Lets Hear it for the Boys: The Poker Game

Good morning lovely people. So as you seen, we started collecting images of you handsome boys at the big day.  Today’s is just fabulous. Captured by the talented Steve from Art By Design, I shall hand over to him to tell us all about it. Over to you Steve……..

Let’s Hear It For The Boys – The Poker Game

This image was of the boys playing poker was taken at the Bear Hotel in Cowbridge and I always like to include a photo in a wedding that shows the couples personality or include a hobby. In this wedding the groom was a big poker player and so wanted to create a moody image with his mates. So at the end of the evening we took them into the courtyard and set up a game. I let them carry on playing whilst trying to capture the atmosphere and banter between them.
Steve Wheller - LHIFTB Poke Game
 Thank you so much for sharing Steve.  I love an image that shows us a bit of personality of the subject. This is brilliant, feeling inspired boys!?

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