Destination Wedding: Magalie & Barney’s French Country Vintage Chic

One thing I love about running this blog is being able to share amazing real welsh weddings with you. Most of them take place in Wales, however occasionally we publish ones that take a B&G or local photographer further afield. Today is one such wedding and takes us to a beautiful part of France, Bergerac. I had the privilege of photographing this wedding myself!

Magalie and Barney were married in July at the beautiful La Leodardie, Bergerac, France. It was a wonderful country vintage wedding that oozed french chic. I was flown over for three incredible days and captured some very special moments. Lets hand you over to Magalie with all the details.

All images in this post are by ©Maria Farrelly Photography 


What was your budget? 

well, our budget was probably in the region of £18000, we spent about £7000 more!!

How would you describe your wedding theme?

French country vintage chic


What was your favourite part of your wedding?

The getting ready, the tractors! the French church ceremony, the speeches, the fun times whilst dining, all the guest going swimming mid way through lunch! ( it was boiling hot!! ) the French band and the classic ‘dance de la brioche’ and the ‘Umbrella’ dance.
And of course , le retour du marriage the day after around the lake. The lunch and wild lake swims


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

My best friends, Lucy, Kit , Sarah and Sally. They have been my friends throughout my life in London, I have lived here for 24 years and we have been particularly close since having children. We go on holiday together and spend all spare times like Easter breaks and new years together.bergerac_wedding_france267 Spen has became Barney’s best friend since they met about 10 years or so ago in Glastonbury festival. They get on so well and share an incredible passion for cycling. Barney knew when he proposed that Spen would be asked to be the best man. His other best friends, Adam and Mike and his brother Simon, made the rest of the best boys team to be on Barney’s side! bergerac_wedding_france270

Why did you choose your venue?

la Leotardie because it fitted everything I wanted. It is the most beautiful place ever

bergerac_wedding_france369bergerac_wedding_france009 bergerac_wedding_france272bergerac_wedding_france047

How did the proposal happen? 

Barney took me to Marrakesh for a ‘sans enfant’ rest.. We have a little girl with Autism and sometime it is nice to take time for ourselves, we hadn’t gone away together for a few years without her and also had one year old baby. Barney organised for his parents to have the children and took me away. He took me to the roof top on our beautiful Riad, ordered a cocktail and then started telling me how much he loved me, ect.. in a very nervous, clumsy way. I thought that he was about to tell me he was having an affair or something?! he then took out a box from his pocket and asked me to open it, I pushed it back twice telling him that he shouldn’t joke about these things. He told me it was no joke and told me that he wanted me to become his wife. I said yes, we cried and then texted the whole world to tell all our families and friends! Barney and I had been together for 15 years and I had kind of giving up that he would ever proposed.
He had organised a beautiful engagement ring to be made specially for me by one of our friends who is a gemmologist , she is based in Cardiff and is one of my closest friends!

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I collected vintage French and Moroccan stamps, postcards, and English and French vintage teapots for months! Barney designed the invitations and menus. Spen printed everything. I made envelops for the save the date cards. 
I had my wedding dress made by Ann Green in London, she also made the bridesmaids dresses which inspiration came from Roland Mouret summer collection that year 2012. bergerac_wedding_france269Barney bought his own suit and had his wedding shoes tattooed with our initial and the place we got married.


What was your first dance & why?

Robbie- Angel, we met when it was all that could be heard anywhere, anytime, we use to sing it out loud together, he now hates Robbie, we had to have it though, it was too significant to our meeting time, I still love Take That, but that’s a secret… Shhhhh… bergerac_wedding_france338

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nope, all was perfect!


Do you have any advice for future couples?

If you want to marry abroad, be prepared for the astronomical amount of legal requirements and paperwork. Also I am a non practising Catholic, but wanted a church wedding, to fit in with my families requests, mum particularly and my French background. Barney isn’t so we had to do lots of prep with priest here and in France so that the church would marry us there.

bergerac_wedding_france115 We also had to get married here in a registry office first to make our marriage legal. That was fun too, we married in Bath registry on 17th March 2012 and had a secret wedding party in Babington house. We all had to keep it secret so that we didn’t spoil the big day in August 16th 2012.

My head bridesmaid and make up artist Kit was the most organised and helpful friend ever. Delegate, delegate, delegate…and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to have a good cry and ask for help when things get too stressful.. Organising a wedding abroad when you are the only one speaking the language is highly stressful at times.. bergerac_wedding_france113

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Don’t wait 2 years! (I had a panic after our engagement about not having enough time to plan so I wanted to postpone the wedding to the year after, my best friend Kit discouraged me and we planned in 10 months, it was perfect, and I stressed 10 months instead of 2 years!!
If you cant find a dress, have it made ( I LOVED MY DRESS!!) bergerac_wedding_france097bergerac_wedding_france099

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Making home made things and researching things for the day like invites, cards, teapots ect..
Losing weight and getting fit!
Having the dress made and seeing it develop over the months, I designed my own dress.
Going to the venue for the first time..


The Wedding Album

All images by Maria Farrelly Photography

Getting married abroad and looking for a photographer?  Maria Farrelly is based in South Wales and travels all over the UK and abroad to photograph weddings. For more details you contact her here.



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