A Bride’s Gift

On Friday we featured Katie’s beautiful wedding which was photographed beautifully by our sponsor Christopher Ian. Katie and her friends Jo and Bex originally contacted Cwtch the Bride to tell us about the amazing idea they came up with while planning their weddings. Here Katie explains about A Bride’s Gift. All images in this post are from the Facebook page.997065_742632165816143_1640861969862275353_n

Like many brides, I grew my hair for my wedding… or rather enjoyed not having to bother getting a hair cut for a year before it ;)  As the wedding drew near, I was starting to fantasise about how nice it would be to have less of it to deal with and how much I’d save in shampoo.  At the time I was also doing 30 random acts of kindness in the 30 days before the wedding… mostly to have something to distract me from wedding planning nerves!  I found out about the Little Princess Trust, who make real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair through illness or cancer treatment.  You only have to have 7 inches plus to donate and I knew I would have lots more than this by the wedding.  I then thought, lots of other women grow their hair for their big day and might be interested in joining me.  I asked on Facebook and two friends who had both recently got married, Jo Fothergill and Bex McAllan, got in touch and said they’d like to do it too with others hoping to do it in the next year or so after their weddings when their hair had reached the right length.  We set up a Facebook page to share our progress and a Just Giving page to raise some money as each wig costs upwards of £350 to make. We reached this initial fundraising target of £1000 last month!

I was hoping to share this story so that other brides might get inspired to join us and consider donating their hair after their big day. There’s a very home-made video on the Facebook page showing our big cuts that happened last week (my editing skills are a bit shaky).
A Bride’s Gift is not itself a charity, just an informal group of brides supporting the charity the Little Princess Trust. Here is a message from the trust:
“Thank you all so very much for this wonderful support. With the funds raised, the charity can buy a further three wigs for poorly children and your hair donations will form part of another wig for a different child who needs help.
Please pass on our grateful thanks to your supporters too.
Kind regards
Monica Glass
Charity Manager”

Wow I hope you’ll agree that these three brides (two Welsh and one English!) are pretty special. I wish I had thought about this before having my hair cut after the wedding, it is such an amazing cause. If you are on the fence about going for the chop after the wedding perhaps this will be a little added incentive!

Have any of you thought about doing something like this, or have you already done it?! Please share your story with us (and any charity links and pictures) in the comments box.


From Groom-to-Be and Beyond…The Honeymoon Edition!

Our Groom-to-be is now a fully fledged married man (if you missed his gorgeous wedding then you can check it out here!). Today he he’s tell give us the low down on his beautiful Italian honeymoon :) Take it away, Al! 

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_003
I have to admit, there is something flagrantly ironic about a newlywed gay couple spending their first few nights of honeymoon in the Roman Catholic Capital of the world. But after seeing ‘Roman Holiday’, it seemed a pretty romantic place to begin our life of wedded bliss. Plus, I gather the new Pope is pretty liberal.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_013

Being the clichéd homosexual men that we are, our main concern on arrival at the Star Metropole Hotel was locating an iron. We had brand spanking new chinos to don and who wants to walk around Rome with crumpled pleats? No one in their right mind, obviously.

Upon discovering a trouser press we could relax and get on with enjoying our trip.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_010 Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_009

The first night was surreal to say the least. In a good way. It was hard to believe that a mere 48 hours previous we had been sat on a marquee dance floor gyrating to “oops upside your head”. Not wanting to venture far due to post-wedding fatigue we had dinner in a nearby Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant- very trendy, darling- and were accosted by a middle aged Belgian couple who were sat at an inappropriate proximity to us (Italian seating has no sympathy for personal space).

Amongst the chit chat about Italian food, culture and architecture Mr Belgian Man came up with a nugget of advice so awesome in its simplicity that I was slightly taken aback: “Buildings and food and art are all great, but it’s relationships that truly matter.” Not to sound like a soppy fool but that has really stuck with me and was a perfect launch pad for our honeymoon… Maybe you just had to be there?!

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_012

I won’t bore you with the details of our extensive sight seeing- that’s akin to a barrage of holiday snaps- but I will say that neither of us burst into flames on entering the Vatican, so that’s a plus. Also, Rome is beautiful. Crazy, loud and commercial, but beautiful all the same.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_011

My fondest memory is of our last evening spent at a roof-top restaurant, the name of which escapes me. The waiter greeted us with a booming “Buona sera, Meester and Meester” and seated us next to what can only be described as the campest collage in human history; comprising of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe images, torn from magazines. Loved it.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_004

The meal was pretty rubbish but we got plastered on limoncello and gorged on ‘Fagola’ breadsticks, so what more could you want? Before leaving, and this is my favourite part, our vociferous waiter bounded over to tell Jonny that he looked like Andrew McCarthy: “You know, the guy from ‘Mannequin'”. My first thought was ‘how random’, closely followed by ‘does that make me Kim Cattrall in this scenario?’

Our next stop was the homoerotic hub that is Florence. Never have I seen so many statues of naked men with gloriously chiselled biceps, buns and pubic hair (oddly). I was surprised to learn, therefore, that Florence is actually quite conservative and has one of the smallest gay scenes in Italy. It seemed strange to me that a city famous for nurturing Renaissance art and culture could be quite so repressed. Not that you’d know it- the shopping alone was a gay man’s Mecca (Versace, Gucci, Dior. Oh my!) Correction, THIS gay man’s Mecca *no stereotyping*

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_014

The hotel was a complete contrast to that of Rome’s. When arriving at the Alba Palace we instantly felt at ease. Granted, there were one too many replica busts in reception and our room was where yellow went to die, but there were sweet personal touches everywhere. For example, atop our mini bar were ‘his and hers’ teddy bears propped against a bottle of prosecco with a sign that read: “Happy Anniversary”… Awww, close but no cigar.

Florence was my favourite city of the tour. I’d like to say there were mostly cultural reasons behind this (of which there were a few) but mainly it was down to one thing: gelato.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_006

Somehow the stars aligned on our first evening stroll and we discovered what can only be described as the home of ice cream porn, in gelateria form. The Gelato Gods had smiled upon us and we did gorge. Sufficed to say this gelateria was frequented over the next few days and on each occasion the little plastic spoon had to be wrestled from my quivering hands. Unfortunately, I was so dazzled by the confections that I’ve forgotten the name of the place, but if we ever go back I know exactly where I’ll be heading.

Of course Florence houses several other impressive attractions. We were blown away by The Birth of Venus in the Uffizi Gallery, and the Ponte Vecchio has immense quirky charm (although best appreciated from the next bridge along), and if you’re not hampered by claustrophobia or vertigo the view from Giotto’s Campanile is pretty nifty. Okay, it’s stunning!

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_001

But, oh! The gelato!

The next stop was Venice, and I am going to be stating the obvious here when I say it is an incredible place. For starters there are no deranged Italian drivers trying to run you over at every turn (always a plus). Of course we weren’t expecting any cars but it was bizarre nonetheless.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_002

Again, I won’t relate all details of our exploits but know this, dear readers: Venice is a labyrinth, and there’s no better place to get lost. For instance, it’s hard to stay angry with your husband during a row over directions when you really just want him to take a picture of you next to another beautiful bridge.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_015

I do have one anecdote that Cwtch readers will appreciate. While queuing for an evening concerto – as one does- a Japanese couple emerged from nowhere with an over zealous photographer in tow. That in itself was not weird, but the girl was dressed in a floor length red couture ball gown, diamanté tiara and crystal encrusted Louboutins (yes, I clocked those red soles immediately), while her beau was trussed up in a tux. They plunged into the queue for a series of awkward group shots with complete strangers, one of whom asked “Have you just got married?” The young lady replied “No, we just got engaged”, and off they scampered into the next gathering of unwitting tourists.

What the hell?! Firstly, had the photographer been present for the proposal? And secondly, if that was their engagement shoot what was the wedding going to be like?!

Our last three days in Italy were uber romantic. In fact with all the operatic gondolas, concertos and candlelit ‘meals for two’ it felt like a Rom Com on steroids. In retrospect this amorous haze had a slight opiate effect, resulting in temporary loss of reason and delusions of grandeur. Case in point; hiring a water-taxi to convey us 4 1/2 miles to the airport at an extortionate rate. At the time there seemed like no better way to end our adventure than waving arrivederci to Venice from the back of a speedboat at sunset, and thank goodness for such delusions, otherwise we’d have spent two hours on a water bus with 100 strangers.

Gay Honeymoon in Italy - Slightly Wobbly Designs_008I believe there is an expression which goes something like: “You will get lost in Rome, find yourself in Florence and fall in love in Venice”. For us it felt more like you will get lost in Rome, you will get lost in Florence and you will get lost in Venice. But that’s no big deal; we were pretty much in love at the start.

Thanks for reading Cwtchers! This is Mr Watkins-Stuart Esquire signing off



I Wish…Some Wedding Day Regrets

charlieOur classic bride Charlie is here today to talk about something that doesn’t often get mentioned – regrets from your wedding day! If you’re getting married soon take note from someone who has been there and done it – it won’t always be perfect (but that’s okay!).

Hello lovely Cwtchers!

This week I am going to be honest, in fact painfully honest with you, and say:

“My wedding day wasn’t perfect.”

Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing! But there were a few little things that meant it wasn’t the “perfect” day I had obsessed about for two and a half years! I am going to share them with you in the hope that it may just help one or two of you.

I wish we’d got married earlier

Everyone says it: “The day goes by so fast”, well I’m here to tell you that is an understatement! Our wedding day went by in such a blur that afterwards I honestly could hardly remember it; it was like trying to remember a dream. Having spent a large amount of money on our big day it was really upsetting to not be able to remember everything. We crammed so much in to quite a short space of time (our wedding was at 3.30pm) and I just think that getting married an hour or so earlier may have given us just a little bit longer to savour everything.

I am just so glad that we hired a videographer (we have watched the video so many times!) and that we allocated a large chunk of our budget to photography – Maria was literally there all day documenting every detail and when we got our wedding photos back I was over the moon to realise that I was finally remembering and reliving the day.

I wish I’d relaxed more

I planned to! When I pictured our wedding day I imagined being in my happy little bride bubble gliding around greeting everybody. In reality as soon as I arrived at the castle the nerves went into overdrive. I was so nervous I practically ran down the aisle! I became obsessed with time “Are we running late? Should we be doing such-and-such?” and stressed about guests “Oh I haven’t spoken to so-and-so.” “Is everyone having a good time?”.

The only times I was really relaxed were getting ready in the morning (before the nerves kicked in) and when we were having our couple photos because that was the only real time that I stopped and breathed and took it all in. Take it from me, do try and relax!

I wish we’d had a better wet weather plan (in writing)

I am still a bit gutted that it rained on our wedding day which is so silly because it is the one thing that we could do NOTHING about. My plans for relaxed outdoor games and photos were ruined! Maria kept her eye out for a little dry spell but it rained continuously from the time the bridesmaids left the hotel so we had no chance to get the guest pictures outside at all.

The castle had agreed verbally that we could have access to the beautiful upstairs rooms for photographs in the event of rain but unfortunately on the day we were told we weren’t able to take any guests up with us until the castle was closed to the public. Understandable but it did make us run VERY late and I was very aware that the evening guests would be downstairs waiting for us which was something I REALLY didn’t want! Definitely have a strong wet weather plan; we are in Wales after all!

I wish I hadn’t let my hair down (literally)

This sounds silly but I really do. My hairdresser Kellie did such a good job of my hair and I absolutely loved it, but in the weeks leading up to the wedding I had become unsure of my decision to wear my hair up. So many people were saying how lovely my hair would look if it was down so I made the decision to literally let my hair down in the evening and change up to my MAC Russian Red lipstick for two different looks.

But my hair didn’t fall how I’d imagined, the time it took to pull out all the pins made me even later and left me in a mad rush to get down to do the first dance on time before Frank our videographer was due to leave and then it was so hot that I was wishing for an elastic band all night! The main reason I’d decided to have my hair up was because I knew I would get hot and bothered with it down so I really wish I’d stuck to my guns.


Charlie & Mark Photobooth - Maria Farrelly

See what I mean! (Photos © Maria Farrelly)

Some of you are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this, but if it helps any of you to iron out any little issues before your day, or if it makes just one married person think “Oh thank goodness it wasn’t just me!” then I will be happy. And remember, things don’t always go to plan on the day but even if your day isn’t “perfect” it doesn’t mean it won’t still be amazing! Ours was! :)

Do any of our married readers have any I wish-es? If you don’t mind sharing them with us then please pop them in the comments box, I promise it’s therapeutic!


Charlie x

How to Avoid the Post Wedding Blues

charlieOur classic bride Charlie is here today to reveal her big plans for beating the post wedding blues. Take it away, Charlie!

Because we had such a long build up to our wedding, Mark had been saying all along that I needed a project for post-wedding so that I didn’t succumb to post-wedding blues. As I was starting to get a bit fed up of all the organising towards the end of our engagement I was sure it wouldn’t be an issue but that bump back to reality did hit me harder than I expected it to. So along with some friends I turned my mind to post-wedding projects and ways to combat the post-wedding blues.

Firstly there’s the obvious one – babies! But if you aren’t ready for that particular adventure just yet (or if you have already been there and done that!) there are plenty of other things you can do to fill the void left by DIY projects and table plans.

As my wonderful new husband bought me a camera as a wedding gift I am starting a photography evening class in January, I can’t wait to develop a new skill! We are also in the very early days of house hunting so hopefully before too long we will have our own home and I can also turn my hand to a bit of interior design. Of course I am also lucky enough to be a part of this lovely blog which is a great way of keeping myself busy!

I asked some of my recently married friends and also the other lovely Cwtch the Bride ladies about their post-wedding projects and advice on beating the post-wedding blues, and they kindly obliged! Thank you lovelies.

Sarah Jolly

“Try not to let wedding planning occupy your whole head, (don’t get me wrong- the last four weeks be prepared for wedding brain!) we built in lots of small and big post wedding plans: birthday weekends, weekend in London etc. or go large like buying a house like we did….. (Our holiday snug, Seasgair) My Pinterest habits turned from weddings to coastal chic interiors. I didn’t experience any post wedding blues, quite the opposite we both felt immensely proud about pulling off our wedding shindig”


“After the wedding, I suddenly realised I had no outlet for my new found love of crafts and making things. Then, one day over a glass of wine with friends, talk turned to finding a group in our area that we could join.

It soon became obvious that there was nothing available to fit the bill, so we decided to set up our own! Neighbourhood Sewcial was born. Now I get to continue organising fun events, I’ve made some fantastic new friends AND I get to make beautiful things to go in our new family home.”


“The DIY element of our wedding was a joy, but all-encompassing. We pretty much DIY-ed the entire thing. After the wedding there was a definite void, but it felt liberating to have some time and space without a massive DIY to-do list every weekend.

With all this new-found time we spent the summer reconnecting with our love of the outdoors: camping, cycling, walking. Breathing. This led me to create a website celebrating all things outdoors, where I share our adventures, with tips, reviews, recipes and stories along with some diverse contributors. I definitely feel it’s been an antidote to the bereft post-wedding feeling that so many brides experience!”

Cwtch Sarah

“We went straight on our honeymoon after our wedding, so that helped to delay the post-wedding blues a bit but it felt like an extra hit when we finally got home (from sunny, sunny Mexico to cold, cold Cardiff – to add insult to injury!) and we definitely had a couple of weeks of feeling like “what now?”.

We were living in a one bedroom flat at the time, and started looking for houses a couple of weeks after we got back. Tzevai also decided to take on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know, where you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November) which definitely kept him occupied for a bit! :)

I started working on the next issue of the photography magazine that I create – it was nice to work on something creative without accidentally covering everything I own in glitter ;)”

I hope that’s given you some ideas to help combat post wedding blues if you feel like you’re suffering from them! :)


Charlie x