Cwtch of the Week: A Kiddie Cwtch

Happy Monday everyone!

Gorgeous Cwtch to start the week off – how cute is this kiddie cwtch – the little girls face!? Hilarious.  A tender moment and you can always rely on little ones to completely make the moment! Over to the lovely Steve Wheller from Art By Design to tell is about it…..


A Kiddie Cwtch

Steve Wheller Cwtch (Kiddie Cwtch)

This was taken at Rebecca and Doug’s wedding on 28th October 2016 at Miskin Manor. I had just taken the group shots and Doug wanted a quick photo with the flower girl and page boy. As you know kids hate having their photos taken so I always try to get them to pull silly faces. In this case the little girl was the star and I took the photo just at the right moment as she pulled the best face. The natural and funny moments are always the best moments.


Real Weddings: Kirsty & Luke’s 40’s Military Wedding

Happy Friday everyone! I have been so looking forward to sharing this stunning wedding with you! This is a stunning wedding at a stunning location! Kirsty and Luke’s wedding was shot by the wonderful Steve Wheller of Art By Design Photography and it is breathtaking! Such a beautiful couple, and Steve has captured their day amazingly! Anyway, enough from me, go and enjoy it for yourself……..

Real Weddings Banner

Kirsty & Luke’s 40’s Military Wedding


What was your budget? 

We had no budget just tried to be realistic and not go over board on things that didn’t really make a difference to our day. Think total spend was somewhere between £16000 and £18000

How would you describe your wedding theme?

We tried to achieve a vintage (1940’s) , military theme as I loved the style of that era and Luke is in the Royal Marines.

kandl-565What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Enjoying the whole day from the getting ready to the last dances with our friends and family.

kandl-6 kandl-74kandl-17

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I already knew in my head what style of dress I wanted: I wanted Bella’s dress from twilight! I went to loads of different shops and tried on at least 80 dresses but nothing matched what I wanted! When I went into Do you Believe in Newport I spoke to Helen and said that I wanted a vintage style dress with sleeves and an open back she explained that she was a designer and stocked her own label. She had a lace dress in store with an open back and we could make some adjustments together. So that’s what we did. Helen added lace sleeves and a beautiful pearl necklace to the back of the dress and it was absolutely perfect!

kandl-122 kandl-379 kandl-384-2Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Our nieces and my best friend Jane was my bridesmaids as I knew that they would be just who I wanted to spend the day with.

kandl-371 kandl-158-3Why did you choose your venue?

Because we fell in love with it as soon as we drive up towards it for the first time.

kandl-185-3Tell us about your photographer

Steve from Art by Design was absolutely brilliant! He was like a secret sniper snapping shots without anybody noticing he was there. He captured our day just perfectly and our photographs tell the story of the day. Everybody who sees out album always comments on how natural and beautiful our photographs are.

How did the proposal happen? 

It’s really not that exciting! I always told Luke that I would die of embarrassment if he ever asked me to marry him in public, so he asked me at home.

What was your first dance & why?

Jack Johnson – Better Together. Because the lyrics are true, it’s always better when we’re together; Luke is in the marines and spends a lot of time away so when he’s home we spend quality time together doing the things we enjoy most.

kandl-613In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Just one thing, we would have hired a videographer to film the speeches.

kandl-469-2 kandl-476-2 kandl-495 kandl-491Do you have any advice for future couples?

Enjoy planning your day, and remember just is YOUR day. Don’t try and please everybody else as it’s important to have what you want.

kandl-310 kandl-312 kandl-525 kandl-539-2What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Appreciate each other and never take each other for granted!

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Shopping every weekend with my mum!

The Suppliers

Photographer: Steve Wheller of Art By Design Photography
Ceremony Venue: Llansantffraed Court Hotel
Reception Venue: Llansantffraed Court Hotel
Bride’s Dress: Do you Believe?
Bride’s Shoes: Harriet Wilde
Bride’s Headpiece: With Love from Bobbin  
Groom’s Outfit: Army Uniform
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Do you Believe?
Cake: Michelle Cummings Fox
Flowers: Unique Floral Design
Hair: Jenna McDonnell
Make Up: Jenna McDonnell
Band: Ninth Gate
Stationery: A Friend
String Quartet: Cambria String Quartet

The Wedding Album

kandl-6 kandl-17 kandl-21 kandl-22 kandl-29 kandl-58 kandl-66-2 kandl-74 kandl-87 kandl-94-2 kandl-111 kandl-122 kandl-127 kandl-131 kandl-135 kandl-139 kandl-140 kandl-151-2 kandl-158-3 kandl-161 kandl-171 kandl-177-2 kandl-185-3 kandl-207 kandl-222 kandl-231 kandl-232-2 kandl-237-2 kandl-243-2 kandl-263-2 kandl-301 kandl-310 kandl-312 kandl-356-2 kandl-368 kandl-371 kandl-379 kandl-384-2 kandl-388 kandl-395-2 kandl-396 kandl-403 kandl-406 kandl-408 kandl-412 kandl-417 kandl-469-2 kandl-476-2 kandl-479 kandl-491 kandl-493 kandl-495 kandl-525 kandl-539-2 kandl-542 kandl-551 kandl-559 kandl-565 kandl-567 kandl-569 kandl-571 kandl-576-2 kandl-581 kandl-582 kandl-583 kandl-584 kandl-586 kandl-589 kandl-597 kandl-613

Lets Hear it for there Boys: The Heel Kicks

 Hello lovely people!
Its Let’s Hear It for the Boys again! Our little nod to the men of the big day! Today, the fabulous Steve Wheller of Art by Design is sharing an absolute peach!  I love a heel kick shot, especially when they don’t all actually nail it! Its brilliant! Over to Steve to tell us a bit about it………
Lets Hear it for the Boys

The Heel Kicks

This was taken at Llansantffraed Court. Luke is in the marines so was in full uniform but I wanted to have a bot more fun as  lot of the guys were wearing braces and the theme was vintage. So we took them for a walk around the grounds and typical groomsman just walk like bouncers so to fresher it up I always ask them to have little jump in the air and click their heals like Fred Astair. They all feel silly at the time but it breaks the ice and I get to capture some relaxed shots with the boys.
Steve Wheller LHIFTB Heel Kicks
And are you lot in for a treat! On the 28th of this month, we will be showing the whole of Luke and his gorgeous bride Kirsty’s entire wedding – and it is a stunner! Imagine, a vintage bride, a handsome in uniform…….aaaaaaahhhhhh dreamy!

Cwtch of the Week – A Kissing Cwtch

Gosh is it Monday again already!?!?!
Well, let me brighten it up for you! Steve Wheller of Art by Design has captured this beautiful shot of Sabine and Craig on the Engagement Shoot at Roath Park in Cardiff.  Its all so ‘end of a movie kiss’, its just lovely! Over to Steve to tell us a bit about it…….

A Kissing Cwtch

Meet Sabine & Craig. They got married this July and wanted a pre wedding shoot at Roath park to calm the nerves. These shoots are great for couples who are a bit shy in front of the camera. We took a stroll around the park and it didn’t take long for Craig to feel relaxed in my company and in front of the camera thus capturing this beautiful moment between them both.
Thank you so much to you all for sharing! We find this more and more, an engagement shoot is a fantastic way to get used to being photographed. I mean, apart form a selfie, who on earth (unless you’re a celeb!) gets photographed all the time and is just so used to it, another day of it happening is nothing! I was so nervous, and my husband was ridiculous! He just went all rigid! But because we had an e-shoot, he warmed up and by the time of the wedding, felt so comfortable, it really shows in the wedding photographs!
We cannot recommend an engagement shoot enough!

Pets at Your Wedding: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we published the first installment of Pets At Your Wedding. If you missed this post filled with adorable cuteness then click here. This is a massive wedding trend and though it seems like a great idea at the time there are actually loads of things to think about when it comes down to it. Yes they will look brilliant in your photos but the last thing that you would ever want is for your beloved pet to suddenly get all stressed. In this post I will give you a few things to think about if you are thinking of having your four legged friend with you on you big day. dan morrisPhoto Credit: Dan Morris

Furry Friend Fashion

lloyd williams5

Photo Credit: Lloyd Williams Photography

I am all for a dog in a little outfit. Honestly, I can think of nothing cuter. There are things that you will need to think about though. Is it loose enough around their neck. Does it bother them? My parents dog hates his coat, won’t walk with it on at all. Bear this in mind when it comes to an outfit. the last thing you want is to have to drag you pet around the wedding as they are refusing to move. Keep it simple, so that it will cause the least amount of bother for them. a little bow tie or flower on their collar can look super. Lastly make sure that none flowers that you use are poisonous and that nothing will be a choking hazard for them.stevewhellerPhoto Credit: Art By Design Photography

Mutts Of Honour

Abigail Apollonio-Williams2Photo Credit: Abigail Apollonio

They say a man’s best friend is his dog, so why not make your four legged friend your best man? Ring bearers, flower girls and ‘Mutts of Honour’ are also popular roles for your beloved pets. Involving your pet at your wedding is a super cute thing to do and many couples can’t imagine their wedding day without their pets included. You may want to make your pet ring bearer, but think about whether your pet will enjoy this or will they find it a traumatic experience? Follow these tips and your pet will have just as much fun as you!maria_farrelly_cardiff_wedding_ photographer052Photo credit: Maria Farrelly

Personality Points

You need to take into consideration the type of personality your pet has before giving them a specific role. Are they excitable, aggressive or obedient? You may assume that your pet will feel comfortable in the crowd but will they feel overwhelmed around 100s of guests? The last thing that you would want is to stress them out because there is a large number of people making a fuss, the noise and all the new smells. Even if your pet is well–behaved and used to large crowds. There is no real guarantee that they’ll behave like that on the day. Being stroked, photographed or chased by kids can becoming increasingly stressful for your pet so make sure they can handle it before getting them involved.

carly turner llewellyn2Photo Credit: Carly Turner Photography

I hope that these have given you an insight of things to think about before involving your furry friends in your big day. I know it will be amazing and the photos will be great but remember, follow these tips and your pet will have just as much fun as you! ~ Kate