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Wedding Inspiration – Gorgeous Ceremony Backdrops

Looking for some wedding inspiration to help you decide what to do for your big day? Budget DIY bride Sarah is here, talking about ceremony backdrops – they’re a great way to really personalise your wedding venue, plus they make for some awesome photos (and DIY bonding time!)


You’ve decided you want a more alternative, non traditional wedding. You’ve picked your dress, scouted out some venues and started thinking about your colour scheme – but have you decided how you want your ceremony to look? :)

When you pick a non-church venue, there isn’t always a lot in the way of decoration in the ceremony room, which means you get to be creative with what you do with it. Yay! It can be a little daunting to work with all that space tho, so I’ve put together some ceremony backdrop inspiration to get your creative minds going.

Personally I love all the crazy, amazing things people do to make their weddings unique – and ceremony backdrops are definitely one of the best bits! I’ve put together a Pinterest board to collate my favourites (of course). Here are some of my recent favourite ideas:

Say It With Books

book backdrop book archcredits: open books / book arch

Are you kidding me? Perfect for a library themed wedding, right? (Ours had a vague library element to it, but I didn’t own enough books to do anything as amazing as this!) Books are fairly cheap to buy from second hand and charity shops, or you could raid your own shelves if you’re avid readers. Pile them up, spread them out – there’s a lot that can be done with the humble printed word.

Say it with Words

written backdrop banner backdropballoon backdropcredits: stand / banner / balloons

Balloons, banners or huge, detailed signs – you can go as budget or as fancy as you like with this option. We did this for our wedding, it was deceptively simple. If you’ve got some wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, a scalpel and a bit of time you can do this too :)

Let’s Get Patterned

geometric backdrop pinwheel backdropcredits: geometric / pinwheels

Use your colour scheme to really draw your decor together. Don’t be afraid to go big, bold and bright – the photos you’ll get will be spectacular :)

A Little Bit of Sparkle

feather backdrop sparkle backdropcredits: feathers / sparkle

If you’re anything like me then anything sparkly will have you smiling, so what better type of ceremony backdrop than something shimmery and sparkling? You could use a section of glittery fabric, or spray paint some poms, fans, flowers (the possibilities are really endless here) and just throw a ton of glitter at it. Done! :D

Take It Outdoors

outdoor tree backdropcolourful outdoors
credits: tree trunk arch / colourful flower arch

If you’re brave enough to be planning an outdoor UK wedding (we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you if you are, you crazy thing) then you get all the fun of working with a totally blank canvas! So go crazy. Make something floral, put a couple of armchairs out for you to sit in, do whatever you want! Just remember that it might need to stand up to the elements and that whatever you want to put out there you’ll likely have to make yourself so only be as ambitious as you can manage.

Incorporate A Tradition

paper crane backdropcredit

I’m not Japanese and neither is my husband but I do love this Japanese legend. Plus how amazing would they look in your house afterwards? :)

So! What are you guys planning for your day? Are you getting married in a church but still worrying about the decorations? Deciding not to bother? Doing something big? Tell me all your plans people, I’m dying to know :)