Lydia & Mike’s Intimate Welsh Wedding by Maria Farrelly Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Lydia & Mike’s relaxed, Welsh Wedding in August this year. Today I get to share it with you all. Enjoy x 

Images by: Maria Farrelly Photography

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly078What was your budget? 

Initially we had a set a budget of £10,000 and we set our date for two years after we got engaged to give us plenty of time to save. However, after going to a few wedding fayre’s and looking at lots of venues we realised that what we wanted for our day was not going to be possible on our budget. In the end we saved and spent £12,000. For this we got everything we could want for our big day. We had lots of help from family and without them we would probably still be saving now, or at least paying off a big credit card bill!welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly112How would you describe your wedding theme?

We didn’t really have a theme as such. We suppose we could have passed it off as vintage (tea cups, lace and vintage jugs) but we just had all the things we both love. We got a lot of inspiration from wedding magazines, fayre’s and blogs, especially Cwtch the Bride.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly011I LOVE flowers, so they were a big part of our day and we had an abundance of flowers at both the church and the reception venue in pinks, blues and green, supplied by The Ivy and our venue The Old Barn Inn. They were absolutely beautiful and our suppliers did us proud.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly055welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly082welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly110We had lace chair tie backs and my grandmother made vintage flowers for the centre. I made the table plan from a vintage style pin board (with a little help from a friend). Our cake was inspired by the colours of our flowers and was based on a design Rachel had previously made at the Little Cake Cupboard.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly091Overall, we wanted a laid back day where all our friends and family could be together and just enjoy the celebration. Even our photographer and DJ mentioned how laid back and relaxed the wedding was (until about 10pm anyway, that’s when the real party started!).

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

We couldn’t choose a particular part that we enjoyed most. Everything went so smoothly and we had so much fun at the reception venue. It was great to have everyone together as we have many friends and family that don’t live close by.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly121The ceremony was just perfect. I walked in to ‘Oh Perfect Love’ by Joseph Barnby. I didn’t want the traditional ‘Bridal March’ but we did go for the ‘Wedding March’ by Mendelssohn as we walked out. Our Reverend so brilliant and everyone sang his praises afterwards. Hearing the church bells after the ceremony and enjoying a few moments together outside the church was lovely. We had a chance to let it all soak in before the reception.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly046welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly049 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly056welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly028 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly059 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly065Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I had so much fun trying on wedding dresses. I went shopping with my mum, sisters and grandmother. I knew my sisters would give me honest opinions on what looked good. I think I tried on about 10 dresses but I first saw the one I wanted on the internet. It was a design by Martina Liana and they only stocked it in Laura May Bridal in Cardiff so I made an appointment. I knew when I tried it on it was the one but being a woman of course I had to try on a few more. Just to make sure. I wanted a lace gown with a full skirt and that wasn’t strapless. This had all of those things. Plus a blush sash which went perfectly with my colour scheme.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly008 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly009 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly022 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly023I didn’t decide on a veil until a few weeks before the big day. I’m sure I was still uncertain on the day. But I don’t regret wearing it at all. It gave me that little something that made me feel like a bride.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly043Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

We chose Mike’s best friend Jamie as best man my two sisters Amelia and Isabella and Mike’s sister Kelly as bridesmaids. It was a no brainer really. I think Mike and Jamie had made a pact a very long time ago to be each others best men! I chose my sisters as they are who I am closest too and share everything with so couldn’t have them not share this special day with me. If I had had an unlimited budget I would have also had a few close friends as bridesmaids but wanted to keep the wedding party small so stuck to our sisters. A family affair! 
423Why did you choose your venue?

We looked at a few bigger venues but found they all had minimum numbers or set menus etc. There was always a limitation that didn’t meet our needs.

Our venue was suggested by my grandad, he remembered it as a place where he and my grandmother used to go. Although he wasn’t quite sure what it was like these days. He took me there, it was great so I set up a meeting. Mike and I went back and after meeting Jackie the owner we didn’t look back. She was flexible in everyday, the food was great, the price was even better (compared to the bigger venues) and most importantly to us, the vibe was right. Relaxed, in the country but not too far for our guests to travel. It was perfect.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly106 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly107welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly099 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly081How did the proposal happen? 

After meeting through my sister Amelia, we started dating and then Mike went back to university in Exeter. I was working full time so drove down most weekends to spend it with him. I have to give it to his friends, I went down to see them too!

I dropped a few hints, looking at rings on the internet and in shop windows. The look on Mike’s face never failed to amuse me. Then on the morning of my birthday, after two and a half years of being together he popped the question. On one knee and everything! I said yes straight away of course. He had been listening and taking note of all the rings I’d pointed out over the months and my engagement ring was perfect. Except it was too small. We called the jewellers and they’d sorted it the same day. We went to Cardiff for the day to celebrate and had lunch at Jamie’s Italian, which he knows I love.

From then on we started gathering inspiration and planning our big day.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly079Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

My friend Sarah and I had been on a DIY mission for a while as she got married just six weeks before us. We made a few things ourselves. I wanted the table plan to be unique and found a vintage pin board whilst shopping that was perfect for the job.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly089My grandparents helped to make flowers for the backs of the chairs, wooden hearts for the tables numbers, signs to the church and reception venue (we didn’t know about those until the day), wooden scoops for the sweet buffet and we did all of the favours ourselves.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly084welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly108What was your first dance & why?

This was probably the hardest part of planning the wedding. We didn’t decide until about two days before when we had no choice but to send our DJ a track. We had heard a few songs that we both liked but neither of us could agree on one which we loved. We had always said if we got married we’d have the Ellie Goulding version of ‘Your Song’, but as much as we still love it, we have heard it so many times and decided it wasn’t for us anymore.

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly119In the end we went with ‘Latch’ acoustic version by Sam Smith, a few weeks before the wedding my sister played it to me and I fell in love with it straight away. It took a while to convince Mike and we both have such different tastes in music. However, it felt right going with that song and it is so beautiful. So every time we hear it we can be reminded of our wedding day.

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

We don’t think we would have done anything differently. We had everyone we love with us and everyone had such a great time. The only thing we would have liked is for the day to last longer. The old saying ‘not enough hours in the day’ is never more true than on your wedding day.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly140Do you have any advice for future couples?

Just to enjoy the day. Don’t stress over little things that won’t even be noticed on the day. The guests don’t know what to expect so won’t know if something hasn’t gone quite the way you planned. Do something DIY, it makes it more personal to you and you feel proud knowing you made that table plan or put together your centrepieces. Also, take some time out after the wedding, even if you’re not having a honeymoon. Enjoy a few days just to yourselves and shut off from the rest of the world. Sit and look through the photos together. Oh and make sure you have a Photo Booth for the evening!!

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly116What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

We had plenty in our guest book, but we always stick to letting each other be your own person and have independence. We have our lives with our friends and we have our life together. Like being best friends as well as husband and wife. It has worked for us this far and we couldn’t be happier.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly111What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Spending time going through ideas with each other, friends and family. The day turned out to be perfect and had a little inspiration from all of the best people in our lives.welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly093

Wedding Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly Photography
Ceremony Venue: All Saint’s Church, Llanfrechfa
Reception Venue: The Old Barn Inn
Bride’s Dress: Martina Liana from Laura May Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Ted Baker
Bride’s Headpiece: Etsy
Bride’s Jewellery: Etsy
Groom’s Outfit: Ted Baker at Moss Bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses:
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Dorothy Perkins
Cake: Little Cake Cupboard
Flowers: The Ivy, Malpas
Hair: Janet White-Ashby
Make Up: Janet White-Ashby
DJ: Boutique Disco
Stationery: Debbie Jenkins
Transport: Elite Cars

The Wedding Album

welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly001 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly002 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly003 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly004 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly005 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly006 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly007 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly008 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly009 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly010 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly011 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly012 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly013 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly014 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly015 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly016 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly017 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly018 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly019 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly020 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly021 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly022 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly023 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly024 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly025 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly026 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly027 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly028 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly029 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly030 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly031 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly032 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly033 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly034 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly035 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly036 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly037 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly038 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly039 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly040 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly041 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly042 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly043 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly044 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly045 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly046 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly047 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly048 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly049 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly050 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly051 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly052 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly053 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly054 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly055 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly056 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly057 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly058 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly059 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly060 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly061 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly062 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly063 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly064 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly065 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly066 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly067 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly068 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly069 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly070 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly071 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly072 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly073 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly074 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly075 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly076 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly077 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly078 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly079 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly080 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly081 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly082 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly083 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly084 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly085 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly086 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly087 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly088 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly089 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly090 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly091 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly092 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly093 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly094 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly095 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly096 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly097 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly098 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly099 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly100 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly101 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly102 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly103 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly104 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly105 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly106 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly107 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly108 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly109 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly110 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly111 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly112 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly113 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly114 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly115 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly116 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly117 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly118 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly119 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly120 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly121 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly122 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly123 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly124 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly125 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly126 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly127 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly128 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly129 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly130 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly131 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly132 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly133 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly134 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly135 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly136 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly137 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly138 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly139 welsh_wedding_maria_farrelly140

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