Merry Christmas from Cwtch The Bride

Hello lovely Cwtchers!

We’re off to collapse into a Christmas food coma now.

We wanted to let you know that we hope you all have a fabulous holiday break, eat lots, drink lots and be fabulously merry in your Christmas Jumpers and novelty socks.

We have had an awesome 2016 (y’know, apart from losing a load of the worlds more incredible people and, well, that whole Trump thing!)

With two massively successful Cwtchfests and workshops, we will be back in 2017 with more wonderful content, new bride and groom-to-be bloggers and more brilliant Cwtchfest events.

Thank you for all being amazing! Here we are wishing you all a………….

Merry Christmas


AKA The Boobless Bride, Dawn was one of our Bride to Be bloggers from 2015.  Now she is married we just couldn’t bare to let her go, so she will be officially joining the team in January as a volunteer, and we cannot wait!!


The fabulous Lindsay will be working her little tush off for some super exciting stuff we have planned for 2017! Keep your eyes peeled!

m-and-a-xmasMaria and Anna

And Maria and Anna will be back, with more fabulous content, features and stories and exciting Real Weddings from some amazingly talented photographers in Wales.

See you in 2017! xxxx


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