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One thing I love about running Cwtch The Bride is giving awesome people a platform to share their thoughts and ideas on weddings. This isn’t restricted to just professionals. Oh no… This blog is for everyone. It’s become a place that many brides, grooms, family members & friends flock to for advice, inspiration and a bit of a nudge to get organising.

As Cwtch The Bride continues to grow, we’re now on the lookout for new writers. We want to hear YOUR STORY. This is a safe place to share your excitement, worries and thoughts surrounded by a team of people that ‘have all been there’. Well, maybe not all of us! This lady in particular has a very unique story that has recently gone viral in the international press and I’m so proud our ‘boobless bride’ is now a great friend of mine too.

If you’d like to become part of our wonderful team, then come on, have a go at filling out the form below. Its really easy and I’d love to hear from you~ Maria (creator of Cwtch The Bride). 


Become Our Next Blogger

Are you about to embark on planning your wedding?
Are you making literally everything for the big day?
Are you trying to plan the ultimate hen or stag?
Are you trying to write your speech?
Do you want to just curl up in a ball and pretend it will all just sort itself out or are you loving the organising?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then we want to hear from you!

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them (just follow, we’re not that mysterious)….maybe you can join The Cwtch Team

How To Enter

Email Address
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The Rules

Don’t worry there aren’t many!

  • All entries must be received by 31st January 2017
  • In order for our readers to have time to get to know you we are limiting entries to weddings happening between May 2017 and April 2018.
  • If you win you must be willing to write one post a month up to the wedding and (if you’re a bride or groom) allow us to have the exclusive feature of your wedding on Cwtch the Bride
  • There has to be a Welsh connection

And that’s it! We don’t care if you are male or female, traditional or off-beat, we just want you to connect with and inspire our readers.

Get writing! If you need some inspiration here’s a taste what you’ll be talking about, from our winners 2015:

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Sunday ramblings

Evening all,

Welcome to my Sunday ramblings :) I hope you’re all enjoying a chilled out day in the comfort of your home. Its far too cold to venture outside and in all honesty; its gone 5pm and I’m in my PJ’s, iPad in one hand, cwtching a cup of tea in the other and doing ‘research’ from my sofa (this girl can multitask!). If you’re doing the same…theres no shame in it…I’m sending you big waves! (not floods…more the friendly hand variety).

For those that have recently started following Cwtch the Bride, A big hello to you all and congratulations if you are recently engaged! I’m Maria. Its all my fault, this blog was my crazy idea :). I’m not a bride-to be that fell into blogging. I’m a professional photographer that spends most of my time at weddings (cue the obligatory picture of me, my camera, in a mirrorlol)


For those that want to see my face, this is me & my husband Nad (He’s a ridiculously talented graphic designer, makes me the BEST birthday/anniversary cards and is VERY handsome) I’m a lucky girl.

Nad_MariaWe’ve been together for over 15 years (met at university back in 1999). I’m 35 (gulp…it pains me to write that) and we recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, whoo hoo! Married life has its ups and downs but I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather ride that wave with.

anniversary cardWe also have two AMAZING kids; Josh and Joe. These kids are my world. If you & I are friends on Facebook you’ll know what I mean about amazing…these kids have us all in stitches constantly, they ‘re super witty, play a mean game of hide n seek and keep us on our toes.


Bucking the blogging trend, I’m afraid I don’t own a cat, I’m allergic to them :( BUT I do have a rabbit, meet Cheese. He’s the only kind of cheese I like…the edible variety makes me vomit (sorry cheese lovers but how you can put something like that in your mouth is beyond me)…Cheese & rabbit.


I also LOVE NYC. I go every year for a week and pretend I live there. I hire an apartment and ‘live like a new yorker’ hahaha… I’ve always wanted to live there but it’s unlikely. This however is a great alternative :) and it never disappoints.


So there you go, a little insight into my personal world.

Professionally, I am first and foremost a photographer NOT a full time blogger. I’m not a journalist either although I do tell stories through my pictures. Unlike many other wedding bloggers, I actually attend a lot of weddings, between 30-40 a year. And not just for an hour or so. I’m shooting every wedding for around 12+ hours and the only time I take a break is when everyone else is eating.




Have you ever had a crazy idea and just ran with it? Well thats exactly what I did with this blog. Having had many of my weddings published in magazines such as Brides and national wedding blogs such as Rock n Roll Bride100 layer cake & most recently Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. I often wondered why there was never a really cool Welsh wedding blog.  A place for Welsh brides to go and find LOCAL inspiration and suppliers.  So… I thought sod it, if no one is going to do it, I will.


I have a great team behind me all working on this amazing blog. Sarah, Sophie & Charlie have been with me since it launched and have been a dream to work with. I’m thrilled we have more contributors on board now, this will give you more variety of content. Made up of past/present & future B&G’s each planning (or planned) a different style wedding to the other. I also have some fabulous (and inspiring) wedding professionals contributing their knowledge and expertise. This all wouldn’t be possible without the support of our readers and the amazing Welsh wedding businesses that sponsor this blog, without you all, we wouldn’t be here, simple :)

Cwtch the Bride launched on February 14th 2013, since then we’ve created a huge following, featured over 40 real weddings & cwtches of the week, 19 e-shoots, introduced you to over 50 inspiring welsh wedding suppliers, won a ‘Best New Business’ award, held an incredible Christmas party at the amazing National Museum, Cardiff (full post coming soon) and here we are today :)

Cwtchmas Party 205748© Tim Bishop Photography

photo copy 6

Its hard to believe we’ve nearly reached a whole year of blogging. Crazy to think how successful Cwtch the Bride has become in such a short space of time. 

I do hope you are all enjoying each post we’ve created for you and that we’ve inspired you in some way. Knowing our readers are choosing to book the suppliers that are supporting us gives me such a warm feeling inside :) In particular, the news that one reader found Aurora Wedding Films on our blog and booked them for her wedding in JAMAICA!! well, I was gobsmacked.  I LOVE how this crazy idea of mine is helping not only brides but local wedding businesses too.


Have you booked one of our featured suppliers? If so, do tell me :) I’m also keen to know what you love most about the blog? real weddings? DIY projects? etc…  I’m keen to help promote more inspiring wedding venues and suppliers. I want more couples to get involved and share their ideas, dilemmas etc… A problem shared and all that :) 

This blog can become as big as you want it to.


So what are you waiting for, GET INVOLVED! We’ve love to hear from you. If you are a bride planning your wedding in Wales and would like to contribute to our blog, get in touch by emailing us at:

If you are an inspiring welsh based wedding business and would like to support our blog, get in touch too- we have a great Media pack for you to look through :)

As we fly the flag for Wales, we’d love as many of you as possible to join us for the ride.

Have a fabulous sunday folks and don’t forget to leave me a little comment below :)

Maria x