Rustic Bride Kristy Finding A Venue

Finding a venue is one of the biggest decision when you are getting married. I found that I couldn’t really choose anything until I had found that. Today our Rustic Bride Kristy tells us all about how she found hers. 

So, at the time of writing this, my app tells me that there are 6 months, 1 day, 3 hours, 50mins and 12 seconds until the wedding!

I think the most wonderful part of planning our wedding is finally seeing the things we have imagined come to reality. The big things have been ticked off our list for a while now. Venue, registrar, dresses, caterer, photographer, flowers and cake – check!DIGITAL CAMERA

We chose our venue because when I asked Kieron where he wanted to get married he said “in a barn or a field”. Knowing all too well that we can’t trust the Welsh weather I started looking into the barn option. The only other thing on our list was accommodation…lots and lots of accommodation. Kieron’s family are all spaced out around England, My family are mostly all here in Wales. We have friends all over the UK. Two of our friends are travelling from Sydney! We loved the idea of putting both sides of our lives (some of whom have never met before) in the same place at the same time to get to know each other. An internet search brought me to Rosedew Farm. On paper it worked – ticked all the boxes. We had seen a few other venues before this one but when I drove onto the farm I knew we had found our venue.


Photo credit: Adrian Hibbert

We had a tour of the barn first, which as I walked into the Cwtch (the bar) I couldn’t help but imagine our guests standing at the bar the morning of the wedding. The welsh dresser covered in items from our lives together. When I walked into the main barn and down what would be our isle, the tears started and I knew we had to have it. There is also accommodation…. for over 50 people!! In the form of the quaintest cottages renovated from farm outbuildings, with exposed beams and stone. Wooden lodges and glamping! I could see us there, our family and friends present to hear our vows, eating the food we have chosen and dancing in celebration of our marriage.rosedew-71

Photo credit: Victoria Tyrrell Photography

The best part about the venue is that it is a completely blank canvas. We can do what we want with decorations, tables, caterers and  entertainment. Even though we love the venue as it is, I have realised that what makes a wedding are the details. The little bits of Kieron and I that we want to throw into the place. Our cake will show people how much we value each other’s individuality; the decorations will show them what we love about the country we live in and how we appreciate the beauty of it. Bringing what lives outside, inside. Our devotion to our families will be littered everywhere. Handmade items created by Moi; jam jar vases, candle holders and wedding favours. Kieron and I have built a life over the last 11 years and we want to share it with the people we love the most on the day we say “I do”.april (1)

 I can’t to hear all about the rest of her big day! Who else is getting excited? ~ Kate

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