Cwtchfest Exhibitor Spotlight: Part 11


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Styled Shoot: A Vanity Affair- Part 5 Beautiful Blooms by Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art

Our styled shoot posts are well underway now! We have shared with you the inspiration behind the shoot at Hensol Castle, gorgeous Two Birds bridesmaid dresses and Mooshki bridal gowns from Laura May Bridal, beautiful headpieces from our very own Kate Petersen and this week we are showing you the fabulous flowers that Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art showcased beautifully on the day.

Whether you are looking for a bridal bouquet or floral venue décor, our talented featured florists will definitely have some inspiration for you. Massive thanks to Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art for allowing us to use your beautiful creations for our shoot. All images in this post are by Catherine and Angharad, the talented collaboration from Cashiona Photography and Angharad Gwenter Photography. Featuring gorgeous props from The China Library and Belle Journée and stationery from Byjo, we’ll be featuring more from these great companies soon.

I don’t really need to say any more… these photographs speak for themselves!

Bouquetscwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL171 cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL169 C&A_HENSOL170C&A_HENSOL175 cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL166Venue Decoration cwtch the bride cwtch the bride cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL163 C&A_HENSOL164 C&A_HENSOL165 C&A_HENSOL168Dress Decoration!

We absolutely loved this unique way to dress up a bridemaid dress a little bit differently by Hilary’s Flowers.C&A_HENSOL172 C&A_HENSOL173 C&A_HENSOL174We have enjoyed sharing these posts with our readers so much, if you have enjoyed them too please drop a comment in the box :) We have more to come! Including amazing cakes, stationery, props, hair and make up, behind the scenes photos and a fabulous video… it really is VERY good!

Winter Floral Inspiration from Blush Floral Art

Happy new year, everyone :D Regular contributor Verity from Blush Floral Art is back on the blog to kick off 2014 with a gorgeous post on winter blooms. We know  a lot of you have picked winter as your wedding season, so here’s so inspiration for how to style your bouquet! :)

Baby its cold outside. . .Flowers inspired by the season

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_008

It’s that time of year to cuddle up and get cosy, so grab your blanket and a mug of tea and settle in to read some tips on florals for winter weddings! The best way to go is to celebrate the best of the season and enhance the mood with the flowers you choose, from rich and dramatic or cool whites and ivory to silvery winter wonderland sparkly, the winter season can offer heaps to inspire brides.

Dreaming of a white Christmas. . .

We’ve chosen some wintry white ideas to inspire your floral decor for your wintery weddings…

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_005Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_012 Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_011

Wintery whites conjure up icy winter mornings – this could suit a rustic theme with frosted twigs and berries, or you could try amping up the glamorous winter sparkle with a touch of glittery frost inspired decor. Pair flowers which are easily available in winter like roses, frilly carnations, the first of the white narcissi from the Isles of Scilly, berries, moss and snowflake-like baby’s breath with gorgeous accessories like pearls or crystal to enhance up the ‘frosted effect’.

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_013 Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_004 Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_007 Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_010

Cerrianne’s Winter Wonderland wedding theme

The table plan featured a white glittery bitch tree hung with handcrafted welsh birch hearts trimmed with pinecones guinea fowl feathers and ‘snow’. The birch was a running them with the buttonholes doubling as keepsakes and flower girls carrying tiny decorated birch hearts.

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_009Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_001

The wintry bouquet included icy white amaryllis a dramatic trumpet shaped flower (in season during the winter months). It also had white roses, white anemones, silver brunia, pinecones and tiny sprigs of birch, as well as silvery moss to create a full textured shape with a glamorous feel.

white amaryllis flower Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_006

Amaryllis image courtesy of Power of the Flower

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_002

Lighting and flower arrangements can also help to create atmosphere. Cerianne’s glamourous winter theme featured centrepieces of lit silvered branches of birch, more moss and pine cones for a twinkly woodland effect and tables also featured tiny candle votives and smaller low flower arrangements around the base of the main arrangement.

Blush Floral Art Winter Blooms_003

And there you have it, some tips on styling your winter boquets :) I hope the look into winter wedding flowers has been useful – if you need more floral inspiration then you can read all of the posts I’ve written for Cwtch the Bride here :)

Happy New Year!


Verity x

All About Buttonholes by Verity at Blush

This is the fourth in a series of posts from South Wales florist, Verity at Blush Floral Art (see the full set here). She’s going to be delving into the world of floral trends, tips and advice for making the most of your bouquets and inspiration for your big day. In this post she’s giving you ideas for buttonholes and has put together a tutorial for making your own buttonholes too – thanks Verity!

It’s not very often that you get the excuse to accessorise an outfit with fresh flowers or corsages. Weddings are a great opportunity to accessorise and today’s blog post focuses on floral detailing from buttons to corsages. It’s not all for the girls either, this is the boys chance to really go to town on detailing :)

The main things to think about when designing your buttonholes are colour, style & size – another important thing to think about is flower choice (some flowers will stand up well to a full day out of water without drooping, whilst others might start to wilt quite quickly if it is a hot day!)

This anemone buttonhole was a special choice for the groom & each of the ushers had a different ‘posy style buttonhole’ but because it is a delicate flower, it was kept in water until the last minute to keep it looking perfect for the main event! Star shaped astrantia gave the buttonholes a delicate feel.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_010Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_016

You could choose to coordinate the father of the bride and the groom’s button with the bridal bouquet, but make them a little different from the rest of the Groomsmen to let them stand out.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_009

Gorgeous and statement with a ribbon wrapped stem, choosing covered or wired stems immediately gives a more ‘finished’ formal feel. This is a beautiful example of  a larger style buttonhole with a vuvuzela rose and peachy astilbe, which would look gorgeous against a charcoal grey suit :)

Bare stems and a ‘posy style’ can give a different more ‘relaxed’ informal feeling. This buttonhole was designed to fit in with the autumnal theme and the orange ranunculus and rose hips are designed to tone in with the orange silk ties. Using twine instead of ribbon gives it a rustic feel.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_001

Don’t feel like you have have to stick to roses or even flowers for your buttonholes though! You can incorporate a variety of materials and elements into your designs – gems, jewellery, ribbons and paper flowers are all getting more popular.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_003

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_014

Here for this spring wedding we used moss, twigs and leaves with only a few tiny flowers and a beautiful spiky thistle to give a really unusual feel to the buttonholes. They also included some dried lavender which smells amazing (but a warning – it doesn’t stand up well to overenthusiastic hugging as it can be quite brittle!)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_004

If you’re planning a winter wedding a pinecone buttonhole makes a nice seasonal touch that guests can keep.

If you are planning on using ribbons in your designs you don’t have to choose plain satin ‘bridal’  ribbon! many of our brides this year have opted for wilder ribbon choices like lace or twine – it’s another way to incorporate texture, colour and detail into your flowers.

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_005

If you’re not sold on the idea of buttonholes, or if your outfit has quite a lot of detail already, then you could opt for a wrist corsages or floral decoration for your clutch bag instead :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_015Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_002

DIY Tutorial: Make your own buttonholes or corsage

The same technique can also be used to make floral place setting sprigs, so don’t be afraid to experiment! :)

What you need:

  • Florist tape – I like a crepe stem tape
  • fine wire (here we are just using it to wire our feathers to help them sit in our ‘posy’ buttonhole)
  • scissors to trim stems and ribbon
  • Selection of flowers, foliage & grasses or something with unusual textures works well

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_006Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_013

Step 1: wrap wire and then tape around the quills of your feathers so that they can easily be incorporated into the buttonhole

Step 2: bind flowers & feathers and any foliage into a posy shape & tape in place

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_007

Step 3: Once your posy is secure, chose a trim to finish it which enhances your theme. I picked twine to give a rustic feel but you could use ribbon, fabric scraps or even something fun like tinsel!

Step 4: trim your stems to size & any loose ends of twine to suit. Ta da! :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_011

you could even use these as place settings or little posy favours! :)

Make your own buttonholes - verity at Blush Floral Art_012

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post – do let me know if you decide to DIY some of your wedding floral elements!

Lots of love,

Verity x

Floral Colour Palette Inspiration from Verity at Blush

This is the third in a series of posts from South Wales florist, Verity at Blush Floral Art (see the full set here). She’s going to be delving into the world of floral trends, tips and advice for making the most of your bouquets and inspiration for your big day. In this post she’s focussing on colour combinations for your bouquets :)

Hi Cwtch fans – I’m back with another post, yay! This week I’m talking about about colour! 

Pale and interesting, soft feminine colours will always be bridal classics and single colour themes continue to be popular for floral decorations, bouquets and buttons, but a trend has been arising for mixed colour themes and eclectic textured mixed bouquets. We’re going to explore some of those in this post – let’s go!

Mellow yellow with gorgeous greens

1146456_10100209288334162_1780731446_n IMG_0665

Clashing and eclectic, a dramatic colour palette for a May wedding, you can use Vuvuzela roses, acidic greens, coral-like Celosia & yellow pom poms of craspedia for a fun textured look (with special thanks to Creative Apertures for the use of some of these images

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.28.37 Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.17.12

Paired with wrist corsages for bridesmaids in clashing colours & lime green vibirnum opulus this can brighten up a rainy spring day with a splash of sunshine.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.18.40 Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.31.52

Bollywood dreams

Blocks of colours work well in a flower-heavy display. You could incorporate orchids or roses in hot clashing colours to create a dramatic look for a bollywood inspired exotic theme. Glittered seed pods add a touch of luxe!


A more relaxed style with informal flowers also works well with a bold colour scheme. Meadow fresh eclectic posies in bright clashing colours create a bold statement. Incorporating textures, unusual plants and even buttons and twigs and moss can help to create a dramatic look.

Colourful country garden style with UK grown flowers

These posies are designed to clash with orange dahlias, red crocosmia, alliums and purple michelmas daisies, with yellow brights from solidago and quirky pom poms of yellow craspedia. Your guests definitely wouldn’t miss this bouquet! :)


Walk on the wild side

Using grasses twigs and seed pods will add texture and seasonal interest. Ears of corn from the family farm for a rustic wedding paired with flowering mint, nigella & delphinium, lavender from Breacon all set off with hessian and twine. Colourful bottles and containers can also add a touch of colour to table centres & venue decorations, so start saving your empty wine bottles and repurpose them into centrepieces!

IMG_3436 IMG_1382 IMG_1371IMG_0952

Bold colour statement with red dahlia and green chrysanthemum

We used feathery grasses to soften this look. You can always use dahlias to offer similar rich colours and bold shapes – these are a great choice for late summer brides when the range of colours and shapes available are largest & availability is good.


Autumn is coming

Think red autumn leaves, orange and red crocosmia, oversized blowsy chrysanthemum, hot orange colours from ranunculus, cooler green hydrangea, hypericum berries and jewel like rose hips mixed with pheasant feathers to create texture and colour for an autumnal theme and a quirky individual feel. Use something with a unique shape, like kangaroo paw or protea to keep this look fresh and vibrant.

1 (169) 1 (138) IMG_1418 IMG_2604 IMG_1411

It’s all in the details

We recently created some table centre pieces which included over 60 miniature gourds for place settings & a harvest feel. Autumnal trimmed welsh birch hearts also made a beautiful keepsake for flower girls :)


Incorporating seasonal flowers, foliage or colours in your bouquet will make your flowers even more special as the time of year will always remind you of your wedding!

Making a comeback with colour pop trends

Once only likely to be found on the petrol station forecourt (and possibly suffering from a little bit of an image problem!) carnations have crept back into favour for their fabulous texture and colour – even making an appearance on the Chanel catwalk! Look at this gorgeous frilly pistachio green – perfect for a retro feel vintage theme with its shape and ice cream colour, as well as holding its own in a rainbow coloured posy.

IMG_2755 IMG_2753

High impact

Massed together globes of carnations look lavish & textured & come in velvety colours like peach, pistachio, yellow, burgundy & bright pinks: ideal for a more contemporary look and a touch of luxe in stately urn vases :)


I really hope you enjoyed that little insight into the colour trends and how much you can do when you set your sights high! Don’t be afraid to ask your florist to experiment (or go out and pick some wild flowers to experiment with yourself :) )

I’d love to know what colors you’ve chosen for your big day – are you matching your colour scheme? Clashing? Going for something completely different?! :D

I’ll be back in a fortnight to talk you through the world of buttonholes – looking forward to it!


Verity xx