Twobirds Bridesmaid Announces New Tulle Collection

We have received some exciting news from twobirds Bridesmaid this week. Due to demand from brides they have launched a new Tulle collection for Spring 2015 and they are here to tell you all about it!

Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses come in a range of colours and have over fifteen ways to wrap – you can see these fabulous bridesmaid dresses being modelled on real women (our readers!) during our styled shoot last summer.


Multi-award winning brand twobirds Bridesmaid is celebrating their 5th birthday in the UK by expanding their existing offering and introducing a new Tulle convertible dress collection for 2015. The pioneers of the multiway wrap dress are once again leading the pack with an on-trend soft, romantic dress to complement the growing popularity of tulle in wedding dresses.

“I wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to our current jersey offering.” said twobirds founder Ariane Goldman, “The new tulle collection offers texture and fluidity while maintaining versatility.”

Responding to demand from brides, the new, luxurious tulle dress follows the same versatile philosophy as the hugely popular twobirds classic jersey gowns; it is maternity friendly and can be tied in endless different styles to suit every body shape, while retaining the simple two size structure of the existing twobirds collections, covering UK sizes 4-20.

The new collection is available in knee length and floor length styles for adults & matching flower girl dresses for children and has a contemporary colour palette of nine shades: Black, Cream, Dove, Lilac, Midnight, Petal, Plum, Powder Blue and Seafoam. Matching bandeaus are also available. The new collection will be available from the Covent Garden showroom and stockists in the UK from Spring 2015. twobirds-tulle-collection-campaign

Prices are £250 for short, £275 for full length and £145 for flower girl dresses.

Bride to Be Diary: Victoria’s Best Girls

One half of our fabulous Bride to Be double act is back on the blog today! Victoria is here to fill us in on her planning and to pay homage to her six, yes SIX gorgeous bridesmaids!


It’s official, along with a lot of Brides-to-be out there I can now say……”I’m getting married this year!” (cue excited face!) Dan’s rather ‘interesting’ proposal (despite my naked face,  questionable/scruffy hair & pyjamas with a haribo ring by the dining room table……every girl’s dream….who said romance was dead?!) back in August 2013 literally seems like yesterday and now the sudden reality that there’s less than 7 months until our lovely wedding in France is starting to set in….! My wise Dad is right….”The older you get, the faster time goes”- yep, you weren’t lying!!

Now anyone who knows me will know that planning is literally how I get through days, weeks and months. Lessons for work, what to cook for the week, and what I’m doing and when- obviously this has to be organised well in advance as spontaneity is not my thing.  Who doesn’t love a list or a plan?! With Dan still away until the end of March there’s a fear that our lovely home will start to resemble Hobbycraft after a burglary as I embark on the many ‘jobs’ we have planned –probably in no logical order; therefore I’m definitely going to need support on standby for when I inevitably have some ‘diva moments’ (kindly named by my sister, Kady who has already been subject to a few ‘crisis’ based calls to do with mismatching jewellery and don’t even get me started on ‘the’ dress!)

My bridesmaids are going to be my saviours over the next few intense months. They’ll keep me sane! Whether it’s a stiff talking to that I need to just calm the hell down (thanks in advance, Kady….!) or a sounding board to discuss ideas with, with my fabulous bunch of girls I’m lucky enough to have all bases covered.

Happy bridesmaids! Fingers crossed this is how we will look- only less pink....!

Happy bridesmaids! Fingers crossed this is how we will look- only less pink….!


We are having 6 adult bridesmaids (some people gasp at this point as it may seem like a lot?!) and 2 gorgeous little flower girls. Despite the abundance of oestrogen and progesterone, choosing who to have as our bridesmaids was painless; crafting surprise and personal little packages to ask them to be was enjoyable (some of the follow up calls were emotional) and irrespective of all of their different shapes, sizes, skin tones and colouring, as well as them living in separate parts of the UK, strangely, choosing dresses and getting those ordered was also sorted rather efficiently!

Handmade boxes were sent to all of the girls in order to 'pop the question'

Handmade boxes were sent to all of the girls in order to ‘pop the question’

Demo of how the message will be revealed.....!

Demo of how the message will be revealed…..!

With the tags attached to the lid, the message gradually unveiled, confetti hearts fell out & there was a small polaroid picture at the bottom of the box with a little message on the back!

With the tags attached to the lid, the message gradually unveiled, confetti hearts fell out & there was a small polaroid picture at the bottom of the box with a little message on the back!

Introducing the Girls

Kady- (Maid of Honour and younger sister) – Brutally honest, fierce and incredibly organised- (although the whole secret hen do she’s organising is driving me crazy!) We may have had some pretty horrendous fights and arguments growing up like a couple of aspiring cage fighters but she’s now one of my best friends.

Sisterly pile up!

Sisterly pile up!

Lily (or Frankenstein as per my contacts list/every time I address her!)- My littlest sister, who I absolutely love dearly as well as worry about constantly, (That’s what happens when there’s a 12 year age gap!) Given that she hasn’t worn a dress since perhaps the age of about 10, I feel pretty honoured and special that she’s going to sport a lovely long bridesmaid’s dress even though she’d probably rather snort wasabi sauce!

Kady (dress fan) and Lily (dress hater....!)

Kady (dress fan) and Lily (dress hater….!)

Laura (Dan’s sister)- Just like Dan she’s calm and so laid back. Although, like Frankenstein, a dress is not something that would ever be Laura’s choice of attire, she’s been so chilled about dress shopping and going with the flow. Maybe she’s saving the stress for buying and wearing dreaded high heels……?!

Me & Laura celebrating her Birthday!

Me & Laura celebrating her Birthday!

Amy/my dearest Pete aka Peter Pan, (my sister from another Mr and Mrs!)- Born only 4 days apart, we were brought up together and have embarked on too many mischievous adventures (not strictly limited to only our younger years…! ) to mention. Always guaranteed to make me laugh, she’s also always a shoulder to cry on.

Me & Amy,at least she'llbe wearing a better bridesmaid dress than I am in this photo!

Me & Amy,at least she’ll be wearing a better bridesmaid dress than I am in this photo!

Still the terrible twosome!

Still the terrible twosome!

Janine (friend from University)- We met on our first day when she was wearing a particularly eyecatching pink, corduroy jacket (over 11 years ago?!) and the rest is history! Our lives have intertwined since 2003- uni, living together whilst studying, living in the same apartment building afterwards and now we work at the same school. She’s creative, loyal and also straight talking, as well as being someone I greatly admire!

Bridesmaid for Janine on her special day and now it's role reversal time!

Bridesmaid for Janine on her special day and now it’s role reversal time!

Last but not least, Gemma (school friend)- my crazy, larger than life, fun and thoughtful pal! She’s always there when I need her and always has some wise words to impart……unless she’s tired/hungry or worst case scenario, both- in which case it’s best to wait….. haha!

Just your average Sunday morning, ay, Gem!

Just your average Sunday morning, ay, Gem!

I knew what colour I wanted their dresses to be- it was just a case of selecting the right shade. We went to High Society in Cowbridge (impeccable customer service even after being invaded by a swarm of excited, chatty women!) for the girls to try on some dresses and settle on a shade of my chosen colour. The sales assistant, Helen was so shocked that everything was selected, tried on and sorted within about 30 minutes! It was a huge relief as it could have been one of those infinite tasks where people start getting pernickety over ruching and the whole straps/no straps debate ending in people whom I love dearly feeling disappointed and uncomfortable!

The magic formula if you are faced with a panel of girls who are more different to one another in appearance than a tin of cadbury’s roses………….? Choose a colour and tone that suits them all (trust me it is possible- Laura is strawberry blonde, Janine (love her) has the same skin tone as Michelangelo’s ‘David’ sculpture and Amy, well, she’s like a walking advert for the Californian sun) and then let them do the rest. Find a brand such as Dessy who produce a range of styles in the chosen colour. This will banish anyone’s personal fear of back fat/side boob/bingo wings etc., as although it’s your big day, don’t forget you’ve chosen these girls to be by your side to share it with you and be a part of it. I wouldn’t want any of them to feel like one of the ugly step sisters from Cinderella!

Colour variety with Dessy group! Image source- httpwww.bridesmaid.comwp-contentuploads201302colorchoices.jpg

Colour variety with Dessy group! Image source

I actually had the chosen dresses imported from America. Given that our budget had already been stretched and was continuing to be so, I did a bit of research and found the option of saving a good chunk of money- who would say no to that?! I highly recommend – yes, the dresses took 3 months to arrive (which I was aware of!) but wow was it worth it! I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little apprehensive whilst waiting- every now and again thinking ‘OMG what if they turn up and they look like they have been stitched together by a bunch of blind mice?!’ as per the articles that are constantly shared on Facebook about scandalous discount sites….! It was with bated breath I opened the package and then let out a huge sigh of relief!

That’s another tick in a box of the never ending list. Bridemaids. Done! The downside for them of course is going to be the next 6 ½ months of ongoing questions/ updates/ help requests/ tears/dramas and diva moments! (Sorry!)

Fellow Cwtchers, how have you found choosing your Bridemaids and everything that goes with it?  How did you pop the ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ question (and what do you think of how I asked mine?)?

Until next time,


A little bit of Luxury: Bridesmaids Dresses

A few weeks ago, our classic bride, Charlie shared some great Highstreet bridesmaid dresses with you all. Today we have our luxury bride, Pippa here to share her ideas and inspiration for your bridesmaids including some rather gorgeous designer dresses. Over to you Pippa…

So, time to talk all things Bridesmaid. Having only been a bridesmaid once previously at the age of 8, (complete with classic 90s floral puff ball sleeves and satin bows), I really underestimated how much I would rely on my best girls on the big day. All our lovely married brides will understand when I say that weddings really show you who your ‘real’ friends are and my girls did me super proud. They arranged the best hen weekend a girl could have wished for and were such a support on the day itself, fixing makeup, supplying bubbles (as I was always too busy talking or dancing to visit the bar) and just providing lots of fun, giggles and special touches to help make the day everything I hoped it would be…love you always…x

twobirds_maria farrelly two birds maria farrelly 2Photos by the amazing Maria Farrelly Photography

So, for all our Cwtch Bridesmaid’s to be…what are some little extras that can help make your friendships thrive and the big day just that teeny bit more special?

– How about some extra special personal touches on the hen-do…something unique to the bride? Believe me when I say the smallest of things can make such a huge impact and really show thoughtfulness above and beyond the expected naughtiness. What about a photo library of the bride and her hens together over the years? – these create lots of giggles looking back at the fashion faux pas and nights out! Maybe organise a ‘hen book’ full of stories, favourite memories with the bride, poems or drawings from all the hen’s? The classic game of Mr & Mrs is always a winner but why not try a recorded version or even better, use your smart phone for a video version – hearing (and seeing) the groom squirm as he answers the questions is guaranteed to be a huge hit!

– What about giving a thoughtful gesture (that doesn’t have to cost the earth) on the morning of the wedding- maybe a photo book of the hen do or even something as simple as a few words in a card will go a long way…although be sure to give it before the makeup…it’s a really emotional day!

– I know we all take such a long time to get ready girls but leaving the all important hour before you are due at the ceremony to spend with the bride to help get her into her dress, heels, jewellery etc really is a special time…afterall, it’s the last girlie time you will have together before she becomes a ‘Mrs’.

– Just casually asking on the big day if your bride wants anything – a drink? something to eat? She will really appreciate it!

– Not that you’d need a prompt if you’re anything like my girlies, but make sure to start the dancing and socialise. It really means a lot to the bride and groom to see their friends having and creating a good time for themselves and all the other guests.

Now, down to the all important dress…

Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way since the style hangover of the 80s and 90s where giant satin bows, puff ball sleeves and matching headpieces were the height of fashion. There is such a huge selection of beautiful dresses available today that being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to mean forgoing style. If you’re lucky, your bridesmaids may be the type to grin and bear whatever you pop them in (while complaining quietly behind your back) but with all the options available today, and the growing trend for mis-matched bridesmaid dresses, there really is no excuse to inflict psychological torture on your girlfriends! Everyone knows who makes the final dress decision so try to choose something that will earn you rave reviews. Here are a few of my favourite ‘Luxury’ bridesmaid dresses that are bound to avoid any criticism and sunken faces from your maids…


Even though many brides will consider themselves a savvy shopper, it is still exceptionally difficult to pick out one dress in a colour or style to suit all your maids who will have a variety of body frames, skin tones, style and hues that suit – queue the miracle dress! I may be a little biased having chosen this for my bridesmaids, but what’s not to love? One dress with over 15 different ways to wrap and customise – and it really is super easy. Two birds dresses are so heavy and made from such quality material they hang beautifully to suit all shapes and sizes – they are even perfect for a pregnant maid. Mix and match fronts and backs so that all your girls can look different walking down the aisle…and into the evening. two_birds_dress_a two_birds_dresses_2

Check out their website and pinterest page for more fantastic images of real brides mixing colourways and styles…you really can create any look you want!

…and if it couldn’t get any better – there are 4 stockist in Wales…

Mr & Mrs Bridal Boutique, Aberdare.

Laura May, Cardiff.

White Bride, Narberth.

Wedding Belles, Anglesey.



I think GHOST is another shop perfect for matched or mis-matched maids. Their classic satin floor-length gowns come in a variety colours and necklines. They have a fantastic “dye-to-order” service where you can pick any of the styles in any of the colourways (perfect for mis-matched) and the gorgeous feminine pallet would be ideal for your bevvy of beautiful bridesmaids!

Ghost dresses

Grace, Nicole, Salma, Taylor, Diana, Sylvia


Other Ideas

These beauties have caught my eye too (ooo…the choice – can we do it all again Mr P?)

Alice_olivia_Fila_lace_dress1. Alice & Olivia, Fila Lace Dress

Enzoani_f08-a2. Love by ENZOANI, F08 (variety of colourways available)

Enzoani_F12-A3. Love by ENZOANI, F12

Enzoani_D294. Love by ENZOANI, D29 (variety of colourways available) JML_Couture_JIM_Hjelm_occasions 5. JLM Couture, JH5413Day_Birger_et_Mikkelsen6.DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Sumner wrap-effect silk-satin gownKelsey_rose_151297. Kelsey Rose, 15129 (variety of colourways available)

Kelsey_rose_500188.Kelsey Rose

Kelsey_rose_125329.Kelsey Rose

Kathy_Hilton_sequined-gown10. Kathy Hilton for Mon Cheri, H34054

Dessy_Lela_rose_Bridesmaid_LR18211. Lela Rose, LR182 (variety of colourways available)

Do any of our past Cwtch brides have stories of bridesmaids going that little bit extra? Any ideas you can share? We would love to hear from you…x