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Hands up who went to a wedding fayre on Sunday? Did it inspire you? Did you find what you were looking for?

Cwtch the Bride was set up to inspire welsh couples planning their wedding. Whether it be in Wales or not. As a team, we love discovering new and established Welsh talent and introducing them to you via this blog. However, every now and then we do like to look further a field (dare I say it, outside Wales). And when most of these English, Irish, Scottish and international wedding professionals LOVE coming to Wales, it’s a bit rude not to include them occasionally.

So, you can imagine my delight when a few weeks ago, an invitation drops through my letterbox from the UK’s no.1 bridal magazine Brides, inviting me to visit the wedding industry’s most luxurious event ‘Brides The Show’ in London. I couldn’t resist.

Brides the Show

Brides the ShowNow, before I go any further. Brides the Show is not…I repeat…NOT a wedding fayre. There were no 6ft tressel tables with white table cloths in sight. This event featured some of the UK’s leading wedding professionals as well as an inspirational area for all those budding DIY brides.

So take a look around the show with me as I highlight some of the suppliers that really caught my eye! All images featured were taken by myself, Maria Farrelly Photography 


The show was buzzing with so many brides, bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom. It has to be said, there wasn’t a great deal of grooms-to-be or children present. But I guess if you plan to visit such an event in London, many of the women were on a shopping weekend and lets face it, not many men and kids enjoy that.


Check out the £5,000 Ian Stuart wedding dress the nation’s men told Brides Magazine they’d love you to wear. I’d wear it! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly152



Art with a Heart

This was a live auction that was taking place (up until 6th April) where you could bid on a one-off sketch by celebrities depicting their ultimate wedding dress. All in aid of the British Heart foundation.


Wales’ very own Julian McDonald was taking part too! Check out his sketch below.


This was one of my favourites. It was by Lulu Guinness and just the type of dress I love!


The Imagination Room

I loved this area and spent a lot of time checking out all the cool DIY ideas and watching the presentations. They ranged from making hair accessories, creating your own centrepieces, cookie Save The Dates…yes COOKIES! Plus LOADS more! I did join in with Always Andri Wedding design‘s workshop where I made some pretty cool paper flowers.



How cool would this floral frame be for a DIY photo booth? You could make one with paper flowers!


Or how about all these paper & floral decorations hanging from trees? Simple but so effective. You, your bridesmaids & friends could organise a cocktail and DIY afternoon. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly032Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly033Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly034Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly035Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly037


There were many interviews taking place in the sofa area. This gave brides-to-be the opportunity to pick up great tips and tricks from some of the industry’s leading professionals.



My Favourite Exhibitors!

The effort that had gone into all these exhibition stands truly blew me away.  I couldn’t help but stare at times. I loved the amount of detail each had put in. It proved to me this show was truly showcasing some of the BEST in the industry. It was an absolute pleasure to have spent time chatting with theses professionals. So next, I wanted to share with you those lovely suppliers I got to meet that completely wowed me.

By Appointment Only Design 

This was the first stand I saw as I walked in. NEVER have I seen a table centre as extravagant as this (and I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings over the years). I probably spent a good 20 minutes taking in all the details. Simply beautiful.







Ideas Box

Most of us would have seen the ice-cream cart at many wedding fayres. But I love how Ideas Box pushes this concept to another level. I am fond of a Pimms and although I hate cheese I was really impressed with the Cheese Tricycle. Both of these are perfect for any outdoor summer wedding.




I fell in love. As soon as I saw Lila’s stand, I couldn’t help myself. The detail in her work was incredible.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly065Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly061 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly062 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly063 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly064

The Meringue Girls

Speechless! I’d never seen a wedding cake like that before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours, the design, the whole damn thing.


They had an awesome selection of wedding favours available too. Why oh Why are these ladies not based in Wales?


Mary Jane Vaughan

This was my personal favourite! Mary Jane Vaughan oozed style, elegance and simplicity. My kind of professional!



Peach Blossom

This company offers some really pretty and stylish wedding products that can all be purchased online. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly074 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly075 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly076Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly078 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly079 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly080

Platinum Raspberry

When it comes to styling a wedding, many brides have an idea of a theme but don’t always know how to visualise it. Imagine finding a company that not only understood your vision but took it to the next level. let me introduce you to Platinum Raspberry. As a wedding photographer, part of my job on a wedding day is documenting all the details of the day. This includes the tables, favours etc.. When I saw this display I LOVED it! I could imagine how thrilled guests would be sitting down either table display. The creativity and effort was superb.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly081 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly082Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly084 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly085 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly086 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly087 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly088 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly089 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly090 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly091Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly094

Bobbi Brown

A great make up demo. You can see from the shot just how popular this was. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly095 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly096 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly097

The Wedding Tree

This was a really interesting alternative to a guest book. Guests would write a message onto a wooden heart and slot it into the frame (from the top). By the end of the wedding, the frame would be filled and ready to hang on your wall. How fabulous! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly099 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly100

Raj Tent Club

Raj Tent Club is a company specialising primarily in the sale and rental of exquisite decorative Indian tents. They also offer a comprehensive range of furniture, lighting and accessories inspired by nomadic traditions from around the world.

Little Bevan

If you are planning an authentic vintage style wedding you will LOVE Little Bevan.  This award winning boutique designs mini luxe childrenswear for every special occasion: weddings,
christenings, birthdays…  Little Bevan Couture is designed exclusively and individually made at their Pimlico boutiqueLittle Bevan Star is their ready-to-wear collection, available in store and at our online shop. How cute is the outfit for the dog?! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly118Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly120 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly121

Mega Booth

This company take the photo-booth idea to a whole new level. And yes…They will drive their Mini to Wales too :)

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly126 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly127 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly128


From unique, bespoke wedding table numbers to cute wedding favours, Bombus have some lovely accessories to complement your special day.Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly134 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly135Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly139 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly140

The Photo Emporium

Check out this amazing Airstream Photobooth by the photo emporium.



If you love macaroons then you will have heard of Ladurée.  If you haven’t, pop over to the website at least. Its super cute.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly154 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly155 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly156

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Here it is…The upside down wedding cake! Hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before! This four tiered beauty is real! It’s suspended and moves. My first question was…’How do you cut it for the traditional ‘cutting the cake’ photograph? ‘Carefully’ I recall was the most appropriate answer. It was certainly an inspiring show stopping piece.


The floral petals on these cupcakes were stunning. All edible too. Its seems wrong eat them haha but I bet they tasted incredible!

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly159Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly161 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly162

The catwalk show

So many beautiful and unusual gowns graced this catwalk. I’ve included some that really caught my eye and some that left me a little confused. Its fair to say we all have our own opinions on what makes a great wedding dress and here are some of the industries most inspiring designers. You be the judge. After all, as a bride to be, your the one that will be wearing one :)


Galia Lahav at Serendipity


Temperley London


Emma Hunt


Sheila Harding at Boa Boutique


Terry Fox at Boa Boutique


Ian Stuart


Maids to Measure


Zaeem Jamal


Berta Bridal at The Wedding Club


Temperley London


Katya Katya Shehurina


Ian Stuart


Ritva Westenius

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly188 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly189

Suzanne Neville


Elie by Elie Saab at The Wedding Club

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly191 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly192

Maids to Measure


Temperley London


Federica Bruno


Berta Bridal at The Wedding Club


Zaeem Jamal


Quintana Couture

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly200 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly201

Ian Stuart

Wow, so there you go! A pretty epic show wasn’t it! I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did and that its helped inspire you in some way. x

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