Real Weddings: Felicity and Dom’s Beautiful Castle Wedding

Happy Friday Cwtchers!

Its the turn of our very own Maria Farrelly today, who brings you the stunning wedding of Felicity of Dom at their local church of St Josephs in Penarth, followed by a reception at our gorgeous capital city’s Cardiff Castle!

And the sunset!! Wow.  Over to the bride and groom to tell you about their big day….

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Felicity and Dom’s Beautiful Castle Wedding


How would you describe your wedding theme?


What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Walking down the aisle and seeing all our friends and family and my husband to be waiting there :)


Arriving in the car at Cardiff castle and seeing all our friends and family again enjoying themselves

cardiff_castle_wedding366 cardiff_castle_wedding421

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I got my dress from all about eve in Chepstow. They were lovely. So helpful. The shop was very professional and has recently been refurbished. I went with my mum and tried some on then came back with my bridesmaids and mother in law as well. It was a really lovely experience and absolutely loved wearing in on the day.

cardiff_castle_wedding011 cardiff_castle_wedding088

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

5 friends from school as bridesmaids, 4 for best men and a brother

cardiff_castle_wedding500 cardiff_castle_wedding504 cardiff_castle_wedding510 cardiff_castle_wedding514

Why did you choose your venue?

We thought it was beautiful and the castle were so professional and friendly.

cardiff_castle_wedding556 cardiff_castle_wedding564

Tell us about your photographer

Maria was brilliant. She met us beforehand to create a schedule for the day and she kept us on time thanks to this. She knew all the photos we wanted and then was fantastic on the day at spotting unique photo opportunities. She is very talented but also a lovely, friendly person who makes you feel comfortable all day. She was continuously checking I was ok which was nice and all the guests commented on how professional she was and lovely. Highly recommend!

cardiff_castle_wedding691 cardiff_castle_wedding712

How did the proposal happen? 

On a mountain in Reykjavik under the northern lights. It was beautiful.

Northern LightsImage from Guide to Iceland

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Instant print was brilliant for stickers, cards, posters. Items arrived very quickly and were really nice. Amazon sells lovely bags at good prices which can be used to make favours.


What was your first dance & why?

Sweetest Thing-U2. The groom once personalised it for me :)

cardiff_castle_wedding714 cardiff_castle_wedding718 cardiff_castle_wedding725

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?



Do you have any advice for future couples?

Enjoy every minute it goes so quickly. Make sure you like all the people who are a part of your wedding they really make the day special. We met some fantastic people. :)


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Love your life and love your wife!


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Dom: Choosing band and music.


Felicity: Pretty much everything! Enjoyed making fun games and personal bits and bobs for tables and room. Loved meeting lots of people whilst planning wedding.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly Photography 
Videographer: Craig from Cherished Memories
Ceremony Venue: St Joseph’s Church
Reception Venue: Cardiff Castle
Bride’s Dress: All About Eve
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Jewellery: Pravins
Groom’s Outfit: Perfection Bridal and Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Cake: Friend
Flowers: Deacons Chepstow
Hair: Albion House Chepstow
Make Up: MAC
Band: Bring the Noise
Transport: Champagne Wedding Cars

The Wedding Album

cardiff_castle_wedding003 cardiff_castle_wedding011 cardiff_castle_wedding016 cardiff_castle_wedding017 cardiff_castle_wedding019 cardiff_castle_wedding027 cardiff_castle_wedding046 cardiff_castle_wedding054 cardiff_castle_wedding061 cardiff_castle_wedding077 cardiff_castle_wedding088 cardiff_castle_wedding101 cardiff_castle_wedding116 cardiff_castle_wedding118 cardiff_castle_wedding120 cardiff_castle_wedding125 cardiff_castle_wedding127 cardiff_castle_wedding130 cardiff_castle_wedding141 cardiff_castle_wedding145 cardiff_castle_wedding150 cardiff_castle_wedding152 cardiff_castle_wedding167 cardiff_castle_wedding173 cardiff_castle_wedding190 cardiff_castle_wedding192 cardiff_castle_wedding200 cardiff_castle_wedding211 cardiff_castle_wedding230 cardiff_castle_wedding242 cardiff_castle_wedding245 cardiff_castle_wedding251 cardiff_castle_wedding255 cardiff_castle_wedding265 cardiff_castle_wedding286 cardiff_castle_wedding294 cardiff_castle_wedding299 cardiff_castle_wedding300 cardiff_castle_wedding307 cardiff_castle_wedding309 cardiff_castle_wedding310 cardiff_castle_wedding313 cardiff_castle_wedding328 cardiff_castle_wedding337 cardiff_castle_wedding350 cardiff_castle_wedding366 cardiff_castle_wedding373 cardiff_castle_wedding381 cardiff_castle_wedding383 cardiff_castle_wedding388 cardiff_castle_wedding393 cardiff_castle_wedding396 cardiff_castle_wedding398 cardiff_castle_wedding412 cardiff_castle_wedding416 cardiff_castle_wedding421 cardiff_castle_wedding422 cardiff_castle_wedding423 cardiff_castle_wedding426 cardiff_castle_wedding427 cardiff_castle_wedding429 cardiff_castle_wedding434 cardiff_castle_wedding437 cardiff_castle_wedding440 cardiff_castle_wedding444 cardiff_castle_wedding445 cardiff_castle_wedding449 cardiff_castle_wedding450 cardiff_castle_wedding452 cardiff_castle_wedding461 cardiff_castle_wedding463 cardiff_castle_wedding478 cardiff_castle_wedding481 cardiff_castle_wedding484 cardiff_castle_wedding486 cardiff_castle_wedding492 cardiff_castle_wedding494 cardiff_castle_wedding495 cardiff_castle_wedding500 cardiff_castle_wedding501 cardiff_castle_wedding504 cardiff_castle_wedding507 cardiff_castle_wedding508 cardiff_castle_wedding510 cardiff_castle_wedding512 cardiff_castle_wedding514 cardiff_castle_wedding529 cardiff_castle_wedding541 cardiff_castle_wedding551 cardiff_castle_wedding553 cardiff_castle_wedding554 cardiff_castle_wedding556 cardiff_castle_wedding558 cardiff_castle_wedding559 cardiff_castle_wedding560 cardiff_castle_wedding561 cardiff_castle_wedding564 cardiff_castle_wedding565 cardiff_castle_wedding566 cardiff_castle_wedding568 cardiff_castle_wedding578 cardiff_castle_wedding579 cardiff_castle_wedding582 cardiff_castle_wedding583 cardiff_castle_wedding586 cardiff_castle_wedding589 cardiff_castle_wedding590 cardiff_castle_wedding596 cardiff_castle_wedding606 cardiff_castle_wedding610 cardiff_castle_wedding612 cardiff_castle_wedding646 cardiff_castle_wedding649 cardiff_castle_wedding654 cardiff_castle_wedding670 cardiff_castle_wedding676 cardiff_castle_wedding678 cardiff_castle_wedding680 cardiff_castle_wedding682 cardiff_castle_wedding683 cardiff_castle_wedding688 cardiff_castle_wedding691 cardiff_castle_wedding712 cardiff_castle_wedding714 cardiff_castle_wedding718 cardiff_castle_wedding725 cardiff_castle_wedding731 cardiff_castle_wedding733 cardiff_castle_wedding738 cardiff_castle_wedding741 cardiff_castle_wedding748 cardiff_castle_wedding749 cardiff_castle_wedding750

Real Weddings: Natalie and Steve’s Vintage Zombie Wedding

Hello Friday! You are most welcome!  Well we have a treat for you today.  These two have just celebrated their first anniversary (hope you had a lovely one Natalie and Steve!) Shot by our very own Maria Farrelly, this wedding was full of personal touches that really made their big day, all about them! Shot by our very own and amazing Maria Farrelly, this wedding oozes coolness and individuality! 

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Natalie and Steve’s Vintage Zombie Wedding

What was your budget? 


How would you describe your wedding theme?

Vintage with a hint of zombie!

wedding027 wedding029 wedding566 wedding579 wedding576


What was your favourite part of your wedding?

My favourite part of the wedding was the ceremony. I had had a nightmare whilst getting ready, and having my one contact break, leaving me to walk down the aisle with just one contact in! As the walking in music began, my hairs stood on end, I forgot everything that had happened, and I just couldn’t stop smiling! Seeing my Dad beaming with pride, and then seeing my future husband waiting at the end of the aisle filled me with pure joy. We also went a little ‘off-book’ with our wedding vows, and vowed to each other…to respect and cherish you throughout our life together, unless you become a zombie, then I promise to shoot you in the head!’ It certainly raised a laugh from the congregation! I also loved that we walked out as newly married couple to Less Than Jake’s “I Think I Love You”.

wedding193 wedding196 wedding211


Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I bought my wedding dress from the second shop I visited, All About Eve in Newport. I tried on 5 dresses that day and discounted my actual dress as being too expensive ( The sales assistant advised it was the second most expensive dress they had!). After trying all the other dresses, and feeling frumpy in them all, I decided to try the Ronald Joyce Erin, with her BEAUTIFUL beaded back…. As soon as it was on, and I showed my Mum and bridesmaid, we just knew this had to be it. I could just imagine saying ‘I do’ to my future husband in that dress.

wedding112 wedding168 wedding176


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

My bridesmaids were both long time friends, Rachel, who I met at the age of 7, at primary school and Natalie, who I met age 11 at high school. They have always been there, though thick and thin. We literally couldn’t be more different, these girls are the cheese to my chalk!
Our groomsman was Natalie’s fiance, and our long time friend, Barney. The best man was my husband’s best friend of 18 years, Lee. They have been through many adventures together, and he had the best stories!

wedding081 wedding082 wedding038 wedding152


Why did you choose your venue?

To be honest, the venue was a compromise as we had butted heads over this. I had very grand ideas, and the hubby didn’t want anything too grandiose. After many ideas, we came across Portland House. It suited us both, as it has an amazing glass ceiling, and marble pillars, but is in the middle of Cardiff Bay. We weren’t after your average wedding photos either, so didn’t mind that it doesn’t have grounds.

wedding317 wedding269 wedding313


Tell us about your photographer

Our photographer was the wonderful Maria! She was AMAZING. She calmed me down and guided us throughout the day. She knew exactly what we were looking for and even found a way to get us into the vaults for some spectacular photos!

wedding712 wedding737 wedding744


How did the proposal happen? 

The proposal was the sweetest! We were having an average Saturday at home and I went to the kitchen to start on dinner. Next thing I know, I hear “Go see your Mam'” from Steve in the living room, and then confronted with our mad little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bob. He bounded in and out of the kitchen several times, when I noticed he had something in his collar. I knelt down to try and grab it from him, when he knocked me down to the floor with excited licks! There, lying on our kitchen floor, I opened the note. It read “Marry my Daddy so we can be a proper family, because we all love you”… I looked up to see Steve on bended knee with the most beautiful ring. The rest, as they say, is history!

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I made my own brooch bouquet. I absolutely blagged it from the start. I used around 60 brooches in total! I bought a teardrop Base metal structure, and literally hand tied with jewellery wire each and every one of the brooches on. No fabric, and no fillers! I then sealed the back with heavy satin ribbon, and used a fine lace to wrap the handle and sealed the end of the handle with a brooch. I finished it just 2 days before the wedding! We also made the buttonholes, which consisted of used shotgun shells, wrapped with twine with a black feather and faux purple lavender sprig. I wanted no flowers at the wedding, so I also decorated my center pieces (silver candelabras) myself with a lot of help from the hubby and my bridesmaid Rachel!

wedding008 wedding009 wedding059 wedding072


What was your first dance & why?

Our first dance was the acoustic version of Papa Roach’s No Matter What. The song was absolutely perfect for us, and our wedding theme. I wanted something that reflected us, as we are both into metal music, but didn’t completely alienate the guests! The lyrics tell a love story, and includes the lines, “No matter what, I got your back, I’ll take a bullet for you if it comes to that”, which is pretty fitting, given our vows!
It was beautiful, and brought a tear to a few eyes!

wedding751 wedding756


In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Yes. I definitely would have had back up contact lenses! I probably would have had a tea length dress to change in to for the evening too, as it was quite difficult to rock out without tripping over my dress!



Do you have any advice for future couples?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t compromise on your day, do it where, and however you want. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time, so do something that YOU will be pleased with.

wedding720 wedding719 wedding725 wedding504 wedding451 wedding482

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

I genuinely enjoyed all of it!

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Portland House
Bride’s Dress: All About Eve
Bride’s Shoes: Lenihan’s Of London, custom commission.
Bride’s Headpiece: Custom commissioned
Bride’s Jewellery: Grandmothers pearls/ Bete Noire Jewellery
Groom’s Outfit: Waistcoat and tie from Anthony Formalwear, suit hire from Dyfed Menswear.
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Lindy Bop
Cake: Vale Cakes
Hair: Owen Roberts
Make Up: Jody Amner
DJ: Rob Toogood from Fuel Rock Club
Stationery: Love Lee
Any Reception Decor/Props: MST Events
Transport: Rumney Wedding Cars

The Wedding Album

wedding002 wedding004 wedding008 wedding009 wedding014 wedding026 wedding027 wedding029 wedding033 wedding038 wedding039 wedding044 wedding045 wedding047 wedding049 wedding052 wedding058 wedding059 wedding065 wedding071 wedding072 wedding081 wedding082 wedding087 wedding088 wedding095 wedding099 wedding104 wedding107 wedding108 wedding112 wedding118 wedding122 wedding127 wedding140 wedding142 wedding146 wedding151 wedding152 wedding154 wedding157 wedding160 wedding163 wedding168 wedding171 wedding176 wedding177 wedding187 wedding188 wedding192 wedding193 wedding196 wedding211 wedding224 wedding228 wedding235 wedding237 wedding242 wedding244 wedding249 wedding263 wedding265 wedding269 wedding282 wedding313 wedding316 wedding317 wedding344 wedding348 wedding361 wedding363 wedding373 wedding375 wedding385 wedding447 wedding451 wedding477 wedding480 wedding482 wedding485 wedding486 wedding489 wedding504 wedding505 wedding519 wedding522 wedding535 wedding538 wedding558 wedding560 wedding562 wedding563 wedding566 wedding567 wedding576 wedding579 wedding580 wedding581 wedding585 wedding586 wedding587 wedding590 wedding602 wedding612 wedding617 wedding620 wedding623 wedding629 wedding633 wedding652 wedding653 wedding654 wedding666 wedding670 wedding677 wedding684 wedding689 wedding690 wedding701 wedding703 wedding704 wedding706 wedding711 wedding712 wedding719 wedding720 wedding722 wedding723 wedding725 wedding728 wedding732 wedding736 wedding737 wedding744 wedding749 wedding751 wedding752 wedding756 wedding763 wedding764 wedding772 wedding773 wedding774 wedding775 wedding778 wedding779 wedding780 wedding781 wedding782 wedding783


Mark and Sian’s relaxed Caer Llan wedding by Maria Farrelly Photography

Today we have the fabulous Sian & Mark sharing their beautiful relaxed Welsh Wedding at Caer Llan, Monmouth. Photographed by Cwtch The Bride’s founder, Maria Farrelly Photography. Lets hand you over to Sian and let her tell you all about their big day. Enjoy x caer_llan_541caer_llan_389What was your budget? 

It was around £13k, although we did go over as most people do.
We were lucky enough to have much of the budget as gifts from the familycaer_llan_380
How would you describe your wedding theme?

We didn’t really have a theme, but we were aiming for the whole weekend to be relaxed and informal

We wanted our family/friends to really kick back have a great time and treat it like a mini holiday as it was all weekend.caer_llan_478caer_llan_339What was your favourite part of your wedding?

It’s hard to pick one part as it was all amazing!caer_llan_512Tell us about your Wedding Dress.

My dress is from All about Eve in Newport, I fell in love with it on the hanger! it was just what i was looking for.caer_llan_015caer_llan_017Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Best Man & Bridesmaid were our best friends Vinny & Lisa. We were best man and bridesmaids at their wedding too.
We also had, Vinny & Lisa’s girls as flower girls and Marks’s nephews as page boys – they were adorable.caer_llan_334caer_llan_266
Why did you choose your venue?

We were trying to find somewhere that none of our friends or family had already got married in – it was a tall order!
We both fell in love with Caer LLan the first time we saw it, even in the snow!
It was different to anything else we’d seen, relaxed and quirky and the fact we had it for a full weekend just made it all the more special. The owners Vicki & Jake were also amazing and couldn’t do enough for you, we felt like we were the first people to ever get married there and not another couple in a long line of weddings. caer_llan_003

caer_llan_053caer_llan_061caer_llan_548Tell us about your photographer.

Our photographer was Maria Farrelly. I knew Maria from way back when we both worked in the same nightclub in Newport but I hadn’t seen her for years. Then I bumped into her again at a friend’s wedding she was photographing. After seeing her in action that day and then looking at her work it was a no brainer that we would use her. We didn’t even see anyone else. caer_llan_363How did the proposal happen? 

It was Christmas morning 2013, it totally floored me, as we’d always said we would never get married!
I swore (twice)– not quite the response he was after, but then I said yes and blubbed a bit!!! caer_llan_099
Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Mark is a graphic designer and runs his own design practice, part of which specialises in bespoke wedding stationery so he made the invites, although it was touch and go whether they would be ready on time due to his busy work life!caer_llan_416caer_llan_418caer_llan_419caer_llan_427We decided to make our own decorations – origami cranes! We roped in both our mum’s to help and made over 200 in total. We didn’t use half of them in the end!!!

caer_llan_006What was your first dance & why?

We both have such different tastes in music it was hard to pick something we both liked. Then one day this particular song came on the radio and we both started singing along and it was decided!!caer_llan_581In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I don’t think we would have done anything differently, everything went so smoothly, it was better than we ever could have imagined.caer_llan_593Do you have any advice for future couples?

Don’t panic as everything comes together in the end! Enjoy the day and savor every moment as it passes far to quickly even when ours was a full weekend.caer_llan_545What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

That’s it now you’ll never have any money.caer_llan_506What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Sian: Reading blogs (this one of course) and using pinterest to get collect ideas and then seeing them all pulled together at the end, looking amazing.
Mark: There were many different elements that spring to mind but coming up with the concept for our stationery is the stand out part for me.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly
Ceremony Venue: Caer Llan
Reception Venue: Caer Llan
Bride’s Dress: All about Eve, Newport
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Groom’s Outfit: Jeff Banks
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast and BHS
Cake: Made by the grooms dad and sister
Flowers: Rolfe’s Florist, Cardiff
Hair: by Brides friend Anna
Make Up: By Brides friend Angelina
DJ: Richard Moulton
Stationery: The Groom
Any Reception Decor/Props: homemade by bride and groom and their mums!

The Wedding Album

caer_llan_002 caer_llan_003 caer_llan_004 caer_llan_006 caer_llan_007 caer_llan_013 caer_llan_014 caer_llan_015 caer_llan_017 caer_llan_023 caer_llan_028 caer_llan_029 caer_llan_033 caer_llan_042 caer_llan_047 caer_llan_048 caer_llan_052 caer_llan_053 caer_llan_054 caer_llan_061 caer_llan_062 caer_llan_065 caer_llan_074 caer_llan_078 caer_llan_079 caer_llan_091 caer_llan_092 caer_llan_096 caer_llan_097 caer_llan_118 caer_llan_123 caer_llan_130 caer_llan_134 caer_llan_145 caer_llan_150 caer_llan_152 caer_llan_156 caer_llan_159 caer_llan_165 caer_llan_167 caer_llan_169 caer_llan_173 caer_llan_174 caer_llan_178 caer_llan_180 caer_llan_185 caer_llan_186 caer_llan_187 caer_llan_189 caer_llan_199 caer_llan_205 caer_llan_207 caer_llan_212 caer_llan_215 caer_llan_227 caer_llan_242 caer_llan_245 caer_llan_249 caer_llan_256 caer_llan_266 caer_llan_299 caer_llan_300 caer_llan_307 caer_llan_310 caer_llan_318 caer_llan_320 caer_llan_324 caer_llan_333 caer_llan_336 caer_llan_339 caer_llan_347 caer_llan_357 caer_llan_358 caer_llan_362 caer_llan_363 caer_llan_369 caer_llan_371 caer_llan_378 caer_llan_385 caer_llan_389 caer_llan_390 caer_llan_393 caer_llan_398 caer_llan_409 caer_llan_415 caer_llan_416 caer_llan_418 caer_llan_419 caer_llan_427 caer_llan_439 caer_llan_465 caer_llan_469 caer_llan_470 caer_llan_477 caer_llan_478 caer_llan_486 caer_llan_495 caer_llan_497 caer_llan_501 caer_llan_502 caer_llan_506 caer_llan_508 caer_llan_509 caer_llan_510 caer_llan_512 caer_llan_513 caer_llan_515 caer_llan_522 caer_llan_526 caer_llan_528 caer_llan_531 caer_llan_541 caer_llan_545 caer_llan_546 caer_llan_550 caer_llan_552 caer_llan_553 caer_llan_561 caer_llan_565 caer_llan_568 caer_llan_572 caer_llan_579 caer_llan_581 caer_llan_585 caer_llan_590 caer_llan_593 caer_llan_605 caer_llan_614 caer_llan_660 caer_llan_677 caer_llan_694 caer_llan_713 caer_llan_755

Claire and Christian’s Relaxed City Chic Wedding by Maria Farrelly Photography

We’re so excited to share todays wedding with you all! 

If you followed our blog last year, you will have enjoyed following Claire’s journey to the alter. If you missed her posts, you can take a look hereClaire & Christian commissioned Cwtch The Bride’s creator and leading wedding photographer Maria Farrelly Photography to capture their relaxed and super stylish ceremony at the Council Chamber, City Hall, Cardiff followed by at relaxed reception at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff bay. 

We think you’ll agree by the expressions on their faces that this day was every bit how they imagined and much more!

Wedding333What was your budget? 

In all honesty, we didn’t really have one… Not because we’ve got money to burn but we knew that we wanted a wedding which suited us as a couple… Laid back and down to earth. So, we knew from the start that we wouldn’t be spending huge amounts of money on unnecessary or extravagant things which we didn’t really need. Its so easy to get carried away when you start planning a wedding but I think we were fairly disciplined!Wedding334

How would you describe your wedding theme?

Laid back, relaxed and full of love!Wedding315

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite part! I loved it all! I think my favourite part though was the moment I walked into the Council Chamber room at City Hall, where our ceremony took place, and seeing Christian waiting for me. In about five seconds, I felt so many emotions… Relief that he was there, a flood of love and a burst of happiness at seeing all my family and friends.Wedding114

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

Ahhhh my wedding dress! Love, love, love it! I wrote a blog post for Cwtch the Bride about my experience, you can read it here! I was determined not to trawl around a million and one shops trying on hundreds of dresses… That’s just not me. I did some research online about shops and narrowed my list down to three shops. Literally, at the first shop, I was convinced that I’d found “THE dress” but I’m so glad that I went to the other two shops as it was at the third shop (All About Eve in Newport) that I found THE dress. I would advise any bride to be to not be swept away with the whole ‘trying on dresses’ experience. It’s so easy to do as the dresses are so gorgeous but focus, focus, focus is key! I ordered my dress in a size 10, paid a deposit then two months later found out I was pregnant!! Luckily, I managed to get into the dress with only a quarter of inch let out needed (to accommodate my slightly bigger post baby boobs!).Wedding064Wedding301

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

My sister was my only bridesmaid. I have three best friends who I would’ve loved to have had as bridesmaids but I wanted a laid back, relaxed wedding and I think that walking in with a troupe of bridesmaids slightly deviates from that theme! I toyed with the idea of having no bridesmaids but my sister and I are so close, I really couldn’t have said “I do” without her being there with me.Wedding020

Why did you choose your venue?

We chose City Hall for our ceremony as it’s such an iconic city centre landmark. The building is beautiful and we picked the Council Chamber room as its steeped in history and all the seating is in a circle around the room. We just loved the idea of getting married in the middle of the room with all our guests around us. The Norwegian Church for our reception venue suited us perfectly. It’s extremely laid back but in a beautiful setting in the Bay.Wedding061Wedding563

Tell us about your photographer

Maria Farrelly! What can I say?! Just amazing! Maria knew exactly what we wanted and had so many ideas for us to incorporate our wishes, she was brilliant.Wedding343

How did the proposal happen? 

I wrote a blog post for Cwtch the Bride about this too! Christian and I had booked a city break to Stockholm for my 34th birthday. My birthday was on a Friday which is the day we flew to Sweden. On the Saturday night, we’d booked a table at Gondolen restaurant to celebrate my birthday and we were happily discussing how we’d started dating and how amazing it was that we were together when Christian popped the question! It was completely unexpected and Christian had hidden the ring in his sock in his luggage!Wedding531Wedding355

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I’m not much of a DIYer if I’m honest!Wedding384

What was your first dance & why?

We didn’t really have a first dance in the traditional sense of the word. We picked a song which meant a lot to us and held lots of happy memories and invited everyone up with us to dance. The song was Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and reminds us both of a road trip we took from LA to San Fran on the Pacific Highway. We hired a Ford Mustang (convertible obvs!) for the journey and this song came on our playlist as we were leaving LA via Mulholland Drive. We were both singing along, the sun was blazing and we were free as Bees! Such a happy time made this song a no brainier for our first dance.Wedding582Wedding681

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nothing at all. As cheesy as it sounds, the day was exactly as we wanted.Wedding266

Do you have any advice for future couples?

My only advice would be to stick to what you wanted when you first started planning your wedding. It’s so easy to get carried away with things during the planning process, especially when Pinterest etc are easily accessible, but stick to your guns and you’ll end up with the wedding that you always wanted at the beginning.Wedding309

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

We didn’t really receive any advice that I can remember! I think our vows are good advice though if they count!Wedding149

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

I think just sitting down with Christian (normally with a glass of wine up until I found out I was pregnant!) and discussing our plans made me realise how suited we really were. We both liked and disliked the same things and, not that I needed any reassurance, but the planning process firmly rooted in that we were meant to be together.Wedding265Wedding326

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly
Ceremony Venue: City Hall, Cardiff
Reception Venue: Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay
Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander Signature at All About Eve, Newport
Bride’s Shoes: Monsoon
Bride’s Jewellery: Handmade
Groom’s Outfit: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Handmade
Cake: Lindsey Bowles (friend)
Flowers: Centrepieces by Joanne Hodgetts (friend), bouquets by Flower Power in Church Village
Hair: Davina Morgan (friend)
Make Up: Tina Payne at Soul Beauty, Ystrad Mynach 
DJ: Boutique Disco
Stationery: Ann Hewitt (friend)
Transport: Happy Days Cars

The Wedding Album

Wedding005 Wedding011 Wedding013 Wedding014 Wedding023 Wedding024 Wedding026 Wedding028 Wedding033 Wedding035 Wedding037 Wedding038 Wedding041 Wedding044 Wedding046 Wedding051 Wedding054 Wedding056 Wedding060 Wedding061 Wedding064 Wedding068 Wedding069 Wedding073 Wedding081 Wedding082 Wedding097 Wedding100 Wedding105 Wedding109 Wedding114 Wedding120 Wedding121 Wedding125 Wedding127 Wedding129 Wedding131 Wedding146 Wedding147 Wedding149 Wedding150 Wedding162 Wedding168 Wedding186 Wedding196 Wedding201 Wedding208 Wedding210 Wedding215 Wedding230 Wedding235 Wedding247 Wedding255 Wedding257 Wedding265 Wedding266 Wedding275 Wedding283 Wedding294 Wedding301 Wedding308 Wedding309 Wedding315 Wedding320 Wedding323 Wedding326 Wedding333 Wedding334 Wedding343 Wedding345 Wedding347 Wedding350 Wedding355 Wedding359 Wedding362 Wedding363 Wedding372 Wedding373 Wedding374 Wedding378 Wedding382 Wedding384 Wedding399 Wedding400 Wedding402 Wedding414 Wedding432 Wedding433 Wedding436 Wedding438 Wedding439 Wedding451 Wedding458 Wedding461 Wedding465 Wedding477 Wedding484 Wedding488 Wedding497 Wedding498 Wedding499 Wedding531 Wedding546 Wedding549 Wedding555 Wedding556 Wedding560 Wedding563 Wedding565 Wedding567 Wedding569 Wedding570 Wedding576 Wedding581 Wedding582 Wedding583 Wedding586 Wedding593 Wedding595 Wedding601 Wedding614 Wedding615 Wedding620 Wedding628 Wedding630 Wedding631 Wedding636 Wedding640 Wedding654 Wedding660 Wedding661 Wedding664 Wedding665 Wedding667 Wedding669 Wedding674 Wedding676 Wedding677 Wedding681

I think that you will agree with me that Claire and Christian’s relaxed city chic wedding looked amazing. If you would like more inspiration for your wedding coma and join us at Cwtchfest! Wales’ only Wedding Festival on Sunday 17th April at Glanusk Estate.  It is going to be even bigger than last years event and we have even more amazing Welsh wedding professionals on board. Quick get your tickets here! ~ Kate



Real Wedding: Rachael & Greg’s Miskin Manor Valentines Day Wedding by Lloyd Williams Photography

We have a beautiful Valentines Day wedding on the blog today which was submitted by Lloyd Williams Photography. Rachael & Greg got married in the Miskin Manor this year and they tell us all about their fantastic day here.

DSCF4037What was your budget? We didn’t really have a budget, although we were keen to cut costs where we could. Rather than pay for table centrepieces, I decided to make my own. Instead of canapes on arrival, we opted for cute Valentine themed cupcakes which went down a treat! A dear friend of mine made our cake which was just simply beautiful.

DSCF0947The best money saver was the entertainment. I’m a ballet teacher at The Bristol School of Dancing and my very kind boss arranged for some of the girls to come and perform at the wedding! We also kept it a surprise for the guests- the reaction was spectacular!

DSCF1018 DSCF1061 DSCF1119 We saved a lot of money this way, it’s amazing how beautiful things can be/look without spending too much money.

How would you describe your wedding theme? We originally wanted a Winter wedding for 2014, however our chosen venue (Miskin Manor) was fully booked. The only Winter date available was February 14th 2015 which happened to be a Saturday. To us, this date was absolutely perfect- could you get a more romantic day of the year to get married on?!
I instantly knew that I wanted a romantic vintage style wedding. Myself and Greg also wanted to put our individual stamp on the wedding. What with him being a Sergeant in the Grenadier Guards and me being a classical ballet teacher, we felt it was necessary to incorporate this into the wedding.


What was your favourite part of your wedding? I loved every minute of the day- the excitement of getting ready, entering the church with the guard of honour, the adrenaline rush as I walked down the aisle and seeing Greg, seeing family and friends so happy on this occasion. One particular part of the day that stood out the most was the speeches. My dad had always said he was no good at speeches and would not be saying more than a few words. To my surprise he reeled out a great big speech full of laughter, emotion, and memories- he had the whole room in tears! It was then I realised how important this day was to him also. Greg of course, was the life and soul of the party as usual cracking out jokes left right and centre.
I also loved the performance from the dancers!

DSCF4283DSCF0873 DSCF0924

Tell us about your Wedding Dress I always knew that I wanted a princess style wedding dress. It sounds silly but I took inspiration from Kate Middleton & Cinderella!!!
Myself, mum and my maid of honour went to All About Eve in Newport. It was the first place we had chosen to go to so I didn’t get my hopes up about finding “the dress”.
At first I browsed through the dresses wincing at the price tags. I thought to myself “trust me to like the most expensive dresses”
I was walking through the sale section and mum picked up a dress which was reduced significantly. “How about this one?” She asked. I didn’t really think it was me but I decided to try it on anyway- low and behold it was PERFECT. I was in love, however it was damaged. All About Eve were fantastic and repaired the dress at no extra charge. It was as good as new, and you would never have guessed how damaged it had actually been! I definitely felt like a princess wearing it.

DSCF8968 DSCF9128 DSCF1979Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? There was no doubt in my mind to have my best friend of 21 years, Katie, as my maid of honour. I then had my sister in-law Cheryl as bridesmaid and my two little nieces as flower girls. Katie and Cheryl did a fantastic job of helping to organise the wedding and hen party.

DSCF9185Greg chose one of his oldest and closest friends Mike to be the best man. As well as helping to organise the wedding, he certainly provided great laughs on the actual day!

DSCF9329Why did you choose your venue? Miskin Manor had a lovely cosy feel about it. With its big log fires, cosy furniture and huntsman style, we knew it was perfect for our winter wedding on Valentine’s Day.

They were also very helpful and accommodating with our preferences.

DSCF0166 DSCF0227 DSCF0779

How did the proposal happen? Greg and I had been together for 4 years when he proposed. We had spent the majority of that year purchasing and arranging to move into our house so our minds were completely focused on that……
It was moving day and I had gone to work. It was getting late when I arrived at our new home and all of the lights were off. My instant reaction was “I can’t believe he’s gone to the pub!” I put the key in the door to our new home and stared into the empty shell building. The floor had a pathway of fairy lights leading through the house and into the garden. I walked along the lit walkway my heart pounding and there Greg was. He was in the garden down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes, and fireworks went off! It was a very surreal moment and I was incredibly happy.


Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? 

Table centrepiece:

You need:
1 circle mirror plate.
2 wine glasses
1 champagne glass
3 candles
3 roses (artificial or real)
1/2 bag of sparkly gems.

Turn the glasses upside down and place them on the mirror plate. Place a rose under each glass.
Put the candles on top of the glasses.
Scatter the gems around the plate.
Light the candles and you’re complete!

What was your first dance & why? We gathered the guests onto the dance floor at Miskin Manor and hushed them ready for their big surprise- the performance! 

DSCF0991First the tap dancers came onstage and performed a fantastic routine- the gasps, awes and whistling from the guests was exactly the reaction we’d hoped for. The tap routine was then followed by a routine to Jai Ho from the more younger performers. This was then followed by a Spanish Ballet by the older performers.

DSCF1007 DSCF1076DSCF1096

During the Spanish Ballet I had to sneak off backstage ready for the grand opening into mine and Greg’s first dance. The Spanish ballet finished and the dancers formed an arch walkway as Boyce Avenues ‘teenage dream” came on. The final surprise was me walking through the archway to greet Greg for our first dance. The guests were in tears! I hadn’t planned to set everyone off into tears, however looking back on the pictures/videos, it was a particularly beautiful and emotional and also different entrance into a first dance!

DSCF1159 DSCF1181 DSCF1183 DSCF1189

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Do you have any advice for future couples? Your day will go by in a flash. Amongst all of the excitement, take a moment to stand back, take in and appreciate your beautiful day with your new husband/ wife.

DSCF0722 DSCF4429 DSCF9956

The Suppliers

Names of the couple: Rachael & Greg 
Wedding Date: 14.02.2015
Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Church Coity
Reception Venue: Miskin Manor
Bride’s Dress: All About Eve
Bride’s Shoes: Ebay
Bride’s Headpiece: Ebay
Bride’s Jewellery: Something borrowed from maid of honour
Groom’s Outfit: Grenadier uniform
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: TKMaxx
Cake: My Friend made it.
Flowers: The bee orchid
Hair: Raspberry Ripple Litchard
Make Up: I did it myself!
DJ: Gloucester Events Discos
Stationery: Love-Lee designs
Caterers: Miskin Manor
Any Reception Decor/Props: Chair covers & bows
Transport: Ebony & Ivory weddings

The Wedding Album

DSCF8945 DSCF8968 DSCF9032 DSCF9052 DSCF9128 DSCF9185 DSCF9196 DSCF9272 DSCF9329 DSCF9335 DSCF9407 DSCF1486 DSCF1497 DSCF1503 DSCF1525 DSCF1628 DSCF1635 DSCF1722 DSCF1747 DSCF1792 DSCF1794 DSCF1800 DSCF1860 DSCF1885 DSCF1937 DSCF1963 DSCF1979 DSCF2002 DSCF2046 DSCF2070 DSCF2132 DSCF2271 DSCF2296 DSCF2307 DSCF2311 DSCF2353 DSCF9431 DSCF9511 DSCF9634 DSCF2381 DSCF2405 DSCF9644 DSCF2439 DSCF9683 DSCF9688 DSCF9718 DSCF9726 DSCF9730 DSCF9772 DSCF9932 DSCF9956 DSCF2759 DSCF2962 DSCF2995 DSCF3020 DSCF3069 DSCF3128 DSCF3261 DSCF0011 DSCF0065 DSCF0076 DSCF0116 DSCF0166 DSCF0209 DSCF0227 DSCF0289 DSCF0344 DSCF0359 DSCF0601 DSCF0621 DSCF0722 DSCF3261 DSCF3312 DSCF3367 DSCF3571 DSCF3611 DSCF4037 DSCF0741 DSCF0745 DSCF0753 DSCF0779 DSCF0873 DSCF0885 DSCF0924 DSCF4283 DSCF4290 DSCF4337 DSCF4371 DSCF4374 DSCF4379 DSCF0991 DSCF1007 DSCF1018 DSCF1061 DSCF1076 DSCF1096 DSCF1119 DSCF1141 DSCF1159 DSCF1177 DSCF1181 DSCF1183 DSCF1189 DSCF4429 DSCF4437 DSCF1227