Rustic Bride Kristy Finding A Venue

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Finding a venue is one of the biggest decision when you are getting married. I found that I couldn’t really choose anything until I had found that. Today our Rustic Bride Kristy tells us all about how she found hers.  … Continue reading

Real Wedding: Aimee & Tim’s Rosedew Farm Wedding by Adrian Hibbert

Here at Cwtch we love a wedding at Rosedew Farm – such a gorgeous venue! Aimee & Tim got married at Rosedew Farm (Farmer’s Barns) in Llantwit Major in April last year. (We hope we get the same weather for Cwtchfest!) With photographs from Adrian Hibbert, here is Aimee to tell us all about their day.


What was your budget?  Our budget was £10,000, I think we may have gone over it a little bit but not much.

How would you describe your wedding theme? Our wedding theme was quite rustic with vintage homemade touches. We had lots of bunting, fairylights and candles, hay bales and a fire. We used hessian and lace to decorate the venue and also used my mums vintage tea-cup collection and cake stands. Image-39 Image-43Image-42What was your favourite part of your wedding? I loved seeing all of our friends and family enjoying themselves, me and Tim spent most of the day together and managed to chat to most of our guests. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere and think we managed to achieve this. We were really lucky with the weather and it was really warm for April. We managed to sneak off to the beach for some photos after the meal and this was a really lovely part of the day. The band were great and the dance floor was full all evening and was great fun!!

Image-36 Image-66

Tell us about your Wedding Dress  My dress was a Pronovias dress and I fell in love with it when I tried it on and so did my Mum and Sister who were with me. I hadn’t looked at the price tag though and decided it was too expensive, a couple of weeks later I tried it on again in All About Eve, Chepstow and decided to have it as no other dress seemed to compare! I loved the dress so never regretted my decision! Image-17

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?  We kept our bridal party quite small, I had my sister as bridesmaid and she was so supportive and involved the whole way through. Tim chose his friend Huw as best man, they have been friends since school and he was the ‘best man’ for the job!  Image-34

Why did you choose your venue? We chose Rosedew Farm – Farmers Barns in Llantwit major, I had been to a wedding there the year before and loved it! The owners are very flexible and you can create your own wedding with very few restrictions. You can chose all of your own suppliers, have a bonfire and bring your own food and drink without any corkage fees, this is what we did and it worked out very well thanks to help from family and friends! The barn is very rustic and looks beautiful when it is decorated with lots of fairly lights and bunting. You can get married there and have your reception in the same place which is what we did so people could arrive and settle in for the day. There is also a lot of accommodation on site and we stayed for three nights with all of our family which made it even more special! The fact that it is on the coast is also a bonus!  Image-7Image-68 Image-69

How did the proposal happen?  We were in Croatia and it was my birthday. Tim wanted to go for a coastal walk so we set off and he was acting a little bit strange, checking over his shoulder a lot, acting distracted and paying a lot of attention to the location. He suggested we stop at a nice spot by the sea, I sat down on a rock and he got a ring out of his wallet and proposed, it was amazing and very romantic. We were both so excited after that and walked back already making plans for the big day! Image-54

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? We decorated jam jars with lace and my mum did all the flower arrangements and they looked stunning! We collected lots of bits and bobs over the few months before the wedding and they made the venue look very personalised and the welsh dresser looked stunning with lots of family photos and pretty vintage things. We also prepared our own food for the daytime meal, each table had a picnic basket on it with lots of picnic food, this was quite a lot of work the day and weeks before the wedding but was quite unique and everyone seemed to enjoy it! It also saved us lots of money! Image-27

What was your first dance & why? We chose Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits mostly because we both just love that song!

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? We probably wouldn’t have had a first dance…neither of us were comfortable about being so in the limelight and dancing in front of people and we didn’t practice at all so we just stood there a bit awkwardly!! Image-71

Do you have any advice for future couples? We got married six months after getting engaged which was quite quick but we managed to have the wedding we wanted and found the time for DIY projects and all the other things you need to arrange for a wedding. We had to be quite organised and worked hard for those six months but I think if people think that it is not possible to create your perfect wedding in a short space of time then I would say that it is possible! We got married on Easter Monday though so did not have the problems booking bands etc. that people often seem to have with Saturday weddings, especially in the summer.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Planning the wedding was very special and we were focused on making it the day we wanted and not what anyone else wanted. I loved finding lots of inspiration from other weddings and websites and just creating a day that was individual and meant something to us….seeing it all come together on the day of the wedding was amazing and made it worth all of the hard work! Sampling lots of different food and drinks was also very enjoyable!  Image-1 Image-28 Image-70

The Suppliers

Photographer: Adrian Hibbert
Videographer: Les Case / Annie Parker
Ceremony Venue: Farmers Barns, Llantwit major
Reception Venue: Farmers Barns, Llantwit major
Bride’s Dress: Pronovias Omaya from All About Eve, Chepstow
Bride’s Shoes: John Lewis
Bride’s Headpiece: Fresh flowers from the florist
Bride’s Jewellery: Debenhams
Groom’s Outfit: TM Lewin / Oliver Sweeney
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Cake: Handmade by my husband’s step mum
Flowers: Jackie Williamson and my Mum!
Hair: My Sister / Bridesmaid Lucy
Make Up: The very talented Hannah Fisher- Mrs Fierce Makeup
Band: Coverland
Stationery: Something kinda cute
Caterers: Us in the daytime and hang fire smokehouse in the evening
Transport: A friend kindly brought his camper van and drove us to the beach in it

The Wedding Album

Image-1 Image-2 Image-4 Image-5 Image-7 Image-8 Image-11 Image-12 Image-13 Image-15 Image-16 Image-18 Image-19 Image-20 Image-21 Image-23 Image-25 Image-26 Image-27 Image-28 Image-29 Image-30 Image-31 Image-32 Image-33 Image-34 Image-35 Image-36 Image-37 Image-38 Image-40 Image-42 Image-43 Image-44 Image-45 Image-47 Image-48 Image-51 Image-52 Image-53 Image-54 Image-58 Image-59 Image-61 Image-63 Image-64 Image-65 Image-66 Image-67 Image-68 Image-69 Image-70 Image-71 Image-72 Image-73