Mid-Week Mini By Chris Morse

Today we have a Mid-Week Mini from the talented photographer Chris Morse Photography. He has a funny little story about forgetting something pretty important. 

Kirsty, Jon and about 20 of their closest friends and family stayed at Trevor Hall from Friday to Monday, which I think is an awesome idea.  They had a relaxed night on Friday, Wedding on Saturday then a Cocktail Party on Sunday – now that’s how you celebrate!

On Saturday morning I arrived to the news that Kirsty was feeling unwell.  She was on antibiotics & painkillers and had been for a few days.  Kirsty had not long woken up, so while she was making herself feel a little more human, I busied myself taking a few detail shots while the finishing touches were being applied to the Christmas themed dining room.


One of my favorite things about a weekend wedding like theirs, is that everyone is in the same place.  Which makes it really easy to tell both sides of the story.  I could easily nip down the corridor to catch Jon and his son getting ready, then nip back to continue photographing Kirsty.

Trevor Hall is an amazing building, full of quirky details, eccentric props, 4 poster beds, big windows and massive mirrors. It makes for a wonderful place to get ready.  I particularly like the shot of Kirsty surrounded by her bridesmaids in their gorgeous champagne sequined dresses.  In contrast to that, the shot of them walking through LLangollen in their onesies always makes me laugh.Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-15Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-16

Once we made sure the house was clear of guests, it was time to head to the church, at the bottom of the drive.  A little shame that the rain couldn’t hold off for a minute or two longer, but never mind.  It didn’t ruin the atmosphere one bit. Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-19

Surrounded by tall trees, the church is beautiful, intimate and surprisingly bright.  It’s conveniently placed just a short walk through the woods at the bottom of Trevor Hall’s drive way.  Which is handy as there was a mix up and things, got lost in translation and somehow Jon’s ring was left at the house!  So, in the middle of the service there was a mad dash back to the house!  The Vicar didn’t skip a beat though, he quickly suggested we sang one of the songs planned for later in the service while we waited for the ring.  That song was “12 Days Of Christmas”.  I’m sure you’re all aware that the fifth verse of that song is the “five gold rings” verse!  And I’m sure you can imagine, all their guests sang this with added emphasis!  Luckily it was all taken in good spirits by the Vicar, Bride, Groom and all their friends and family.Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-21Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-22Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-23Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-24Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-26Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-27Chris-Morse-(Budworth)-28

These little blips are the stories that you remember in years to come. If you have a little story that you would like to share with our readers then send it in to info@cwtchthebride.com. ~Kate

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