Non-Religious Wedding Readings: Part 7

Today I have a little quote to add to our series of Non-Religious Wedding Readings. A religious ceremony can still use non-religious wedding readings but not vice versa so it is one of the things we get asked for help with the most. We will keep carrying on finding more and more inspiration for you! the-pursuit-of-love-nancy-mitford
I love this little quote. It is so true. Until I met my husband I didn’t understand what people meant when they said “You will know when you meet The One.” The day I met him I totally got it!
Nobody has a whole heart just half a heart. The middle side is like a puzzle piece. Sometimes we try to get two pieces together, but instead it creates friction, scratches on the surface, and hurts like hell, but that doesn’t mean our heart’s useless. No matter how damaged they may get they are never useless, but when you find the one person who does fit that’s when you know you’re happy. Never give up and keep on going and make sure to listen to your heart, you just might find the other piece.


– Jacob Guerrero

We would love to hear from you in the comments section if you would like to share your favourite wedding readings with our readers. We will endeavour to come up with more and more inspiration for you and would also love you to get in touch if we have helped you find your non-religious wedding reading!

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