Bride to Be Diaries: The Carnival Couple have their Hag and Sten!

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Lowri and Simon, our gorgeous Carnival Couple, are back to tell us all about their Hag and Sten – and if yu don’t know what they are, read on!
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Carnival Aug 2017 7

The Hag and Sten

In the midst of all the planning and the exam marking we had been told to keep a weekend free for our stag and hen. However, we are older now and we are marrying our best friend so why have a weekend away from each other? We didn’t want a weekend of penis straws and strippers so our bridesmaids and best men planned together, which was probably a better idea anyway! So, the first weekend in June our friend Rich picked us up in his van and and drove us to the mystery destination so that we had no chance of knowing what they’d planned!

After a couple of hours we pulled into Bluestone. We were a bit aprehensive at first as it hadn’t been somewhere we had thought of visiting ourselves, but as we pulled up to our 14 person lodge in glorious sunshine to be greeted by a lot of alcohol and our closest friends our opinions were soon changed.

Carnival Aug 2017 8

Our friends clearly know us very well. We had a fantastic weekend involving human body pictionary, time on the beach in Tenby flying powerkites, spa treatments (for the ladies), raft building (for the gents), time at the mini waterpark, lots of BBQ food and alcohol.

Carnival Aug 2017 6 Carnival Aug 2017 9 Carnival Aug 2017 5

And some dressing up! Oh, and penis straws…

Carnival Aug 2017 4

It was great having everyone together and also getting to spend some time with each other, which we hadn’t really had the chance to do with everything being so hectic!

We had a great weekend and would definitely recommend Bluestone for joint stag and hens! And we are already considering another weekend there. Back to reality with a bump and another 1000 exam papers between us, getting to the end of term and trying to squeeze in some carnival wedding creations we now have a week to go until the big day and are so excited!

Carnival Aug 2017 3

Although, we are currently sailing in Greece for a week so there really is nothing we can do, apart from answer a few emails and phonecalls so it’ll be all hands on deck the second we return!
Carnival Aug 2017 1
It really isn’t long until our carnival wedding and we can’t wait! We will share all with you in our next blog!

Real Wedding: Adele & Kris’ Beautiful Bluestone Wedding by Maria Farrelly

This week’s real wedding is an absolute beauty! Adele and Kris booked our very own super talented Maria Farrelly to photograph their West Wales Wedding. Bride Adele tells us all about it here. 


What was your budget? We did not have a budget but knew what type of Wedding Day we both wanted and were lucky enough to have people involved who were able to share their hidden special talents with us which helped us out financially but most importantly made it that extra bit personal.
These talents and generous offerings included the bunting (which was a main feature and looked amazing) and was made by my mum Julie, mother-in-law Louise, sister Danielle, sister-in-laws Kirsty and Rosie, bother-in-law Ali and supervised by myself and Kris. The bunting has since been lent out to other friends and family for their weddings.


How would you describe your wedding theme? We didn’t really have a set theme but if I was to describe the wedding it was a little bit country with some vintage aspects. We wanted a wedding and reception that was relaxed and suitable for all of the guests to enjoy. There were some afternoon garden games and the photo booth in the evening which was entertaining for everyone.


Tell us about your wedding dress: I only went to two bridal shops and both times this was accompanied by my mum and sister. I had an idea of what I liked and what I thought would suit me but was advised to try on a range of styles. I would definitely recommend future brides to do the same as it was so surprising to see how different the dresses looked off the rail and I really enjoyed seeing how they looked on me.
I found ‘The One’ at WhiteBride in Narberth. The dress on its own was not what I wanted but when the different parts were added, e.g. the sleevelet which I had attached to the dress, belt, veil and headpiece, it was perfect! I fell in love with it instantly and both my mum and sister loved it too. I did not commit straight away as I thought it might have been a bit too hasty and it was quite far in advance. A couple of weeks later the lovely assistant Amy at WhiteBride happened to be shopping in the shop where my sister was working and she asked how the wedding preparations were going, to which my sister replied that I had not looked at any other dresses and still loved ‘The One’. Amy then said that the dress was going to be going on sale and that an appointment had come up after a cancelation that day. That was the day I tried it all on again and ended up buying my perfect dress and accessories AND managed to get it on the sale.
I would highly recommend WhiteBride as Sally stocks absolutely beautiful dresses and the whole experience of being a WhiteBride for me was just so relaxed, personal and special!

Adele&Kris064 Adele&Kris075Adele&Kris088

What was your favourite part of your wedding? We loved the whole day. I particularly enjoyed the church service, walking into the church with my dad by my side and my bridesmaids, flower girls and page boy following and being able to share the best day of my life with the people I care about the most.


I also thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth in the evening. It was so much fun and I think almost all of the wedding guests managed to get photographed. Maria Farrelly who was our amazing photographer managed to capture the whole day and night beautifully. She worked her socks off right into the late hours of the evening and witnessed some interesting posing in the photo booth.


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? I did worry about having a large wedding party but I am so glad I had the people I chose. My sister Danielle was my chief bridesmaid, my three other bridesmaids were my two sister in laws Kirsty and Rosie and also my best friend Sam. My three flower girls were my cousins Mia, Aimee and Eirianna and also my godson Dylan was our page boy.
I was so lucky as the bridesmaids were all really helpful with the hen and wedding preparations. I thought it might have been difficult finding dresses to suit them all that they all liked and most importantly felt comfortable in but this proved to be quite easy in the end and they all looked absolutely stunning.
It was easy for Kris to choose who his best man was going to be as it was his twin brother Keeron. His two ushers were his best friend from uni Adam and brother in law Ali. 

Adele&Kris041 Adele&Kris167 Adele&Kris179Adele&Kris306

Why did you choose your venue? Kris originally wanted a marquee on his farm but we realised there was a lot to consider and plan for including the extra costs. So we compromised and managed to find a beautiful marquee located at Bluestone Resort. It was perfect. 

Adele&Kris444 Adele&Kris470

How did the proposal happen? In the words of Kris Stone…’It was magical!’
Well I have to admit it was special. Kris and I were childhood sweethearts and got together at secondary school at the age of 16. We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary in New York and on the night of our anniversary we were getting ready to go to watch the War Horse at the theatre and Kris was acting a bit flustered but I did not think anything of it. We had both really enjoyed the show and when we got back to the hotel room there was champagne waiting and Kris ‘fell’ to his knee and said so fast ‘will you marry me?’ It was really funny and awkward as he was so nervous even though we had been together for so long. After realising what had just happened I agreed and we sat in the room sipping champagne and laughing for a little while after. Kris thought it would be nice to do some ring shopping on Madison Avenue the following day but it proved to be a little bit of a pricey move and so later picked a ring in Cardiff.


What was your first dance & why? We thought for a very long time about whether we wanted to do a first dance and also what song we would like to have. After thinking about it long and hard we decided maybe we wouldn’t do one. However the night before the wedding, with the help and encouragement from my mum, sister and best friend Sam, we agreed we could maybe do a dance and quickly chose a song which was ‘Let’s stay together’ by Al Green.
This ended up being one of Kris’s fondest memories of the day…being able to have some time for a kiss and embrace (not only with his new wife but also with his twin brother during their ‘twin first dance’) in a lovely but hectic day.

Adele&Kris670 Adele&Kris673

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? The whole day was perfect but I think for me I wish that I had sat in the back of the convertible car with my dad instead of sitting in the front. I did not think it was much of a big deal at the time as I was panicking we were going to be late and also did not know if it was a good idea climbing into the back of the car with my delicate dress. But even though it was a short distance it would have been nice to share that time with him and also it looked funny in the pictures with my dad being chaperoned in the back on his own.


For Kris he would have liked to have spent more time on the dance floor with his wife.  


Do you have any advice for future couples? The advice that was given to us a lot before we got married was to try and take in every part of the day and enjoy every second as it goes so fast. This was the best advice given and I think we really did try to do this all day.
This was also helped by having a fantastic photographer Maria Farrelly who seemed to capture the whole day beautifully. So if you haven’t already booked your photographer Maria is excellent.

Adele&Kris367 Adele&Kris369 Adele&Kris376 Adele&Kris383

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Getting everybody involved and sharing the excitement and preparations with them. 


Photographer: Maria Farrelly

Names of the couple: Adele & Kris
Wedding Date: 3rd of August 2013
Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Church, Begelly
Reception Venue: Marquee at Bluestone Resort
Bride’s Dress and Headpiece: White Bride, Narberth
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Bride’s Jewellery: My Mum’s jewellery that she wore on her wedding day
Groom’s Outfit: Dress for the Occasions, Haverfordwest
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Phase Eight
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Shoes from Next and Jewellery from Not On the High Street
Cake: Cakes by Karlos & Co
Flowers: Talented Friend Bethan Jones-Hughes
Hair: Caronwen at Ava Marie Narberth
Make Up: Lucy at Bella Bella Beauty Saundersfoot
Band: The Glory
Stationery: Tredeml Print Narberth
Any Reception Decor/Props: Christinas Chair Covers, St Clears
Transport: We used friends and family cars
Other: The wedding car started off life as a ‘banger’ in a charity rally across Europe. After some persuasion I agreed to use it for our special day on the condition that Kris at least attempted to clean and polish it. It turned out great on the day and in the photos looking back. It has a lot of sentimental value.

The Wedding Album

Adele&Kris006 Adele&Kris008 Adele&Kris011 Adele&Kris013 Adele&Kris014 Adele&Kris022 Adele&Kris025 Adele&Kris028 Adele&Kris029 Adele&Kris030 Adele&Kris034 Adele&Kris041 Adele&Kris046 Adele&Kris057 Adele&Kris064 Adele&Kris074 Adele&Kris075 Adele&Kris081 Adele&Kris082 Adele&Kris084 Adele&Kris088 Adele&Kris107 Adele&Kris110 Adele&Kris113 Adele&Kris115 Adele&Kris121 Adele&Kris126 Adele&Kris134 Adele&Kris141 Adele&Kris142 Adele&Kris144 Adele&Kris151 Adele&Kris154 Adele&Kris160 Adele&Kris167 Adele&Kris170 Adele&Kris174 Adele&Kris176 Adele&Kris179 Adele&Kris185 Adele&Kris192 Adele&Kris203 Adele&Kris204 Adele&Kris206 Adele&Kris220 Adele&Kris223 Adele&Kris225 Adele&Kris228 Adele&Kris234 Adele&Kris249 Adele&Kris255 Adele&Kris277 Adele&Kris290 Adele&Kris294 Adele&Kris306 Adele&Kris316 Adele&Kris321 Adele&Kris322 Adele&Kris341 Adele&Kris347 Adele&Kris354 Adele&Kris358 Adele&Kris362 Adele&Kris367 Adele&Kris369 Adele&Kris376 Adele&Kris377 Adele&Kris379 Adele&Kris381 Adele&Kris383 Adele&Kris384 Adele&Kris386 Adele&Kris392 Adele&Kris399 Adele&Kris401 Adele&Kris405 Adele&Kris406 Adele&Kris413 Adele&Kris418 Adele&Kris423 Adele&Kris425 Adele&Kris427 Adele&Kris429 Adele&Kris433 Adele&Kris434 Adele&Kris444 Adele&Kris447 Adele&Kris450 Adele&Kris451 Adele&Kris456 Adele&Kris457 Adele&Kris470 Adele&Kris490 Adele&Kris499 Adele&Kris512 Adele&Kris514 Adele&Kris518 Adele&Kris522 Adele&Kris527 Adele&Kris537 Adele&Kris549 Adele&Kris550 Adele&Kris556 Adele&Kris566 Adele&Kris568 Adele&Kris574 Adele&Kris575 Adele&Kris576 Adele&Kris577 Adele&Kris579 Adele&Kris581 Adele&Kris583 Adele&Kris589 Adele&Kris591 Adele&Kris594 Adele&Kris596 Adele&Kris599 Adele&Kris602 Adele&Kris604 Adele&Kris605 Adele&Kris609 Adele&Kris611 Adele&Kris618 Adele&Kris661 Adele&Kris663 Adele&Kris669 Adele&Kris670 Adele&Kris673 Adele&Kris676 Adele&Kris677 Adele&Kris680 Adele&Kris683 Adele&Kris689 Adele&Kris691 Adele&Kris693 Adele&Kris694 Adele&Kris697 Adele&Kris699 Adele&Kris701 Adele&Kris705 Adele&Kris707 Adele&Kris708 Adele&Kris711 Adele&Kris716 Adele&Kris718 Adele&Kris720 Adele&Kris721 Adele&Kris722 Adele&Kris724