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When I was getting married I did wonder why people would have their pets at your wedding. The thing is my folks dog is a bit of a delinquent so the thought of him jumping up on my dress filled me with horror. All that has changed!  I have recently gained a new family member. I have a little fur baby and I would like to introduce my Kiwi. She has stolen my heart and now I get it. Why wouldn’t you want one of your favourite family member there with you on your big day!

Kiwi2So I reached out to our lovely photography friends and asked if any of them had encountered any weddings where animals were involved? I was blown away. I didn’t realise that having your beloved pet as part of your big day was becoming a massive wedding trend. I decided that I should defiantly write about it. I soon found out that there were a whole bunch of things to think about. So much so that it was very clear to me that I would need to split this into two posts.

The Venue

sian elizabeth owen2Photo Credit: Sian Owen Photography

This is one of the most important questions to ask and yet it easily gets overlooked quite often. It should be the first thing on your list I can think of nothing worse than arriving at the venue on your big day, with your four legged friend, and then being refused entry with them.

If your venue are happy to have pets then make sure that you make the time to take them before the wedding. It’s a new place and they need to get used to it. On the big day make sure there is a bowl of water, treats and a place for them to have as a safe place, so perhaps take their basket. Lastly ask one or two of the guest to be a pet sitter on the day. There will be a lot going on and you need to know that they are in good hands. taking your puppy out for a potty breaks and making sure they don’t eat the wedding cake. lloyd williamsPhoto Credit: Lloyd Williams

carly turner llewellyn

Photo Credit: Carly Turner Photography

 Your Guests

Let your guests know in advance. As a person who has more allergies than you can imagine I can tell you that If you have a severe cat or dog allergy then being given the heads up to take an anti histamine is a massive bonus.

dan morris2Photo Credit: Dan Morris

The other thing to think about is that I have a friend who has a massive fear of dogs. Knowing that there is a dog there is something that she would need to get her head around. Giving her and advance warning would really help her make a plan and still enjoy the day.

sian elizabeth owen 5Photo Credit: Sian Owen Photography

 Let Your Photographer Know

Make sure that you notify you photographer that you are going to be having you furry friend with you. They will be able to plan some amazing and fun shots involving your pet. They will also be able to prepare for unpredictable behaviour and other details. steve wheller2Photo Credit: Art By Design

Abigail Apollonio-WilliamsPhoto Credit: Abigail Apollonio Photography

I think you will agree that they are just the pets at your wedding can actually work out to be a really great thing and be perfect for when you want some amazing shots of your family, fur babys and all. ~ Kate

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