A Guide To Wedding Invitation Styles by Kelly from White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s third post – yay! (Missed her other post? You can find them here!) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s talking us through the many (many!) different wedding invitation styles you can get from White Crafts :)

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Good day lovely cwtch readers!
I started writing a blog post about all the different types of wedding invitations you can have and that we offer at White Crafts, but I started sounding like a crazy person trying to write down where certain folds were and how they looked. So I decided to make a video showing you all a few different types of wedding invitations that you can have instead! :) You lucky things ;)

So here it is my first ever video on wedding invitation ideas (you can all have a good laugh at my expense)! :)

Can’t see the video? If you’re reading via email click the title of the post to view it on the web.

I hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your own wedding invitations :) I’d love it if you could like the video on YouTube or leave (nice) comments (simply to help boost my ego) :)

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below. (or if you’re a little shy email me on kelly@whitecrafts.com :) )

Signing off for now



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5 thoughts on “A Guide To Wedding Invitation Styles by Kelly from White Crafts

  1. Who knew their were so many invite options?! :) Love the idea of a tear off RSVP – we did an online one in the end because we were worried people just wouldn’t bother to send them back!

  2. I know sorry to bore you Sarah! ;)
    If you give your guests an RSVP card, and send out your invitations at the right time (3 months before your wedding date) and (more importantly) a date to RSVP by then you will find that most guests (well all the good one’s anyway do send them back).
    Although here at White Crafts (simply because we rock) we also have an email RSVP for those slightly lazier guests e.g. brideandgroom@whitecrafts.com we’re good like that see :)

  3. A little late but just wanted to congratulate you Kelly on a brilliant video, very informative (and super brave, go you!). Fave is the long wallet, gorgeous little glam handbag design and love love love the Elvis still kicking things off! Fabulous darling! xxx

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