Real Wedding: Homemade Bride Kate’s Tortworth Court Wedding by Maria Farrelly

Our gorgeous Homemade Bride Kate Petersen married her lovely husband Sean on the 20th of December in Tortworth Court Hotel in South Gloucestershire. Having worked in the wedding industry for many years, Kate was bound to plan an epic wedding and hers doesn’t disappoint. With beautiful images from Cwtch creator Maria Farrelly here is Kate to tell us about their big day.


What was your budget?  The budget was a bit blurry. Being in the wedding business I was able to do a couple of contra deals that kept costs down. I honestly called in every favour that I could. Tortworth_Court_wedding155


How would you describe your wedding theme? Our theme was a country winter wedding with the touch of sparkle,lego and Star Wars. We basically decided to choose anything that we liked. We are both very eclectic and we just wanted into include both of our tastes. So the superhero table numbers sat very nicely next to the twinkle lights. Tortworth_Court_wedding015 Tortworth_Court_wedding036 Tortworth_Court_wedding086 Tortworth_Court_wedding096 Tortworth_Court_wedding099

What was your favourite part of your wedding? For both of us it was the actual wedding part. Even though I was really nervous saying our vows it meant so much to us. Apparently when we were talking our guests said it seemed like there was no one else in the room. But to be honest there wasn’t anyone else there. We were saying the vows to each other. Sean is also very traditional and he loves symbolism. One of his favourite parts was the exchanging of the rings and the meaning behind it. Tortworth_Court_wedding061 Tortworth_Court_wedding066 Tortworth_Court_wedding067 Tortworth_Court_wedding071

Tell us about your Wedding Dress After seeing over 1000 brides in their dresses I wanted something that stood out and was mine. I loved the idea of a blush dress but my sister told me to keep an open mind about a traditional white dress. I had only been engaged 3 days and I went to a wedding fayre. I walked in and saw my dress on a mannequin. I fell in love with it. Before I had even seen myself in it, I looked down and just knew. I did still go up to the NEC wedding show and try a whole bunch more on but I kept comparing it to this one. I just knew. Tortworth_Court_wedding009 Tortworth_Court_wedding041 Tortworth_Court_wedding042 Tortworth_Court_wedding111 Tortworth_Court_wedding112

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? Both of us are very close to our families. There were no other choices other than my sisters for bridesmaids and Sean’s brother as best man. I was so proud of all of them. They were amazing! Tortworth_Court_wedding003 Tortworth_Court_wedding026 Tortworth_Court_wedding027 Tortworth_Court_wedding033

Why did you choose your venue? We short listed three venues and booked to see them all on the same day so we could compare them directly. As soon as we drove up to Tortworth Court Hotel we fell in love. It just felt like us. It ticked all the boxes and it made us think of our guest experience. We wanted our friends and family to feel spoilt. Tortworth_Court_wedding029 Tortworth_Court_wedding076 Tortworth_Court_wedding117 Tortworth_Court_wedding147

How did the proposal happen?  Sean took me to Cornwall for a week and had suprised me with an amazing glamping experience. He took me to a place called Tintagel Castle. It is a castle ruin right on a cliff face. I suffer with vertigo and an absolute fear of falling. When we arrived at the castle there were hundreds of stairs up to the top of the cliff. I hated it. I moaned all the way up. Clinging for dear life in the fear that I will fall over the cliff. Once we got up the top we were going to have a picnic. Sean suggested we sat near the edge so we could see the sea. I was having none of it. Finally he coaxed me to go over for a look. While I was looking out to sea scared stiff he called my name. I turned round and he was on knee. I just bawled my eyes out. It was nearly forgivable making me face my fears. Tortworth_Court_wedding115Tortworth_Court_wedding100

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? Our whole wedding was DIY! We made everything but we made it because it was what I wanted to do rather than a money saving effort. It was more about making exactly what we wanted. I have already shared loads of tutorials that we decided to do for our wedding. Take a look through my previous posts. Make sure you have time to fit all of your DIYs in. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed and panicking about not getting everything done. Tortworth_Court_wedding032 Tortworth_Court_wedding083 Tortworth_Court_wedding125 Tortworth_Court_wedding128 Tortworth_Court_wedding129 Tortworth_Court_wedding149

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. We chose it because it was the only song that made Sean show any emotion. I was very lucky, with Sean I did the shuffling hug style dance but I had dance lessons with my dad. We danced to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. It was a great way to make sure my father was included in some aspects of the wedding planning. Really special time for me as I’m such a daddy’s girl. Tortworth_Court_wedding152Tortworth_Court_wedding159 Tortworth_Court_wedding057 Tortworth_Court_wedding058

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? I would make sure that I compared the RSVP list to the people we invited list sooner. With only a few weeks to the wedding I realised there were 8 people missing off the list that assumed I knew they were coming. Sean says he would have been harder on the venue about the little details. Don’t assume that just because they are a regular wedding venue that they know what you are wanting. Tortworth_Court_wedding150

Do you have any advice for future couples? The wedding is all about the budget. We didn’t want to start married life with massive debts so we booked our wedding with sufficient time for us to be able to save for it. It’s also important to think about the small stuff. All that stuff adds up. Many people forget about little things such as postage costs, candles and pens for the guestbook. Remember you are getting married because you love each other. Do things that you want to do! There is no such thing as a traditional wedding any more. Tortworth_Court_wedding034 Tortworth_Court_wedding072 Tortworth_Court_wedding080

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? Sean’s mum told him to make sure he always tell me how much he loves me and never forget to say how beautiful I am. He has listened to this and I love her for it. Tortworth_Court_wedding079 Tortworth_Court_wedding102 Tortworth_Court_wedding113

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? I loved the whole planning part but Sean loved when the planning part ended. Tortworth_Court_wedding001 Tortworth_Court_wedding005 Tortworth_Court_wedding020 Tortworth_Court_wedding025 Tortworth_Court_wedding063 Tortworth_Court_wedding070

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly Photography
Videographer: Apricot Tree Wedding Photography & Film
Wedding Planner: Marina Lois– as a massive favour
Ceremony Venue: Tortworth Court– The Atrium
Reception Venue: Tortworth Court– The Orangery
Bride’s Dress: Sentiments Luxury Bridalwear
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Outfit: A mix of Ted Baker, Matalan and Marks and Spencer
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Dessy with a belt added by me
Cake: My cousin made it and the flowers were made by Cake by Janet
Flowers: Bouquets and buttonholes were made by me- Kate Petersen Weddings. The rest of the flowers were done by Flowers with a twist
Hair: Myself. Bridesmaid hair by Janet White-Ashby 
Make Up: Myself
DJ: Kevin Silbey Sounds
Stationery: Sean made them
Any Reception Decor/Props: Pistachio Inc, Cwtch love lights

The Wedding Album

Tortworth_Court_wedding001 Tortworth_Court_wedding002 Tortworth_Court_wedding003 Tortworth_Court_wedding004 Tortworth_Court_wedding005 Tortworth_Court_wedding006 Tortworth_Court_wedding007 Tortworth_Court_wedding008 Tortworth_Court_wedding009 Tortworth_Court_wedding010 Tortworth_Court_wedding011 Tortworth_Court_wedding012 Tortworth_Court_wedding013 Tortworth_Court_wedding014 Tortworth_Court_wedding015 Tortworth_Court_wedding016 Tortworth_Court_wedding017 Tortworth_Court_wedding018 Tortworth_Court_wedding019 Tortworth_Court_wedding020 Tortworth_Court_wedding021 Tortworth_Court_wedding022 Tortworth_Court_wedding023 Tortworth_Court_wedding024 Tortworth_Court_wedding025 Tortworth_Court_wedding026 Tortworth_Court_wedding027 Tortworth_Court_wedding028 Tortworth_Court_wedding029 Tortworth_Court_wedding030 Tortworth_Court_wedding031 Tortworth_Court_wedding032 Tortworth_Court_wedding033 Tortworth_Court_wedding034 Tortworth_Court_wedding035 Tortworth_Court_wedding036 Tortworth_Court_wedding037 Tortworth_Court_wedding038 Tortworth_Court_wedding039 Tortworth_Court_wedding040 Tortworth_Court_wedding041 Tortworth_Court_wedding042 Tortworth_Court_wedding043 Tortworth_Court_wedding044 Tortworth_Court_wedding045 Tortworth_Court_wedding046 Tortworth_Court_wedding047 Tortworth_Court_wedding048 Tortworth_Court_wedding049 Tortworth_Court_wedding050 Tortworth_Court_wedding051 Tortworth_Court_wedding052 Tortworth_Court_wedding053 Tortworth_Court_wedding054 Tortworth_Court_wedding055 Tortworth_Court_wedding056 Tortworth_Court_wedding057 Tortworth_Court_wedding058 Tortworth_Court_wedding059 Tortworth_Court_wedding060 Tortworth_Court_wedding061 Tortworth_Court_wedding062 Tortworth_Court_wedding063 Tortworth_Court_wedding064 Tortworth_Court_wedding065 Tortworth_Court_wedding066 Tortworth_Court_wedding067 Tortworth_Court_wedding068 Tortworth_Court_wedding069 Tortworth_Court_wedding070 Tortworth_Court_wedding071 Tortworth_Court_wedding072 Tortworth_Court_wedding073 Tortworth_Court_wedding074 Tortworth_Court_wedding075 Tortworth_Court_wedding076 Tortworth_Court_wedding077 Tortworth_Court_wedding078 Tortworth_Court_wedding079 Tortworth_Court_wedding080 Tortworth_Court_wedding081 Tortworth_Court_wedding082 Tortworth_Court_wedding083 Tortworth_Court_wedding084 Tortworth_Court_wedding085 Tortworth_Court_wedding086 Tortworth_Court_wedding087 Tortworth_Court_wedding088 Tortworth_Court_wedding089 Tortworth_Court_wedding090 Tortworth_Court_wedding091 Tortworth_Court_wedding092 Tortworth_Court_wedding093 Tortworth_Court_wedding094 Tortworth_Court_wedding095 Tortworth_Court_wedding096 Tortworth_Court_wedding097 Tortworth_Court_wedding098 Tortworth_Court_wedding099 Tortworth_Court_wedding100 Tortworth_Court_wedding101 Tortworth_Court_wedding102 Tortworth_Court_wedding103 Tortworth_Court_wedding104 Tortworth_Court_wedding105 Tortworth_Court_wedding106 Tortworth_Court_wedding107 Tortworth_Court_wedding108 Tortworth_Court_wedding109 Tortworth_Court_wedding110 Tortworth_Court_wedding111 Tortworth_Court_wedding112 Tortworth_Court_wedding113 Tortworth_Court_wedding114 Tortworth_Court_wedding115 Tortworth_Court_wedding116 Tortworth_Court_wedding117 Tortworth_Court_wedding118 Tortworth_Court_wedding119 Tortworth_Court_wedding120 Tortworth_Court_wedding121 Tortworth_Court_wedding122 Tortworth_Court_wedding123 Tortworth_Court_wedding124 Tortworth_Court_wedding125 Tortworth_Court_wedding126 Tortworth_Court_wedding127 Tortworth_Court_wedding128 Tortworth_Court_wedding129 Tortworth_Court_wedding130 Tortworth_Court_wedding131 Tortworth_Court_wedding132 Tortworth_Court_wedding133 Tortworth_Court_wedding134 Tortworth_Court_wedding135 Tortworth_Court_wedding136 Tortworth_Court_wedding137 Tortworth_Court_wedding138 Tortworth_Court_wedding139 Tortworth_Court_wedding140 Tortworth_Court_wedding141 Tortworth_Court_wedding142 Tortworth_Court_wedding143 Tortworth_Court_wedding144 Tortworth_Court_wedding145 Tortworth_Court_wedding146 Tortworth_Court_wedding147 Tortworth_Court_wedding148 Tortworth_Court_wedding149 Tortworth_Court_wedding150 Tortworth_Court_wedding151 Tortworth_Court_wedding152 Tortworth_Court_wedding153 Tortworth_Court_wedding154 Tortworth_Court_wedding155 Tortworth_Court_wedding156 Tortworth_Court_wedding157 Tortworth_Court_wedding158 Tortworth_Court_wedding159 Tortworth_Court_wedding160 Tortworth_Court_wedding161 Tortworth_Court_wedding162 Tortworth_Court_wedding163 Tortworth_Court_wedding164

Wow such a beautiful wedding! Leave our Kate a comment and show her some love :) xxx

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  1. Hi I really love your dress and think its what ive been looking for i think . Can you tell me the designer and name of the dress by any chance or is the dress for sale ? any help would be fab .

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