Featured Post: Wedding Traditions From Round The World

I love history. I love weddings. So for me finding out about wedding traditions from around the world makes me so intrigued and literally laugh out loud at the same time. It makes you think about how some of these came to be.

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Wedding Traditions From Round The World

traditionsImage from Pinterest 

Moroccan brides purify themselves with water from their rivers before their wedding.riverImage from Pinterest

Jewish weddings are meant to be a mixture of joy and sadness. The groom stomps a glass cup held in a napkin as a reminder of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.jewishImage from Pinterest

Fairies seem to be a pest problem in Ireland: brides must keep both feet on the ground while dancing lest those spritely creatures whisk her away. Time to practice your moonwalk! irelandImage from Pinterest 

In certain parts of China, brides and their wedding parties practice a month-long crying ritual before the wedding. Each night, the bride sits with her mother, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts for an hour, all crying in unison to form a kind of celebratory “song” to mark the occasion.

chinaImage from Zhangjiajie Tour Guide

In Sweden, it’s a lighthearted tradition for guests to plant kisses on the bride or groom when either leaves the room. In 2016 it’s a gender-neutral game, so anyone can sneak a kiss to the couple!swedishImage from The Buzztube

I don’t know if my family would be up for a group sob session for a whole month before my wedding. Do any of you have any family wedding traditions that you think we our readers would like to hear about. If you do email us at info@cwtchthebride.com. 

High Street Wedding Dresses


You are getting married!!! Yay! Wedding dress shopping! This can be the most exciting time out of the whole planning process. It can also be very daunting. The thought of spending loads of money on a dress for one day … Continue reading

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Here at Cwtch the Bride the majority of the weddings we have worked on take place in the spring and summer; but oh boy do we love a winter wedding.  There are few looks as sophisticated as pale blues and crisp whites.  Take a little look at this round up of ideas to inspire any of you winter brides…



Addilyn Feather cape, Monsoon found here



ASOS flutter sleeve cape back maxi dress found here


Bluebell Maxi dress, Monsoon found here



Britten weddings, Something blue Wedding hair vine found here



Frosted pine cones in large jars and vases make beautiful centre peices, inspiration found here


A beautiful starry backdrop for a photo booth would be super easy to make, or if you are feeling a little lazy (or stressed) you can find here


Paper stars make a dramatic statement hung around the room, found here


Simple table confetti can add colour on white cloths found here


Glittery tree baubles are a genius way of combining your table name and favors,  We absolutely love these ones! found here


Set the scene from the offset with beautiful save the date ideas and invitations…

original_snowflake-save-the-datesSnowflake save the dates found here


Wedding snowflake invite inspiration found here


56d51b57cc9860a96b156222db19315bBeautiful snowflake biscuits to accompany those hot after dinner drinks, or even as a canapes during a hot drinks reception?  Found here


Cascading snowflakes are a stunning alternative touch to a wedding cake, inspiration found here



An amazing alternative to confetti which dissolves when in contact with water (rain- eek), which lets be honest Wales is not short on



These cuff links would make a fab gift to groomsmen, we found them here


Beautiful personalised bracelets would coordinate with any bridesmaid dress, found here


And finally in our round up of winter wedding inspiration we have pure lust for this Tiffany snowflake necklace, found here, because well we are worth it!

Featured post: Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique

Good morning Cwtchers!

Today on the blog we have the absolutely beautiful Lush Lister Rachel Burgess telling us all about her amazing boutique in Penarth, South Wales.  I personally experienced Rachel’s customer service and stunning dresses myself when wedding dress shopping and it really is so unique- exactly what I hoped and dreamed wedding dress shopping would be like.  We have much love for this lady!

Hello! I’m Rachel and I own a little Bridal Boutique in the seaside town of Penarth, South Wales. In this little corner of paradise surrounded by other independent businesses the Boutique is the only one of its’ kind doing what we do, not just in Wales, but in the entire UK.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique-'Rae' By E&W Couture - Photo By Costa Sister Productions

We are proud beyond words to have six Welsh designers creating exclusive Bridalwear and accessory collections for the Boutique, alongside a collection of original vintage dresses (1930’s – 1970’s). We don’t stick to many rules, only to show off a female figure beautifully (without flaunting too much, if you know what I mean!) and giving women an opportunity to do Bridal their way.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique 'Prim', 'Rae', 'Greta', 'Mable', 'Willow' handmade by E&W Couture. Photo By Costa Sisters Productions

The service the Boutique offers to a Bride & her nearest and dearest is very special – they have the Boutique exclusively for 2 hours with my undivided attention. We close the curtains, lock the door and put the kettle on. One of the most flattering experiences is that brides want to know where their dress is coming from and this enables me to support and promote the incredible design talent we have right here in Wales.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique 'Ava' (side) handmade by Helen Rhiannon. Photo by Simon Gough Photography

We have Brides who travel from all over the UK to meet their designer and be part of the exclusive process we offer to our clients.  After their wedding day it’s so lovely to see how many Brides pop back in or write letters to tell me all about their day and relive it all over again!

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique - 'Emmeline' by Amy Mair Couture. Photo By O&C Photography

One of our lovely Boutique Brides recently said “The experience I had shopping at the Boutique was like no other. So relaxed, no pressure and I loved the fact that I could put my own touches to my wedding dress”.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique - 'Emmeleine' detail - by Amy Mair Coture. Photo By O&C Photography

Our little Boutique is giving Brides the opportunity to create and nurture their dream wedding dress, in a safe and relaxed environment, without any pressure. The Boutique helps Brides to represent who they are on their wedding day, and by going through this amazing design process they are supporting our British manufacturing industry.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique - 'Efa' (back #1) handmade by Amy Mair Couture. Photo By o&c Photography

The experience Brides get here at the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique is completely unique, “Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique in Penarth is truly fantastic and made my whole wedding dress shopping experience fun, exciting and a real joy!

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique 'Alicia' (back) handmade by Helen Rhiannon. Photo By Simon Gough Photography

Our top three tips for Brides:
– There are no rules in weddings – go for it the way you both want to do it!
– Trust your instinct when trying on wedding dresses, it’s important that the dress has to feel like ‘you’!
– Enjoy dress shopping and trust those tears!

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique 'Chloe' (sitting down) by Helen Rhiannon. Photo By Simon Gough Photography

Who we stock :
Amy Mair Couture, Angharad Mullooly, Claire Hill Designs, E&W Couture, Kate Barlow & Helen Rhiannon Designer Label.

Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique- 'Willow' By E&W Coture. Photo By Costa Sister Productions

Contact Details:
Website: www.rachelburgessbridalboutique.com
E-Mail: info@rachelburgessbridalboutique.com
Phone: 02920 709 701

Also find us on:
Facebook: Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique
Twitter: @Bridal_Penarth
Instagram: Rachel_Burgess_Bridal_Boutique