Midweek Mini: Lindsey, Mark & Raspberry Jam

Our midweek mini feature this week was written by the lovely Lindsey. Lindsey was one half of the amazing duo who worked so hard to help make CWTCHFEST a reality and you will be seeing a lot more of this lady on the blog in the future.

All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.


There are so many wonderful moments from our day that I will hold dear.


One of my favourites that I want to share with you guys on Cwtch was a moment on the dance floor in the middle of our band’s second set.

Our band Raspberry Jam blew us all away- we had been so relaxed about the whole wedding planning process we had managed to find a band that we didn’t even have to pay a deposit.  We were not even sure they would show up  and when they did and were awesome we could not believe our luck! 935
Mark put his arm around me and we looked around and he asked ‘Happy?’
And we took that moment to absorb all the happy smiling faces of all we loved crazily dancing to Mumford and Sons and felt the absolute pure love in that room. 9519581002
There are not many moments in your life when all you love dearly are together in that joyous way.  I can close my eyes and still remember that feeling of utter happiness and I am so grateful to have experienced it. 951 958 9671002
And if you want to see Lindsey’s gorgeous St Fagans wedding in full click on this link :)

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