A little bit of Luxury: Bridesmaids Dresses

A few weeks ago, our classic bride, Charlie shared some great Highstreet bridesmaid dresses with you all. Today we have our luxury bride, Pippa here to share her ideas and inspiration for your bridesmaids including some rather gorgeous designer dresses. Over to you Pippa…

So, time to talk all things Bridesmaid. Having only been a bridesmaid once previously at the age of 8, (complete with classic 90s floral puff ball sleeves and satin bows), I really underestimated how much I would rely on my best girls on the big day. All our lovely married brides will understand when I say that weddings really show you who your ‘real’ friends are and my girls did me super proud. They arranged the best hen weekend a girl could have wished for and were such a support on the day itself, fixing makeup, supplying bubbles (as I was always too busy talking or dancing to visit the bar) and just providing lots of fun, giggles and special touches to help make the day everything I hoped it would be…love you always…x

twobirds_maria farrelly two birds maria farrelly 2Photos by the amazing Maria Farrelly Photography

So, for all our Cwtch Bridesmaid’s to be…what are some little extras that can help make your friendships thrive and the big day just that teeny bit more special?

– How about some extra special personal touches on the hen-do…something unique to the bride? Believe me when I say the smallest of things can make such a huge impact and really show thoughtfulness above and beyond the expected naughtiness. What about a photo library of the bride and her hens together over the years? – these create lots of giggles looking back at the fashion faux pas and nights out! Maybe organise a ‘hen book’ full of stories, favourite memories with the bride, poems or drawings from all the hen’s? The classic game of Mr & Mrs is always a winner but why not try a recorded version or even better, use your smart phone for a video version – hearing (and seeing) the groom squirm as he answers the questions is guaranteed to be a huge hit!

– What about giving a thoughtful gesture (that doesn’t have to cost the earth) on the morning of the wedding- maybe a photo book of the hen do or even something as simple as a few words in a card will go a long way…although be sure to give it before the makeup…it’s a really emotional day!

– I know we all take such a long time to get ready girls but leaving the all important hour before you are due at the ceremony to spend with the bride to help get her into her dress, heels, jewellery etc really is a special time…afterall, it’s the last girlie time you will have together before she becomes a ‘Mrs’.

– Just casually asking on the big day if your bride wants anything – a drink? something to eat? She will really appreciate it!

– Not that you’d need a prompt if you’re anything like my girlies, but make sure to start the dancing and socialise. It really means a lot to the bride and groom to see their friends having and creating a good time for themselves and all the other guests.

Now, down to the all important dress…

Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way since the style hangover of the 80s and 90s where giant satin bows, puff ball sleeves and matching headpieces were the height of fashion. There is such a huge selection of beautiful dresses available today that being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to mean forgoing style. If you’re lucky, your bridesmaids may be the type to grin and bear whatever you pop them in (while complaining quietly behind your back) but with all the options available today, and the growing trend for mis-matched bridesmaid dresses, there really is no excuse to inflict psychological torture on your girlfriends! Everyone knows who makes the final dress decision so try to choose something that will earn you rave reviews. Here are a few of my favourite ‘Luxury’ bridesmaid dresses that are bound to avoid any criticism and sunken faces from your maids…


Even though many brides will consider themselves a savvy shopper, it is still exceptionally difficult to pick out one dress in a colour or style to suit all your maids who will have a variety of body frames, skin tones, style and hues that suit – queue the miracle dress! I may be a little biased having chosen this for my bridesmaids, but what’s not to love? One dress with over 15 different ways to wrap and customise – and it really is super easy. Two birds dresses are so heavy and made from such quality material they hang beautifully to suit all shapes and sizes – they are even perfect for a pregnant maid. Mix and match fronts and backs so that all your girls can look different walking down the aisle…and into the evening. two_birds_dress_a two_birds_dresses_2

Check out their website and pinterest page for more fantastic images of real brides mixing colourways and styles…you really can create any look you want!

…and if it couldn’t get any better – there are 4 stockist in Wales…

Mr & Mrs Bridal Boutique, Aberdare.

Laura May, Cardiff.

White Bride, Narberth.

Wedding Belles, Anglesey.



I think GHOST is another shop perfect for matched or mis-matched maids. Their classic satin floor-length gowns come in a variety colours and necklines. They have a fantastic “dye-to-order” service where you can pick any of the styles in any of the colourways (perfect for mis-matched) and the gorgeous feminine pallet would be ideal for your bevvy of beautiful bridesmaids!

Ghost dresses

Grace, Nicole, Salma, Taylor, Diana, Sylvia


Other Ideas

These beauties have caught my eye too (ooo…the choice – can we do it all again Mr P?)

Alice_olivia_Fila_lace_dress1. Alice & Olivia, Fila Lace Dress

Enzoani_f08-a2. Love by ENZOANI, F08 (variety of colourways available)

Enzoani_F12-A3. Love by ENZOANI, F12

Enzoani_D294. Love by ENZOANI, D29 (variety of colourways available) JML_Couture_JIM_Hjelm_occasions 5. JLM Couture, JH5413Day_Birger_et_Mikkelsen6.DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Sumner wrap-effect silk-satin gownKelsey_rose_151297. Kelsey Rose, 15129 (variety of colourways available)

Kelsey_rose_500188.Kelsey Rose

Kelsey_rose_125329.Kelsey Rose

Kathy_Hilton_sequined-gown10. Kathy Hilton for Mon Cheri, H34054

Dessy_Lela_rose_Bridesmaid_LR18211. Lela Rose, LR182 (variety of colourways available)

Do any of our past Cwtch brides have stories of bridesmaids going that little bit extra? Any ideas you can share? We would love to hear from you…x

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  1. Love this post Pippa! My girls were wonderful too, I was very lucky! From my amazing hen where I was surprised with a Pandora bracelet and a charm from each of the hens that had a meaningful reason behind each one to the getting ready together on the wedding morning- they were awesome! Xx

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