistic and managed to create some beautiful bunting, arranged all the flowers for us among many more things. This allowed us to save vastly on some areas! We pulled in a lot of favours from our neighbours- we were lucky enough that one happened to have a vintage cream tractor….perfect for our vintage farm theme wedding! Let’s just say we spent under 10k in total!clixxphotography(c)-0097

How would you describe your wedding theme?

So my (now) husband is a farmer and we currently live in the idyllic location of Ystradfellte right in the heart of waterfall country…. so what better place to get married! We were fortunate enough to get married in the village church ‘St Marys’ one of the oldest churches in Wales-which had only recently been saved from going into ruin by a fantastic effort by the local community and contributing tourists. It was also the same church as Morgans mother and late father got married.
After the ceremony and exiting the church under a traditional ‘pitchfork’ arch by the young farmers we departed on our very own vintage cream Dan Brown tractor driven by one of the groomsmen, only a short stones throw away from Morgans farm where our marquee was waiting!
The exterior was surrounded by our mismatch outdoor seating- including some old church pews I managed to get my hands on from a reclamation centre! And of course no farm wedding would be complete without hay bales!
Interior was decorated with pretty bunting surrounding the marquee, tables laid with vintage embroidered table cloths (charity shop raid!!) and pretty vintage china (hired and bought). Morgans brother in law kindly used his sawing skills and created some wooden discs for our enamel jugs (Range job!) to sit on. We had our cake table all laid out with large pieces of wood. One of our friends kindly made our wedding cake which compromised of Morgan holding a sheep, then me with a orange glove on (just to explain I am a vet) ‘lambing’ the sheep- needles to say it looked epic. As I am not a so sweet person…..I couldn’t have a wedding without some cheese so I had a ‘cheese cake’ as well which my mum managed to assemble and decorate on the morning of!
To top it off we had pictures against the farm as a backdrop then we took our photographer up to the top of the farm with Pen-Y-Fan in the distance ….and the cows decided to join us! So there are some lovely pics with his cows coming and having a picture with us!clixxphotography(c)-0054clixxphotography(c)-0002

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

I’m not quite sure which was my favourite part, it all went by in a bit of a blur! It was a very relaxed day that seemed to flow effortlessly . None of it seemed real to be honest it still doesn’t! I think my favourite bit was perhaps chatting to all the guests and having a good laugh, (swift) catch ups and just seeing they were enjoying the day as much as we were. There were moments where I was truly touched and got a bit emosh-I am not a very emotional person! But yes an all round great day!clixxphotography(c)-0066

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I am a Cardiff girl at heart so still go to town to do most of my shopping. I had popped in one Saturday to get some other bits and bobs. Wedding dress shopping wasn’t even on my mind! But as I passed Alison Jayne I noticed there were huge ‘SALE’ signs up. So, me not being able to refuse a sale, I popped in to have a look. I knew you had to make appointments sometimes weeks before fittings-but I thought I’d just have a browse. Low and behold they had a spare hour so I went about trying on different dresses, I had decided what sort of style I liked and had picked out a dress that I thought was ‘The One’. I wanted to go to other stores and try on the other gowns. My day out turned into mass wedding dress shopping. None of the other dresses compared to that one and I was sure that was it. So a week later I made another appointment at the dress shop and tried on the dress… didn’t look the same…so I started trying on more with the help of my mum and now an extra bridesmaid. All the dresses were blurring into one and I started getting overwhelmed. Then my mum picked up a dress from the sample sale (see…sample sale amazing bargains!) my 1st reaction was ‘I hate that belt’ but when I tried it on I loved it! The only thing was it was 2 sizes too big and the under slip was in ivory…I wanted a champagne colour. My mum then pipes up she thinks she can dye the slip so I take the dress a 1/3 of the original price (I could of had if I wanted at a mere snippet at 1400. I suppose is not too bad for a dress but I wasn’t prepared to pay that much for it).
So a heads up- you can’t dye polyester….unless you want it in a primary colour…let’s just say I didn’t fancy a brick red dress! My colleague had recommended a seemstress so I got in contact with her to see if she could help. Pam, what a lovely lady based in Gross Faen she created a bespoke underslip for me in my chosen fabric did a fantastic job of altering the dress- including lifting all the lace patterns up when shortening it. My belt- which I hated she used some of the champagne underskirt material to make the loops of the belt (may I say totally my idea!) Which gave a lovely tone to the dress. So I had my ‘Sottero and Midgley’ wedding dress for half the cost of a brand new one and it looked beautiful!clixxphotography(c)-0013clixxphotography(c)-0032

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I had my two friends from school as the ‘adults’ Rachel I have known since I was 3, we were in the same school throughout primary school and remained good friends throughout high school and thereafter! We decided in year 4 we should be marriage councillors when we were older! As for Laura we first started to ‘hang’ out in year 9 and our friendship really grew later in 6th form and post A levels and as a 3 have always kept in close contact.clixxphotography(c)-0091

Morgan chose Eiffion – a good neighbour and close friend who was there for him during some difficult times, he helped to guide him when sad circumstances ment Morgan had to take over the running of the farm when he was just 21. And has been a great support since. Plus he makes good speeches.clixxphotography(c)-0008

Why did you choose your venue?

As I mentioned before we live in the heart of waterfalls country in the Beacons national parks with views of Pen Y Fan – whole wouldn’t want to get married here!! There were also sentimental links and reasoning behind our choice.

Tell us about your photographer

Les Davies of Clixx Photography Aberdare did our photographs. We met him at a wedding fayre in Penderyn after haggling with him (sorry Les!) We arranged for him to come and shoot the wedding. We both had to say how relaxed we were around him both of us hate having our photos taken and he made us feel relaxed through out the whole day. It was like he wasn’t there at times! So a massive thanks for getting some amazing shots…..and sorry you got licked by a cow!!clixxphotography(c)-0071

How did the proposal happen? 

So I had gone to the farmhouse to visit our neighbours to give them a late Christmas present- it was the 1st time they had met my newly removed dog as well so what started as a 5 min pop in turned into a 3hour chat and coffee….you know how it goes! So Morgan came knocking at 1pm to come and fetch me for dinner. He turned round and said for me to chuck my wellies on and to put the dog in the car he needed to go up the top to check the sheep before we went for dinner. So we hopped on the quad and went to the top of the farm. It was absolutely freezing (31st December 2015) he stopped the quad and he got off all I could think of was ‘I can’t see any blinking sheep up here what’s going on’ we then started talking about random rubbish and I could tell something was off (actually though he may have been breaking up with me!) Then he went to the front of the quad and went rummaging and shaking …he turned round then got down on his knee producing a very pretty ring (he apparently knew Mr better than I did!!) I of course said yes (still sat straddling the quad-not very lady like at all….Hood up and all!)clixxphotography(c)-0088

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Just fair warning that doing it yourself is not easy! Its fun but stressful!! In fact because we (and by we I mean my mum) made most of the stuff/bought it we are now going into a small venture of hiring out vintage wedding items!
Another heads up….painting wooden furniture Ron seal is really watery and needs a million coats!!clixxphotography(c)-0043clixxphotography(c)-0050

What was your first dance & why?

Our 1st dance was Counting crows ‘big yellow taxi’ when I was a lambing student this was the song he played over and over and over again in the tractor and it kind of became our song from there.
The story behind how we met reminds me there is such thing as fate.
I was a 2nd year vet student and my friend in the year below needed a lambing placement- so through a mutual friend a farm in Ystradfellte was arranged. I had already done lambing but loved it so much I thought I’d do it again after speaking with the farmer he advised me his neighbour would be in more need as his father just passed away. So I decided to go and help out.From the minute we met we got on like a house on fire and sparks flew. We were on and off for a couple of years as I was studying in London and it was too far to travel, but a few years ago ….at a ram sale! We decided to make a proper go of it…and here we are now!clixxphotography(c)-0105

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I would have taken some more time off before work to prep!!! But to be honest I think that was the only thing I would have done. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for us and we couldn’t have ordered better weather!!!clixxphotography(c)-0089

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Ladies just accept the men are probably going to say…’you decide’ so just decide- that is what I did in the end! Just remember to enjoy yourselves and that you’ve decided to make that big commitment to one another!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

I don’t think we really had any to be honest! …..not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!!!

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

It was going to different fayres and getting ideas together it was only until the last couple of weeks that everything started to fall into place. I understand why people buy packages in hotels etc it takes away a lot of stress- an we both had strains both working full time jobs- Morg 7days a week right in the middle of lambing the month previous!! But we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as we did…we got to appreciate the fruits of our (and others!!) Labour!clixxphotography(c)-0079clixxphotography(c)-0068

The Suppliers

Photographer: Clixx Photography
Ceremony Venue: St Marys Church Ystradfellte
Reception Venue: Plas y Darren Farm
Bride’s Dress: Sottero and Midgley ‘Lara’
Bride’s Shoes: Benjamin Adams
Bride’s Headpiece: Flowers
Bride’s Jewellery: Goldsmiths-pearl and diamond pendant, and my great aunts pearl earrings
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Hobbs
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Pia
Cake: Elaine Llewellyn
Flowers: Mum-Sian Mohamad, bouquets -‘Karen the florist’
Hair and Make Up: My bridesmaid/makeup artist! Laura Beard
DJ: Chris Lauriello
Stationery: Myself and my mother Sian
Caterers: Waterfalls ‘Glynneath golf club’
Transport: Sumo taxi and Gareth on Dai Brown

The Wedding Album

clixxphotography(c)-0004 clixxphotography(c)-0005 clixxphotography(c)-0006 clixxphotography(c)-0007 clixxphotography(c)-0008 clixxphotography(c)-0009 clixxphotography(c)-0010 clixxphotography(c)-0011 clixxphotography(c)-0012 clixxphotography(c)-0013 clixxphotography(c)-0014 clixxphotography(c)-0015 clixxphotography(c)-0016 clixxphotography(c)-0017 clixxphotography(c)-0018 clixxphotography(c)-0019 clixxphotography(c)-0020 clixxphotography(c)-0021 clixxphotography(c)-0022 clixxphotography(c)-0023 clixxphotography(c)-0024 clixxphotography(c)-0025 clixxphotography(c)-0026 clixxphotography(c)-0027 clixxphotography(c)-0028 clixxphotography(c)-0029 clixxphotography(c)-0030 clixxphotography(c)-0031 clixxphotography(c)-0032 clixxphotography(c)-0033 clixxphotography(c)-0034 clixxphotography(c)-0035 clixxphotography(c)-0036 clixxphotography(c)-0037 clixxphotography(c)-0038 clixxphotography(c)-0039 clixxphotography(c)-0040 clixxphotography(c)-0041 clixxphotography(c)-0042 clixxphotography(c)-0043 clixxphotography(c)-0044 clixxphotography(c)-0045 clixxphotography(c)-0046 clixxphotography(c)-0047 clixxphotography(c)-0048 clixxphotography(c)-0049clixxphotography(c)-0050 clixxphotography(c)-0051 clixxphotography(c)-0052 clixxphotography(c)-0053 clixxphotography(c)-0054 clixxphotography(c)-0055 clixxphotography(c)-0056 clixxphotography(c)-0057 clixxphotography(c)-0058 clixxphotography(c)-0059 clixxphotography(c)-0060 clixxphotography(c)-0061 clixxphotography(c)-0062 clixxphotography(c)-0063 clixxphotography(c)-0064 clixxphotography(c)-0065 clixxphotography(c)-0066 clixxphotography(c)-0067 clixxphotography(c)-0068 clixxphotography(c)-0069 clixxphotography(c)-0070 clixxphotography(c)-0071 clixxphotography(c)-0072 clixxphotography(c)-0073 clixxphotography(c)-0074 clixxphotography(c)-0075 clixxphotography(c)-0076 clixxphotography(c)-0077 clixxphotography(c)-0078 clixxphotography(c)-0079 clixxphotography(c)-0080 clixxphotography(c)-0081 clixxphotography(c)-0082 clixxphotography(c)-0083 clixxphotography(c)-0084 clixxphotography(c)-0085 clixxphotography(c)-0086 clixxphotography(c)-0087 clixxphotography(c)-0088 clixxphotography(c)-0089 clixxphotography(c)-0090 clixxphotography(c)-0091 clixxphotography(c)-0092 clixxphotography(c)-0093 clixxphotography(c)-0094 clixxphotography(c)-0095 clixxphotography(c)-0096 clixxphotography(c)-0097 clixxphotography(c)-0098 clixxphotography(c)-0099 clixxphotography(c)-0100 clixxphotography(c)-0101 clixxphotography(c)-0102 clixxphotography(c)-0103 clixxphotography(c)-0104 clixxphotography(c)-0105 clixxphotography(c)-0106