Introducing…Kelly from White Crafts – Wedding Stationery & More!

It’s a little later than planned (we had a few technical hitches, oops!) but here’s the first post from wedding stationer, Kelly from White Crafts :) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – from save the dates to thank you notes. Take it away, Kelly! 

whitecraftslogo qualityWho is Kelly?

Hallo, Hallo! My name is Kelly – owner and designer at White Crafts the home of awesome handmade wedding stationery. Here’s a little bit more about me! Now I know there is nothing more boring than listening to someone’s life story so here’s my super quick run down of my life!

  • Born
  • School
  • Uni – Hospitality Management specialising in Events (got a 2:1 BSc, yeah baby check me out)!
  • Worked for an Events & PR company
  • Got Married!! Yay!
  • Worked in the events team at a fancy hotel & was loving the weddings
  • Got pregnant
  • Got bored on maternity leave so started White Crafts
  • Got tons of orders and got pregnant AGAIN (oops) so maternity leave was never ending! When it was time to go back to ‘work’ I already had a thriving business that I loved, am passionate about, and I could work it around the monkeys

This is me btw no fancy promo shot just me a little blurry eyed!


What is White Crafts?

White Crafts in now in it’s 6th year of business and over that time I’ve learnt a thing or two about wedding stationery :) Over the next few weeks I’m going to be working through some of that information for you guys to lap up!

placecard blog

I’ll answer a quick question now (which I get a lot):

What is wedding stationery, I thought it was just invites?

Here’s the quick answer! No it’s not just invites, it can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Save the dates
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Personalised wedding web page for the bride & groom too
  • Evening Invitations
  • Order of Service
  • Table Plan (or for our friends across the pond, Escort Cards)
  • Table Name/Numbers
  • Menus
  • Place Cards
  • Favours
  • Confetti Cones
  • Guest Book/Wish Tree
  • Post Box
  • Thank You cards

Although White Crafts also do lots more :) If you’re interested you can check all that out on my web site

Don’t worry too much though, you don’t have to have all this stuff!

favour mini jars

I love it when a bride chooses something new or wants something completely different as this challenges the designer in me to make it perfect for them. It’s great seeing their faces when the idea they had in their heads and blurt out to me (in very often a nearly illegible tangle of words and colour swatches) is made into a reality. It’s so lovely working with my awesome brides they save all their samples, colour swatches and ideas we throw together during designing their stationery (it’s so much fun)!

wallet invite blog

I also love seeing the photos of how awesome it all looks and works on the wedding day, but I think my biggest love about creating wedding stationery would have to be seeing them after the wedding and how happy and thankful they are of all the hard work. Plus (little stationer bonus) they bring me flowers from the wedding day, wine, gifts, and sometimes we even get invited to go to the wedding. I have all the best brides!


My favourite weddings style changes day-to-day it’s normally what ever I’m working on at the time, then I start the next project and I’ll suddenly think how on earth did I think that was my favourite this one is soooo my favourite…and so the cycle continues (don’t worry I already know I’m a little loopy). Although at the moment I am enjoying the rustic shabby chic, the vintage lace & cameo’s, and also the more simple elegant coral and cream designs that are trending at the moment. I also love a bit of bling (there are so many gorgeous sparkles to choose from)! Gosh I’m fickle aren’t I?!

What will you be talking about on Cwtch the Bride?

We’ll be running through your stationery in the order it will appear at your wedding, so the next post will be about save the dates, what sort of designs you can have, information you need on them, do you need them etc.

cheque book wedding invitation

Then we’ll move on to your invitations discussing wording options, design, what information your guests need to know (maybe we’ll do a little special on gift information as this is a common question). We’ll then focus on your on the day stationery looking closer at your Order of Service (whether you’re having a church service or not and all the stuff your guests need to know), looking at options for table plans, table name/numbers, menus, place cards, favours, guestbooks and how to incorporate all of these to complement the design/theme of your wedding instead of competing for attention.

Got questions?

So if you have any questions like what are table names, escort cards, or place cards and do I need them all? What do my invites have to say? (don’t worry we’ll be covering all this). No matter how silly they sound just leave your questions in the comments below or if you’re a little shy email me on and we’ll keep you in the wedding lingo loop! :)

Signing off for now