Lush List Vendor: Floral Fashion by Hilary’s Floral Design

Today we are joined by Charlotte, guest writer and RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist from one of our fabulous Lush List vendors: Hilary’s Floral Design. Charlotte will be writing a series of posts on floral fashion, beginning today with wearable florals. Take it away Charlotte!


Floral Fashion

Wearable fresh flowers by Hilary’s Floral Design

At Hilary’s Floral Design we have seen an increase over the last couple of years, in the amount of Brides and female guests who are attending a wedding and would like a bespoke floral accessory, such as a necklace or hat created in fresh flowers

This unique and bold statement of fashion, not only smells beautiful, but looks incredibly beautiful too.

How do I wear flowers as a Bride?

Flowers are more adaptable and versatile than most people realise, and can be used in so many ways other than within your bridal bouquet. Many of our brides like to accessorise their look with a floral crown or hair slide which corresponds with the flowers within the bouquet. Other brides like to step up their look and have a floral body adornment created, which can be worn throughout the wedding day. Floral crownBody adornment.jpg Back of body necklace

One of our favourite looks at the moment at Hilary’s Floral Design is the floral parasol, which replaces the traditional bridal bouquet. The floral parasol is so unique and memorable and attracts so much attention.

Floral parasol.jpg

I’m a guest at a wedding, what can I wear in fresh flowers?

A firm favourite amongst most guests and especially with our Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom who are attending a wedding, are our floral fascinators and floral hats.

Many Mothers of the Bride and  Groom love to bring in their fascinators into us and we then add  fresh flowers and accessories which creates a beautiful new look for the day.

Floral hats are also a popular choice and are unique pieces of floral fashion, which can finish off the overall look to your outfit for the day.

floral fascinator.jpg

How can I wear floral jewellery?

At Hilary’s Floral Design we would recommend the best wear to floral jewellery would be as a floral necklace, floral earrings or rings.

Floral necklaces are the most popular and easiest item to wear to a wedding, as you can simply pop the necklace on and forget about it for the rest of the day. All items of floral jewellery can be created to correspond with your outfit or accessories to match or compliment perfectly.

floral necklace.jpg floral ring.jpg

What flowers are best to use?

We would always recommend Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids first, as they are fantastic at lasting and look amazing throughout the day. Other flowers which work well are Ornithagalum (which are a small white daisy shaped flower) Spray rose buds, craspedia, germini, astrantia, hypericum berries, viburnum berries, ranunculus to name but a few.

Any flower that has a relatively flat base, hard or firm exterior, of petals that retain moisture normally works well when creating floral items such as hats, fascinators or Jewellery items.


Standing out from the crowd

We all like to look our very best when attending a wedding, and what better way than to do this, than by having something made for you that is bespoke and uniquely made out of fresh flowers  by one of our very talented florists at Hilary’s Floral Design.

So if you are planning your wedding day or are attending a wedding day soon, pop in and see us soon.


Charlotte Cooke

of Hilary’s Floral Design

01873 853086



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