Cwtch of the Week: A Cutie Cwtch

Oh my oh my.  If you don’t completely adore this image, then you’re made of stone! Shot by the gorgeous David Williams of Anderson Photography, these two little cuties have pretty much made my week already!

Over to David to tell us a bit more about the image….


Andrson Cwtch A&M0587 SMALL

This shot was from Alana & Matts wedding down at Oxwich Bay. I love it simply down to the love and affection this brother & sister showed toward each other and at a moment when the light was absolutely perfect…almost a fitting end to a family occasion.

David, we could n to agree more! Its just magical! Thank you so much for sharing!

Cwtch of the Week: Aaron and Sarahs Moment by Anderson Photography

Welcome to another week Cwtchers

Well this Cwtch is just gloriously romanic isn’t it! That hold, the closed eyes, the field, the sun setting, the tear down her face….aaaahhhh dreamy.

Aaron and Sarah got married a few weeks ago, but this was taken on their engagement shoot, shot by the fabulous David at Anderson Photography.  Over to David to tell us a bit of how this image happened……


Aaron and Sarahs Moment

Anderson Cwtch Aasron and Sarah 5L8B7266

The one of of them both, Sarah had a tear running down her cheek as the wind was so intense.
The wind was so intense it brought tears to her eyes, so they pulled eachother in for the cwtch of all cwtches xxx

We have to agree David, its just stunningly breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing x

Chris & Vicki’s Modern Wedding With A Vintage Twist By Anderson Photography

Chris & Vicky tied the knot in April this year at the beautiful Glangrwyney Court. This stunning modern wedding with a vintage twist was fun of laughter, cwtches and great fun (just what we love to see in a welsh wedding) and all wonderfully photographed by Anderson Photography. Lets hand you over to Bride Vicki for all the details… 


What was your budget? 

Our budget was £12,000 but we did go over slightly as most couples probably do! It is easy to get carried away even when you’re keeping track of everything on an excel spreadsheet lol!


How would you describe your wedding theme?

Our wedding was Vintage with a modern twist!V&C0099
Decorations included vintage bunting, wooden logs and jam jars but our centre pieces represented us as a couple. These included –

Kings of Leon Record – Our favourite band
Rugby Ball – Our love for rugby
Flintstones sign – We are known to friends as Fred & Wilma
World Globe – My traveling days & Chris days in the Royal Navy
Beans – Chris’ favourite food

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

I don’t think i could possibly choose as the whole day was absolutely perfect!! One part that stood out for me – i am a fluent Welsh speaker and my Husband is not but he learnt one of his vows in Welsh for the big day! I think our friends and family were all completely shocked to hear him speaking Welsh and it meant so much to me. V&C0208V&C0210

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I purchased my dress from Celtic Brides in Cardiff and felt like a million dollars as soon as i put it on! It was everything i had been searching for over the 3 months i had been looking! it was perfect for me, a ‘Vicki’ dress!V&C0103My wedding dress was the last one i tried on! 8 shops on, dress number 47!!! I know they say you can try too many on and start getting confused but i hadn’t found the one so had to keep on looking! and thank god i did! This is the most amazing and expensive dress you will ever wear so don’t just settle, make sure you feel like a princess and it’s the one!
V&C0171I was sooo lucky, i didn’t have one bad experience in any bridal shops and they were all very accommodating and it was such an enjoyable experience, even if you do find ‘the one’ in the first shop, keep looking just for the fun of trying dresses on and feeling special! V&C0735Shops i visited included – Laura-May Bridal, Perfections, Jadie-Leigh Boutique, Cardiff Bridal Centre & Timeless Elegence

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

We had 4 Bridesmaids in total – My two teenage cousins Skye & Sommer who came all the way over from Australia (they emigrated 10 years ago) and my two close friends Becky & Chloe who have been a part of my life for 15 years. V&C0395Our best man was ‘EDDY’ (Daniel) who has been Chris’ Best friend for many years.

We choose these as we have been through so much together over the years and wanted them at our sides to witness our special day!

Why did you choose your venue?

We wanted somewhere where none of our friends had got married. And as soon as we viewed Glangrwyney Court we knew it was the venue for us. it had the rustic, relaxed, country look we were looking for. But most of all they offered the flexibility and freedom for us to plan our day the way we had dreamed. By simply offering the venue we were free to create our own bespoke wedding by hiring our own caterers, band an marquee company.

Tell us about your photographer

Our photographer was Anderson Photography. (David Williams)

We spent a good few months visiting different photographers but as soon as we met Dai we knew we wanted him to shoot our wedding! He was so friendly it was as if we had known him for years! And his albums were stunning! We had a pre-shoot (engagement shoot) a few months before the wedding where David made us feel right at ease in front of the camera! it was good to get to know him more before the big day and for him to know us as a couple.V&C0372On the morning of the wedding David and his shooter Adam arrived first thing an didn’t leave until last thing at night! nothing was too much for them, even all the photos with nans, aunties, cousins, friends, girls, boys etc!
But what we loved most was the naturalness of his photos, half the time we didn’t even know they were there! You definitely get what you pay for, make sure you keep a healthy budget for a high quality photographer. A picture tells a thousand words and something you can keep forever! V&C0123We are so pleased with our photos!

How did the proposal happen? 

The proposal happened on the 24th July 2013 at 35,000 feet on a Boeing 737 on our way to Mexico! As we were late checking in we weren’t even sat together on the plane (obviously at this point i was oblivious to Chris panic) about 2 hours into our 10 hour flight the air hostess came to my seat and asked if i could follow her to the back as her manager wanted to speak to me! At this point i started panicking, going beetroot red, thinking they had found drugs or something in my bag! As i got up from my seat and turned around there was Chris on the tannoy of the aeroplane. As i approached the back of the plane all eyes were on me and Chris’ voice echoing over the tannoy – ‘Vicki, i know you love surprises and this is the biggest surprise of your life! you’re my best friend and i love more than anything, will you marry me’ at this point he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand and another air hostess was waving a camera in my face! i was so shocked that all i could say was OMG! The air hostess then asked me if that was a yes? to which i replied YES! She then announced to the other passengers that i had said yes and the plane erupted with applause! We were lucky enough to have another couple swap seats with us so we could spend the rest of the journey sat together enjoying complimentary Champagne!V&C0741

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

My sister-in-law made some vintage decorations for our tables. We spent months collecting empty wine / champagne bottles and jam jars which she then painted with pastel chalk paint and decorated with vintage lace, pearls and hessian. Really cheap and effective idea! V&C0423

What was your first dance & why?

Our First dance was – Kings of Leon – Pyro. We choose this song as King of Leon is our favourite band and this was the song we were listening to when we first told each other we loved each other.V&C0792Don’t worry if you think your guests won’t like the song or if you think it’s not lovey dovey enough. Go with what means something to you as a couple!

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I would have bought a ‘Bernard’s Watch’ so i could have stopped time and made the day last longer!V&C0723

Do you have any advice for future couples?

DON’T stress! enjoy every minute! it will be alright on the night! V&C0669

Embrace every second, it goes so quick and some of it becomes a blur! (book a videographer to catch the moments you may miss / forget)

Escape from your guests for just 10 minutes to get some alone time with your new Hubby!V&C0716Don’t rush into booking vendors (especially photographers / videographers), look around and research, you will cherish your photos and video for the rest of your life.

Remember the day is about you and your partner, do it YOUR way!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Never go to sleep on an argument!


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

We loved all the Wedding Fayre’s, seeing all different ideas / vendors and piecing our wedding together bit by bit. (Cwtchfest is definitely worth a visit).  I also loved putting all our ideas together on Pinterest! if you haven’t got this app – GET IT! But most of all seeing all your hard work and vision come together on the day, it all pays off!V&C0287

The Suppliers

Photographer: Anderson Photography
Videographer: Aurora Videography
Wedding Planner: Rebecca Gould
Ceremony Venue: Glangrwyney Court
Reception Venue: Glangrwyney Court
Bride’s Dress: Eternity @ Celtic Brides
Bride’s Shoes: Charlotte Mills
Bride’s Headpiece: Liza
Bride’s Jewellery: Gemtime Jewellers
Groom’s Outfit: Dyfed Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: For her & For him
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Tresor Paris & Joma
Cake: Made by a friend
Flowers: Hilary’s Florist
Hair: Hairplay
Make Up: The Beauty Spot
Band: Killers of Leon
DJ: Dragon fly Disco
Caterers: Sugarloaf Catering
Any Reception Decor/Props: Cherry Blossom Fancies
Transport: Bradfords Coaches

The Wedding Album

V&C0001 V&C0002 V&C0006 V&C0009 V&C0011 V&C0041 V&C0049 V&C0053 V&C0059 V&C0067 V&C0099 V&C0103 V&C0106 V&C0117 V&C0123 V&C0129 V&C0132 V&C0135 V&C0161 V&C0164 V&C0169 V&C0171 V&C0172 V&C0175 V&C0181 V&C0194 V&C0198 V&C0201 V&C0202 V&C0206 V&C0208 V&C0210 V&C0245 V&C0249 V&C0261 V&C0271 V&C0285 V&C0287 V&C0300 V&C0309 V&C0354 V&C0361 V&C0372 V&C0395 V&C0423 V&C0436 V&C0447 V&C0453 V&C0459 V&C0461 V&C0473 V&C0502 V&C0506 V&C0516 V&C0518 V&C0531 V&C0535 V&C0537 V&C0551 V&C0552 V&C0557 V&C0568 V&C0569 V&C0573 V&C0630 V&C0644 V&C0648 V&C0652 V&C0654 V&C0659 V&C0669 V&C0673 V&C0677 V&C0686 V&C0688 V&C0693 V&C0711 V&C0716 V&C0717 V&C0723 V&C0735 V&C0741 V&C0743 V&C0744 V&C0782 V&C0792 V&C0795 V&C0806 V&C0812

Cwtch of the Week: Cwtch the Father of the Bride

Rebecca and Michael got married at Peterstone Court, Brecon on the 29th of December. This gorgeous cwtch by Anderson Photography was taken before the ceremony. Rebecca’s dad Maldwyn has swooped in for a big cwtch with mam Lisa looking on.

Rebecca tells us “We aren’t a really cwtchy type of father and daughter – so this cwtch is even more special!”

Cwtch of the Week Submission Rebecca MorganRansom

Thank you for your submission Rebecca!

Real Wedding: Alistair & Jonny’s Vintage Glamour Affair by Anderson Photography

Horray, our wonderful groom-to-be writer Alistair is no longer a groom-to-be, he’s a fully fledged Mr! He tied the knot with husband Jonny in Cardiff, with David from Anderson Photography there to capture all the best bits :)

Alistair & Jonny

We asked him to answer a few questions about their big day…

How would you describe your wedding theme? The best way to describe it would a be an autumnal, rustic and vintage mash-up with a hint of glamour. Neither of us are fans of matchy matchy so although the elements complimented each other there was no specific theme. Our colours were mainly deep reds, purples, gold, orange, green and navy. The wedding party were pretty much left to their own devices when picking their outfits *within reason* but we provided the accessories (ties, hankies, buttonholes and corsages).


We filled the reception venue with old fashioned pieces such as vintage suitcases and a dressing screen – both provided by the lovely Hubbard’s Cupboard. The Siren Sisters also performed two fabulous sets which really enhanced the old school feel we were aiming for.


We both felt that the flowers really pulled the decor together. The table centre pieces were hessian covered pots, filled with mulberry chrysanthemums, roses, veronica, thistles and hedgerow greenery.

What was your favourite part of your wedding? There were several but I have to say all four of the speeches were great. My dad embarrassed me with recollections of a certain “My Little Pony” childhood obsession, Jonny’s best man regaled us with tales of their misspent youth, my best man reduced me to tears with truly kind words, and Jonny revelled in wielding a microphone; thanking everyone under the marquee for something or other, except our mothers… oops!


Another favourite moment of mine was drinking champagne through a straw in the back of a 1920’s Charabanc with our friends. The lack of suspension combined with a succession of potholes made the journey to Dyffryn Springs all the more exciting.


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? Jonny had his best friends from school, Blake and Jamie. He knew from the get-go that these were the perfect lads to offer help, support and comic relief… not to mention a killer stag do… or so I’ve been told.


I had a best man and woman, Jon and Laura. We’ve been friends for a very long time and they’ve helped me through a string of bad break-ups and questionable fashion choices, not to mention we’ve shared a few laughs.


Why did you choose your venue? The Council Chambers at City Hall are absolutely stunning. I am a sucker for antique furniture, and who doesn’t love a crystal chandelier?! People with no soul, that’s who.


The evening venue had been recommended to us by another couple and it did not disappoint. The marquee stands in a beautiful lakeside setting, surrounded by fields. The contrast of urban and country backdrops were also fantastic for the photographs, although that was a bonus rather than a deal breaker.


How did the proposal happen? I’ve left this blank as it was mentioned in my first post for Cwtch


Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? Most of the finishing touches were DIY as we had a very limited budget.

We decorated the marquee with paper lanterns of various sizes and colours, suspending them with fishing wire and bog standard wooden clothes pegs. I have a new found respect for the humble clothes peg as a result.


Our tables were named after some of our favourite songs so we printed the song titles, plus a lyric, in an ” Old Typewriter” font which we mounted in distressed gold photo frames. The name cards were made from individually hand-stamped vintage luggage tags and attached to the cutlery which was wrapped in twine.


We framed the remaining luggage tags on paisley mounting with captions such as “Let them eat cake”. This was uber cheap and fun to do…. although perhaps not after the 10th table!!


The table plan was constructed the night before the wedding, much to my shame! We bought a large white frame from IKEA, removed the glass and tied 3 lengths of twine vertically around the backboard. The table names and guests were listed on 10 separate 6″ x 4″ pieces of card which we clipped to the twine with miniature wooden pegs. Just to add a splash of colour I cut out several A’s, J’s and heart shapes from paisley patterned card and attached them randomly to the twine/frame.


What was your first dance & why? There were a couple of contenders but we settled on “We are Stars” by The Pierces. We chanced upon this song a few years ago and loved it for being heartfelt but not cheesy. Also, we believed it would be very easy to dance to… however, we still managed to stumble our way through it like awkward teenagers at a school disco.


In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? There’s nothing I would change as such. However, when Jonny was hunting for a DJ I had two specifications:

1. No talking.
2. No fake flames.

Alas, the DJ failed on both counts but I can look back on that with a fond smile, and he did get everyone dancing all night. He also refused to play “Come on Eileen” which made me love him even more!


Do you have any advice for future couples? I’m not going to say “relax” and “chill out” as you will inevitably feel nervous, which is only natural. I will say that Jonny and I took 10 minutes in the evening to go for a walk and a sneaky al fresco cwtch which allowed us to reflect on the day and just absorb the atmosphere.


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? I can’t speak for Jonny, but the best piece of advice I received was from a married friend of a friend who said “don’t make promises you can’t keep”. I think that applies to most relationships though, not just marriages.


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? The shopping! Being a self-confessed retail junky meant that I was well suited to hunting for wedding ensembles as well as vintage/one-off pieces.

Photography: Anderson Photography
Ceremony Venue: Council Chambers, Cardiff City Hall
Reception Venue: Dyffryn Springs
Alistair’s Outfit:
Day – Suit from Next, tie and hanky from Reiss, shoes from Topman, cufflinks from Eclectica @ John Lewis, vintage pearl tie pin from Happy Days, Cowbridge.
Evening – Blazer from H&M, trousers from Topman, shoes from Dune, sequinned bow tie from Topman, hanky from The Tie Rack and vintage gold & onyx lapel pin from Jacob’s Antiques.
Jonny’s Outfit: Suit & tie from Reiss, hanky from Topman, vintage gold & diamonte tie pin from a thrift shop.
Cake: Cupcakes by The Cake House, sponge/fruit cakes by my aunties and a cheese “celebration tower” from M&S
Flowers: Serene Weddings
Band:The Siren Sisters
Stationery:Slightly Wobbly Designs* | *Featured Vendor
Caterers:The HogFather
Any Reception Decor/Props: Hubbard’s Cupboard* | *Blog Sponsor
Transport:Prices Wedding Cars
Other: Mother of the groom’s headpiece by With Love from Bobbin* | *Featured Vendor

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