Mark and Sian’s relaxed Caer Llan wedding by Maria Farrelly Photography

Today we have the fabulous Sian & Mark sharing their beautiful relaxed Welsh Wedding at Caer Llan, Monmouth. Photographed by Cwtch The Bride’s founder, Maria Farrelly Photography. Lets hand you over to Sian and let her tell you all about their big day. Enjoy x caer_llan_541caer_llan_389What was your budget? 

It was around £13k, although we did go over as most people do.
We were lucky enough to have much of the budget as gifts from the familycaer_llan_380
How would you describe your wedding theme?

We didn’t really have a theme, but we were aiming for the whole weekend to be relaxed and informal

We wanted our family/friends to really kick back have a great time and treat it like a mini holiday as it was all weekend.caer_llan_478caer_llan_339What was your favourite part of your wedding?

It’s hard to pick one part as it was all amazing!caer_llan_512Tell us about your Wedding Dress.

My dress is from All about Eve in Newport, I fell in love with it on the hanger! it was just what i was looking for.caer_llan_015caer_llan_017Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Best Man & Bridesmaid were our best friends Vinny & Lisa. We were best man and bridesmaids at their wedding too.
We also had, Vinny & Lisa’s girls as flower girls and Marks’s nephews as page boys – they were adorable.caer_llan_334caer_llan_266
Why did you choose your venue?

We were trying to find somewhere that none of our friends or family had already got married in – it was a tall order!
We both fell in love with Caer LLan the first time we saw it, even in the snow!
It was different to anything else we’d seen, relaxed and quirky and the fact we had it for a full weekend just made it all the more special. The owners Vicki & Jake were also amazing and couldn’t do enough for you, we felt like we were the first people to ever get married there and not another couple in a long line of weddings. caer_llan_003

caer_llan_053caer_llan_061caer_llan_548Tell us about your photographer.

Our photographer was Maria Farrelly. I knew Maria from way back when we both worked in the same nightclub in Newport but I hadn’t seen her for years. Then I bumped into her again at a friend’s wedding she was photographing. After seeing her in action that day and then looking at her work it was a no brainer that we would use her. We didn’t even see anyone else. caer_llan_363How did the proposal happen? 

It was Christmas morning 2013, it totally floored me, as we’d always said we would never get married!
I swore (twice)– not quite the response he was after, but then I said yes and blubbed a bit!!! caer_llan_099
Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Mark is a graphic designer and runs his own design practice, part of which specialises in bespoke wedding stationery so he made the invites, although it was touch and go whether they would be ready on time due to his busy work life!caer_llan_416caer_llan_418caer_llan_419caer_llan_427We decided to make our own decorations – origami cranes! We roped in both our mum’s to help and made over 200 in total. We didn’t use half of them in the end!!!

caer_llan_006What was your first dance & why?

We both have such different tastes in music it was hard to pick something we both liked. Then one day this particular song came on the radio and we both started singing along and it was decided!!caer_llan_581In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I don’t think we would have done anything differently, everything went so smoothly, it was better than we ever could have imagined.caer_llan_593Do you have any advice for future couples?

Don’t panic as everything comes together in the end! Enjoy the day and savor every moment as it passes far to quickly even when ours was a full weekend.caer_llan_545What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

That’s it now you’ll never have any money.caer_llan_506What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Sian: Reading blogs (this one of course) and using pinterest to get collect ideas and then seeing them all pulled together at the end, looking amazing.
Mark: There were many different elements that spring to mind but coming up with the concept for our stationery is the stand out part for me.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly
Ceremony Venue: Caer Llan
Reception Venue: Caer Llan
Bride’s Dress: All about Eve, Newport
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Groom’s Outfit: Jeff Banks
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast and BHS
Cake: Made by the grooms dad and sister
Flowers: Rolfe’s Florist, Cardiff
Hair: by Brides friend Anna
Make Up: By Brides friend Angelina
DJ: Richard Moulton
Stationery: The Groom
Any Reception Decor/Props: homemade by bride and groom and their mums!

The Wedding Album

caer_llan_002 caer_llan_003 caer_llan_004 caer_llan_006 caer_llan_007 caer_llan_013 caer_llan_014 caer_llan_015 caer_llan_017 caer_llan_023 caer_llan_028 caer_llan_029 caer_llan_033 caer_llan_042 caer_llan_047 caer_llan_048 caer_llan_052 caer_llan_053 caer_llan_054 caer_llan_061 caer_llan_062 caer_llan_065 caer_llan_074 caer_llan_078 caer_llan_079 caer_llan_091 caer_llan_092 caer_llan_096 caer_llan_097 caer_llan_118 caer_llan_123 caer_llan_130 caer_llan_134 caer_llan_145 caer_llan_150 caer_llan_152 caer_llan_156 caer_llan_159 caer_llan_165 caer_llan_167 caer_llan_169 caer_llan_173 caer_llan_174 caer_llan_178 caer_llan_180 caer_llan_185 caer_llan_186 caer_llan_187 caer_llan_189 caer_llan_199 caer_llan_205 caer_llan_207 caer_llan_212 caer_llan_215 caer_llan_227 caer_llan_242 caer_llan_245 caer_llan_249 caer_llan_256 caer_llan_266 caer_llan_299 caer_llan_300 caer_llan_307 caer_llan_310 caer_llan_318 caer_llan_320 caer_llan_324 caer_llan_333 caer_llan_336 caer_llan_339 caer_llan_347 caer_llan_357 caer_llan_358 caer_llan_362 caer_llan_363 caer_llan_369 caer_llan_371 caer_llan_378 caer_llan_385 caer_llan_389 caer_llan_390 caer_llan_393 caer_llan_398 caer_llan_409 caer_llan_415 caer_llan_416 caer_llan_418 caer_llan_419 caer_llan_427 caer_llan_439 caer_llan_465 caer_llan_469 caer_llan_470 caer_llan_477 caer_llan_478 caer_llan_486 caer_llan_495 caer_llan_497 caer_llan_501 caer_llan_502 caer_llan_506 caer_llan_508 caer_llan_509 caer_llan_510 caer_llan_512 caer_llan_513 caer_llan_515 caer_llan_522 caer_llan_526 caer_llan_528 caer_llan_531 caer_llan_541 caer_llan_545 caer_llan_546 caer_llan_550 caer_llan_552 caer_llan_553 caer_llan_561 caer_llan_565 caer_llan_568 caer_llan_572 caer_llan_579 caer_llan_581 caer_llan_585 caer_llan_590 caer_llan_593 caer_llan_605 caer_llan_614 caer_llan_660 caer_llan_677 caer_llan_694 caer_llan_713 caer_llan_755

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