Cwtchfest Spotlight: The Cwtch Workshops

Happy Hump day Cwtchers and wow do we have a weekend to look forward to!!

Lets hope the sunshine forecast for today is around to stay! But hey even if it isn’t we know you will all rock in wellies!

We are now just 4 sleeps away from Cwtchfest in St Fagans National History Museum and we cannot wait to meet you all and spend the day planning with you.


Today we have the absolute delight of being able to introduce you to our Cwtch Workshops line up.

We always wanted Cwtchfest to be different from your standard wedding fayre offering and part of this plan is to deliver workshops throughout the day in which wedding professionals can give you their hands on advice and experience in an unique way.

They went down an absolute storm in April at Glanusk Estate and we were convinced more than ever that this is what you, our Cwtch followers, wanted from your wedding planning experience.

Owen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias Photography

So without further ado we bring you this years fabulous suppliers that are coming to Cwtchfest @ St Fagans CWTCH WORKSHOPS


Hannah, owner of HANNAH MLATEM hair salon in Gilwern, is well known for her bridal styles and gets booked up several years in advance.

Watch live demonstrations of what’s hot this year and inspiration for your own big day by Hannah and her team. Hannah will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have from preparing your hair, getting it wedding ready and also advice on what styles suit your hair type, dress and theme. There will also be floral head pieces and accessories to complement your perfect bridal look.
img_7421 img_2065 img_7423

Award winning professional make up artist, make-up by Nicola has over 10years of industry experience and will be answering all your make up questions at the workshop


Penelope Allen is an award winning Interior designer & event stylist from Pad Deco in Cardiff. This informative and practical session will give you sound advice and some great ideas for how to begin the wedding planning process for your big day.
It will cover how to create a romantic environment, how to accessorise, how to choose the right style for your venue plus some cool design led tips on how to create the wow factor
Come and talk to Eva about using locally grown flowers for your wedding, and creating naturalistic designs.
Join in a buttonhole workshop . Learn how to design and make your own unique buttonholes and be creative at your wedding.   Practice floristry skills using spring flowers and hedgerow foliage.
At Cwtchfest, The Dead Canary will present a snippet of Mother’s Ruin masterclass.
We shall be tasting some delicious gin punches crafted by our wonderful bartenders, we shall then be educated in the history of gin whilst nibbling on a few typically British canapés.
13495456_929243387197819_2969213131251762980_o 13502699_925425324246292_6200694523696541756_o-2
All Sewn Up Wales will be demonstrating how to make lovely padded hearts which can be made using just plain stuffing or lavender.  The hearts could make ideal favours for the female guests at a wedding hung over the back of chairs or just as personalised gifts for the bridesmaids to hang over their hanger on the day. You can add a personalised written tag with the date of the wedding on or any names to really make them unique.
20160902_151150 20160902_151156 20160902_151216
Whoop!!! what an incredible line up!  If you are yet to get your tickets then what are you waiting for just click here
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Cwtchfest2016: Cwtch Workshops

If you were a lucky one who managed to bag a space on one of our Cwtch Workshops, you will have seen how hard the contributors worked to make them informative, helpful and generally fabulous.  At one point, we literally could not squeeze any one else into the yurt!

So this is a massive thank you specifically to you fabulous suppliers, who worked tirelessly and created some truly wonderful workshops for our brides and grooms. Without you, we would literally have had the Cwtch girls sharing their own special talents, which include a back catalogue of Steps dance routines and a selection of popular 1980s knock knock jokes.  None of which is of any use to future brides and grooms.

Owen Mathias Photography

All images in this post are by Owen Mathias Photography

The Flower Hive – The first of two of Eva’s workshops was showcasing how to make your own buttonhole’s.  The results were just stunning.  When Eva initially showed everyone what they were about to make, every looked a little ‘there is no way I can do that’, but sure enough, they all left with their own version of a wonderful buttonhole, and full of knowledge as to how to create one for their big day.  It was just superb – thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Sylvie & Joan – The beautiful Emma from Sylvie & Joan began her session in our most favourite way, by treating the attendees to some fizz.   Emma delivered a fantastic workshop session on planning your own festival wedding. Emma supplied so much wonderful information, giving you gorgeous lot, so many ideas, it was amazing – thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Hannah Mlatem – For her Cwtch Workshop, the delightful Hannah treated us to some truly magnificent bridal hair inspiration.  The yurt was absolutely bursting with eager to learn brides and she absolutely delivered. Hannah, everyone left with some awesome ideas and you and your team were fantastic – thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Make Up by Nicola – The bloomin gorgeous Nicola delivered a superb session and conducted a live make up demo on the daughter of one of us Cwtch girls. Nicola, you were wonderful and Keya looked just stunning. Thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

All Sewn Up – The lovely Helen from All Sewn up demonstrated in their Cwtch Workshop how to make your own gorgeous little fabric lavender love heart and use as a favour or decor on your big day.  It was such a lovely session, with some gorgeous materials and equipment.  Thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

The Flower Hive – The wonderful Eva returned at the end of the day to a yurt full, all eager to make some gorgeously cute flower power rings in the final Cwtch Workshop.  Once again Eva, for your knowledge, time and skill, Thank you!

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

To sum up, we are so grateful to be working with some magnificent people in this industry. Your creativeness and wisdom is second to none and we are over the moon to know you.

Thank you, you marvellous lot x

All About Buttonholes by Verity at Blush

This is the fourth in a series of posts from South Wales florist, Verity at Blush Floral Art (see the full set here). She’s going to be delving into the world of floral trends, tips and advice for making the most of your bouquets and inspiration for your big day. In this post she’s giving you ideas for buttonholes and has put together a tutorial for making your own buttonholes too – thanks Verity!

It’s not very often that you get the excuse to accessorise an outfit with fresh flowers or corsages. Weddings are a great opportunity to accessorise and today’s blog post focuses on floral detailing from buttons to corsages. It’s not all for the girls either, this is the boys chance to really go to town on detailing :)

The main things to think about when designing your buttonholes are colour, style & size – another important thing to think about is flower choice (some flowers will stand up well to a full day out of water without drooping, whilst others might start to wilt quite quickly if it is a hot day!)

This anemone buttonhole was a special choice for the groom & each of the ushers had a different ‘posy style buttonhole’ but because it is a delicate flower, it was kept in water until the last minute to keep it looking perfect for the main event! Star shaped astrantia gave the buttonholes a delicate feel.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_010Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_016

You could choose to coordinate the father of the bride and the groom’s button with the bridal bouquet, but make them a little different from the rest of the Groomsmen to let them stand out.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_009

Gorgeous and statement with a ribbon wrapped stem, choosing covered or wired stems immediately gives a more ‘finished’ formal feel. This is a beautiful example of  a larger style buttonhole with a vuvuzela rose and peachy astilbe, which would look gorgeous against a charcoal grey suit :)

Bare stems and a ‘posy style’ can give a different more ‘relaxed’ informal feeling. This buttonhole was designed to fit in with the autumnal theme and the orange ranunculus and rose hips are designed to tone in with the orange silk ties. Using twine instead of ribbon gives it a rustic feel.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_001

Don’t feel like you have have to stick to roses or even flowers for your buttonholes though! You can incorporate a variety of materials and elements into your designs – gems, jewellery, ribbons and paper flowers are all getting more popular.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_003

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_014

Here for this spring wedding we used moss, twigs and leaves with only a few tiny flowers and a beautiful spiky thistle to give a really unusual feel to the buttonholes. They also included some dried lavender which smells amazing (but a warning – it doesn’t stand up well to overenthusiastic hugging as it can be quite brittle!)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_004

If you’re planning a winter wedding a pinecone buttonhole makes a nice seasonal touch that guests can keep.

If you are planning on using ribbons in your designs you don’t have to choose plain satin ‘bridal’  ribbon! many of our brides this year have opted for wilder ribbon choices like lace or twine – it’s another way to incorporate texture, colour and detail into your flowers.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_005

If you’re not sold on the idea of buttonholes, or if your outfit has quite a lot of detail already, then you could opt for a wrist corsages or floral decoration for your clutch bag instead :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_015Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_002

DIY Tutorial: Make your own buttonholes or corsage

The same technique can also be used to make floral place setting sprigs, so don’t be afraid to experiment! :)

What you need:

  • Florist tape – I like a crepe stem tape
  • fine wire (here we are just using it to wire our feathers to help them sit in our ‘posy’ buttonhole)
  • scissors to trim stems and ribbon
  • Selection of flowers, foliage & grasses or something with unusual textures works well

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_006Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_013

Step 1: wrap wire and then tape around the quills of your feathers so that they can easily be incorporated into the buttonhole

Step 2: bind flowers & feathers and any foliage into a posy shape & tape in place

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_007

Step 3: Once your posy is secure, chose a trim to finish it which enhances your theme. I picked twine to give a rustic feel but you could use ribbon, fabric scraps or even something fun like tinsel!

Step 4: trim your stems to size & any loose ends of twine to suit. Ta da! :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_011

you could even use these as place settings or little posy favours! :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_012

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post – do let me know if you decide to DIY some of your wedding floral elements!

Lots of love,

Verity x