Past Bride Top Vendor Choice: Promo Films

Sometimes it’s nice to hear from people who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. That’s why we have our regular past bride contributors on the site like Charlie, Pippa & Sophie, to give you all a bit of help while you’re in the midst of planning your weddings!

We also like to hear from our readers who are now married, especially when they have a vendor that they absolutely loved. What better than a personal recommendation from a bride or groom who’s already used that service for her own wedding? :) Emma got in touch to recommend her videographer :)


The Details



When did you get married?

September 2012


Rob Summers, Promo Films

What do they do


Why they stood out:

They had a very different style of wedding video. It was a quirky video condensing our day into an amazing 15 minute film and a trailer to go with it. No boring wedding video that your long lost uncle has taken of the day. We watch it over and over and see something different every time :)

Are you a past bride with a lot of love for your vendors? Drop us a line at if you’d like to tell the world about it too! :)

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