Wedding Talk: Wedding Perfume

Good morning Cwtchers!
A little while ago we asked some of our recent brides what perfume they wore on their wedding day.  To give you some inspiration we have compiled some of the most popular scents along with some (lets ‘push the boat out’ ones too!).
We all know that a certain smell can transport you right back to that moment you first smelt it, so making it the right one for the big day is tricky! I personally got a little stressy over it. My sense of smell is ridiculously sensitive, so I am very aware of perfumes. I spent hours at the smellies counter in Boots and John Lewis.  Hours I tell you! I needed to find that perfect wedding perfume.
Then I made the choice. I went for a classic. A smell I knew well and adored, so treated myself to Chanel No.5.
If it’s good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it’s good enough for Anna Lock to be.
I decided it was going to be the last thing I put on, so I could spritz the dress and everything. My reasoning was so that in the future, I could still smell a hint of it on my dress, and be transported back to that special day.
However, after all that fuss of getting ready in the morning, I had left it at home and ended up having to wear my Mums (a well passed its shelf life date) Something by Someone.  No idea what it was. Just needed something so grabbed it.  It could’ve been my Dad’s Amaris as far as I knew!
All of my flapping however did fill my head with random perfume knowledge, so thought it would be more useful shared with you lovely lot.  Just remember to take the damn thing with you when you finally make your choice!
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Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel 

One of Chanel’s lighter fragrances, Coco Mademoiselle is such a pretty, but strong fragrance, it seems to have the personality we all we wish we had. Its got the classic Chanel packaging and would make the perfect dressing table accessory amongst your wedding jewellery. Available at many retailers, but we found the 35ml at Boots starting at £49.

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance by Ralph LaurenThis popular fragrance is popular for a reason. It is a classic and so feminine and pretty with a light floral fragrance that will stay with you. The name itself is a winner for your wedding perfume!  And starting at £36 from a variety of retailers (also found it on Amazon for £26.55), it really is something that you could treat yourself to many times in the future too.

Santal Blush by Tom Ford

Tom-Ford-Santal-Blush_v_br_5apr12_pr_b_540x810Santal Blush is a heavenly mixture of floral and woody scents. It just smells so sumptuously exotic, you feel like a million Great British Pounds when you’re wearing it.  It is however, a little on the pricey said, start at £145 for 50ml (available from House of Fraser).

Armani Code by Armani 

download (2)

This is all kinds of yummy.  So fruity and floral with a bit of honey and vanilla thrown in for good measure, it really is a sweet little number for your wedding day perfume.  Starting in Boots at £47, its quite an affordable wonderful frangance.
Alexander McQueen by Alexander McQueen

ALEXANDER-MCQUEEN_PARFUM_50ML_IN-portrait_540x810OK, so this bottle is absolutely stunning and worthy of sitting in a museum. In fact, the Creative Director searched through the Victoria and Albert Museum to create this magnificent bottle.  Its base is made up of tuberose, sambac jasmine and ylang ylang – gorgeous.

But (and its a humungous but), its starts at £285, and is exclusively only sold at Harrods.  I imagine its quite special if you can stretch to that.
Botanical Essence No. 100 by Liz Earle
Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.100This fresh floral fragrance has been described as capturing “the sublime, uplifting joy of entering a British florist’s shop”. Over 89% of its ingredients are natural, with blossoming notes of Damask rose, orange flower and Indian jasmine  entwined by the subtle sensuality of cypress, sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla, finished with the light, transcendent clarity of mandarin and bergamot. Yep, this is a pretty wonderful fragrance. And for quite a large size of 50ml at £49 at Liz Earle UK, its one to take on honeymoon too!
Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs
Well apparently, by wearing this, you get transported to a happy place, so how perfect could this be for your wedding perfume.  Its light a girlie and as dress as a, well, daisy! We’ve found a nice big 75ml bottle at The Perfume Shop for £59.
Chanel No. 5
And last but not least, my personal favourite. I just adore this.  Some say its a little heavy, which I suppose it is, but with May Rose, Jasmine and Vanilla, I truly don’t think there is a more feminine scent out there.  There is a reason it has been around since 1921.  We have found a 35ml eau de perfume for £48.50 at The Fragrance Shop for you to stock up.
There you go my lovelies. Enjoy shopping for that perfect wedding perfume, but whatever you do, don’t forget to take it with you wherever you are getting ready!
Anna x

A little bit of Luxury: Bridal Bags

 We welcome back our Luxury Bride, Pippa. Hooray! Today she is going to woo us with some beautiful designer bridal bags. 


Wedding bags – to have and to hold? That is the Question…

If you’re anything like me (shoe and bag crazy) then the question of should I? Do I REALLY need one? didn’t really cross my mind, it of course was an ‘essential’ part of my bridal outfit. Looking back now though I don’t think I used it at all thanks to my very handy bridesmaids so I suppose I have to ask – did I really need one? Your wedding is a perfect excuse to add to your wardrobe with all manner of beautiful items but would your money be better spent elsewhere?

There are a whole range of beautiful bags to choose from at the moment and below are a few of my faves…

Luxury bags luxury bags 2Luxury bags

Luxury bags

and if you fancy something a bit different…

luxury bags 2

1. Anya Hindmarch, Marano Clutch, £450 – a favourite with our gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge!
2. Jimmy Choo, Tube, £625
3. Anya Hindmarch, Valorie, £350
4. Jimmy Choo, Cosma with crystals, £1650
5. Jimmy Choo, Chandra, £750
6. Marchesa, Lily embellished box clutch, £2115
7. Edie Parker, Jean striped pearl effect box clutch, £975
8. Oscar de la Renta, Crown Goa Swarovski crystal embellished clutch, £1360
9. Jenny Packham, Casa silver/gold/crystal £455
10. Alexander McQueen, De Manta clutch, lace print, £325
11. YSL, Ligne Y Clutch, £655
12. Alexander McQueen, Knuckle Duster Clutch, £1345
13. Gina, Imelda, £695
14. Stark, Put a Ring on it python clutch, £1500
15. YSL Monogramme Tassel clutch, £920
16. Sylvia Toledano, Love Swarovski embellished box clutch, £1050
17. YSL, classic monogramme clutch, £695 (Your something Blue?)
18. Lulu Guiness, Lips clutch, £245

If you’re like me, I couldn’t be without my ‘suitcase’ (as Mr P calls it) on a daily basis filled with all my essential (and not so essential) bits. So for my big day I felt I needed the security of having a few items on hand…just incase! Now, I’m not advocating a shoulder slung bag over your beautiful frock (eeek…fashion faux pas) but a simple clutch could just be a saviour should you have a bridal emergency. Obviously, as beautiful as they are, you wouldn’t want to be carrying it down the aisle so you could leave it in the wedding car during the ceremony or maybe rope in a bridesmaid’s partner to help. I popped mine on the top table for the remainder of the evening but equally you could entrust your lovely ladies to help with bag duty.

You will need to cut down from your usual ‘suitcases’ though girls  (I don’t even know what I carry in my bag half the time) so here are a list of items we think would be handy for any bridal ’emergencies’…

1. Mints (NOT chewing gum) – you will be kissing ALOT of people.

2. Lippie – keep your make-up looking fresh from your “I Do” to your photos and well into the evening. Personally I would avoid sticky lipgloss though and I’m sure your groom (and guests) will thank you for it!

3. Hairgrips

4. Safety Pins

5. Concealer

6. Plasters – just incase you haven’t broken in your bridal heels…tut tut!

7. Tissues – a must for the speeches!


We’d love to know what all our lovely Cwtch brides think – are you having a bridal bag? If so, what will you be carrying inside?