Falling in Love: Part one

If you are a follower of our Facebook page, you’ll know we ask lots of questions. We love getting to know you all.

Recently I asked, how did you meet you’re other half? Very quickly I started getting snippets of some fabulous Welsh love stories! After emailing some of our readers and hearing how wonderful these stories are, they’ve agreed to let me share them with you all.

I personally love reading about those that took risks, trusted that gut instinct and followed their heart. Life is way too short to spend it waiting for mr or mrs right to come knocking on your door.

Here is the first in a series of posts as told by our readers. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Maria

How Hannah Met Dan (as told by Hannah)


So I popped into the bank in Abergavenny as I did on a weekly basis. And there was a new boy behind the counter.  I fleetingly noticed he was quite cute, dark cheeky smile, but that was it.  I went to the counter and he said “what kind of name is that – you’re not from around here” and I thought he was so cheeky! So having heard his strong Tredegar accent I told him the same!

My colleague was waiting for me outside and I said “that boy in there was so cheeky” and told her the story.  “Hannah, that’s flirting.”  Hahahaha I had no idea! Having gone through a break up I was “off men” for a while. Or so I thought! That was that and it wasn’t until a week later, I popped into the bank and the cheeky smile was there again. He waved over for me to go to his counter. Then the butterflies started and I found myself looking forward to my weekly bank visits ;-)

I was at home one evening and had a message on Facebook.  It was addressed to girl with the funny name and from bank boy. We’d had one mutual friend in common and apparently I popped up on his newsfeed. We went for a few dates in our lunch breaks over the next week or two then I had a phone call Xmas 2009 – did I want to spend new year in Paris?

My mam was a bit wary because we’d only just met but I followed my gut feeling and thought “why not” travelling on trains and staying in hostels is a good way to get to know someone.We both talked about backpacking but never had the chance to do it so I spent two amazing weeks on an adventure backpacking around Europe. We fell in love. It was the time of my life.

love_at_first_sight0005 love_at_first_sight0007love_at_first_sight0003
We’ve kept travelling the globe and road tripped all around the west coast, New York Vegas.

He told me in our road trip that everyone thought he’d propose to me but he wanted me to remember it as my 30th trip not the holiday we got engaged.

It was on a weekend in London two weeks after our road trip that Dan proposed. He booked us in a suite at the park plaza – I assumed that we’d just had an upgrade.

My best friend Rebecca lives in London so whenever we’re there I always meet up with her. I didn’t realise that this spoiled his plans to take me to Primrose Hill and propose as the sun set!

We ended up in a secret cocktail place in London where we had to walk through a smeg fridge! Had brunch, cocktails and then dan kept nervously checking his watch and panicking about time.

We got back to the hotel. I had my orders to shower. (So he could order some wine ready to pop the question) and I came out of the shower (with a very fetching shower cap on) and watch Murray win on the TV. Someone knocked the door and as I skipped over Dan says “you’re in your dressing gown I’ll get it” panicking that I’d spoil the surprise (again) and I turned around, he was on one knee holding a box.

I had no clue! I just burst into tears and jumped around the room (forgetting to say yes)


It was amazing. He asked my mam’s permission the week before. I may have been naked with just a dressing gown and shower cap on and not on primrose hill but it was us. Every crazy minute. After a few phone calls and crying we had the most amazing night listening to Buble at the O2 :-) and of course there’ll be plenty of buble at our wedding next summer.


Thanks for sharing Hannah! We think Bank Boy rocks!

I’m sure there are lots more welsh modern love stories amongst us all! come on…lets start sharing them, this series of posts may give someone the courage to follow their heart!  How did you and your other half meet? We’d love to know. Email your story to us at info@cwtchthebride.co.uk and if chosen, you too will feature on our blog :) If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, thats fine with us too xxx

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