Lush List Vendor: A Midsummer’s Day Pre-Wedding Shoot by Martin Phillips

Today’s stunning pre-wedding shoot by Martin Phillips really shows off why every couple should have one!


With Midsummer’s Day approaching this weekend, photographer and LUSH LIST member Martin Phillips is sharing this shoot from exactly a year ago. With a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous location this shoot is extra special to Martin because the bride is his daughter! We will be featuring the full wedding in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled! SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0019

The Story

Could there be a more idyllic setting for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot? A champagne picnic followed by a bit of gallivanting, amongst wildflowers and grasses next to a woodland stream? SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0003

On Midsummer’s Day exactly a year ago, we travelled to a picture-perfect and quintessentially English oak forest in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. As the summer sunlight filtered through ancient trees, with dandelion clocks drifting in the breeze, we captured the essence of the wedding that was to come that summer in nearby Cornbury ParkSouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0014

Having met on a blind date just over two years before, Benoit & Jessica’s carnival of a love story combines their passions for food, music, fun and creativity. So it’s no wonder that their wedding plans were pretty original. Just six weeks after this photoshoot they took their entire wedding party (of 80 family and friends) and transplanted it into the award winning Wilderness Festival for a wedding extravaganza! The week encompassed Michelin Star chefs, Mercury music prize winning bands, early morning lake swims, and dancing under the stars until dawn. An exclusive post about the wedding will follow in a couple of weeks to mark the anniversary of this wonderful festival wedding week.  SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0012

Any down sides to having a father who is a professional wedding photographer? Not many, as you’ll see from how relaxed and happy these two look after spending a few lovely hours with us getting these gorgeous images. Although Martin trying to maintain a professional and non ‘Dad-like’ composure whilst trying to stop Benoit from putting his hand on his daughter’s bum in some of the shots caused a few giggles!! SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0015

The Shoot

SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0001 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0002 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0003 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0004 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0005 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0006 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0007 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0008 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0009 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0010 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0011 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0012 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0013 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0014 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0015 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0016 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0017 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0018 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0019 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0020

Huge thanks to Martin for sending in this gorgeous shoot! We love Martin’s work here at Cwtch the Bride which is why he comes as one of our highly recommended LUSH LIST members. Visit his website here and don’t forget to look out for his daughter and son in law’s fabulous wedding feature which will be coming soon.

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