Rustic Bride Kristy Finds The One

Our Rustic Bride Kristy tells us all about asking her bridesmaids to be by her side on her wedding day and SHOPPING. She tells us all about the worries and the ups and downs of choosing bridesmaids dresses and how she finds the one. If you missed Kristy’s first post you can find it here.

So it’s March, and my countdown app tells me that today there is 6 months, 14 days, 10 hours, 41 minutes and 58 seconds to go until the K’s Big Day!!

So this month I thought I would tell you all about my ladies! Bridesmaid selection was really easy for me. I always knew that Jo would be my maid of honour, just as I was hers. I think she achieved that status when we became friends for life when we were 11. We have seen through every little up and down life has thrown at us. I didn’t have a biological sister but Jo definitely qualifies. And then there was Ella…the sister in law to be! Yes, my brother popped the question to this special girl last year while on holiday. She is the funniest, prettiest, most random person that I know. She reminds me that this experience is about having fun and it’s ok to get caught up in it all! I often have to remind myself not to forget this. I actually asked Ella to be my bridesmaid using a balloon in a box. She had to pop the balloon to get a little message on a scroll of paper that read “Will you be my bridesmaid?”. It covered her in confetti but I think she loved it! balloon popballoon pop2balloon pop3

Despite going to a fantastic store that specialises in bridesmaid dresses, Exclusively Bridesmaids in Pontarddulais, hich had the most wonderful selection. I still had to decide on the dress colour using a website. Ordering anything online always makes me twitchy. Having had so many bad internet shopping purchases over the years, the thought of not being able to see the item before purchase is really worrying for me. Especially something as important as this! Yes, I got to see the dress in a pale pink version, but not the completely different colour that I ordered. Not to mention when the swatch arrived, the light I saw it in made it look BROWN! The build up to actually seeing them was filled with both anxiety and extreme excitement….Sometimes I think these two feelings are interchangeable. I took both of my bridesmaids and of course my mother with me, but only Ella could actually try on the dress. Jo  has to wait a couple of months to try hers on as her baby is due this month! I am so excited to finally meet this little person that has been growing inside the most amazing person that I know.

ella bella2

Bridesmaid Ella

So as I sit there sandwiched between my mother and Jo, my heart was in my throat. I wasn’t sure where to look, because as much as I wanted to see them I also didn’t! Ella was taken into the changing room to try on her dress. I’m now flinching at every single movement coming from the direction of the dressing room! Hiding behind my scarf, Ella stepped out from the dressing room and….I am stunned into silence because it is beautiful! Ella looked gorgeous. My idea really did work! Relief!

me and jo

Rustic Bride Kristy and Bridesmaid Jo

I picked my dress back in August 2015. It was my third attempt at it, my second in the same shop. I went to Emma Phillips Bridal Studio in Carmarthen. Can I just say that Emma was fantastic, she could tell that I was nervous. Despite the butterflies in my stomach and slight nausea she was able to make me feel welcome and at ease. I swear she is magic, she has the ability to tell what type of dresses I liked just by looking at my face and body language.

I actually shopped for my dress solo. After two unsuccessful shopping trips and a mini meltdown following the second, which involved the near death of my tablet. I returned to the Emma’s alone. I ditched my dress finding assistants because I found making a decision in the face of so many opinions very stressful. I felt that I was trying on dresses that THEY liked. And not making a decision for ME! It is a really horrible feeling when you are wearing a dress you love but your audience doesn’t like it. Worse when they actually prefer the dress that you felt REALLY uncomfortable

Bridesmaid Jo on her big day

So after bumping into Emma at a wedding fair I booked my appointment and went back alone. I sent my assistants off to a cafe and told them I would call them if I needed them. I tried on a lot more dresses, probably because I spent less time waiting for people’s opinions on each dress. Only mine mattered. I even spent a bit of time in a short ballerina type dress jete-ing and pirouetting around the dressing room. I was definitely having fun. I decided that I loved two of the dresses and either one of them could have been the ONE. So, once I had made that decision. I called my lovely assistants back. Once they saw me in the dresses that I had chosen, they realised how right that style was for me. They then helped me to decide between the two and that’s the day I chose THE ONE.

I realised that it’s OK if you don’t find the one on your first time out in a dress store. I definitely had ivory blindness the first time! I couldn’t see the difference between dresses….only tried on three (big mistake) left the store feeling that there just wasn’t one for me! The second time I found very stressful, people staring at me in dresses I didn’t really like. I felt so vulnerable. But, I think that’s how I knew I had found IT. When I put that dress on it was like an amour. I felt strength in the dress….stare at me all you want people! In fact, I encourage it.

How cute was that ballon pop idea….? I feel a DIY  coming on! Watch this space Cwtchers. ~ Kate

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