Everything You Need to Know About Save the Dates by Kelly from White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s second post – hurrah! (Missed her first post? You can find it here!) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s talking us through Save the Dates :)

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me surprised smallSave the dates – what, What WHAT?! When I first became a wedding stationer I have to say I was a little surprised at the number of couples who had no idea what a ‘save the date’ was (I always thought the clue was in the name, but weddings do funny things to peoples heads)! These are some of the questions I often get when it comes to save the dates, and if you’re unclear on anything – don’t worry we’re here to set the record straight!

What the hell are save the dates?

They are a message to your guests to let them know that you are getting married and on what date. Then your guest can make sure that they have dates booked off work or don’t plan to go away and miss your big day!

What on earth needs to go on them?

All you need is the names of the people getting married, and your wedding date and that’s it! At this stage they don’t need to know where it is (unless it’s aboard), what time, or any of the other details.

Typical wording often goes like this.
(Take notes guys)!

std typical wording

Of course you can word them however you want. (Side note – in the wedding industry save the dates are commonly shortened to ‘std’ this can cause some confusion so I would avoid writing ‘std meeting’ in your diary, the other half might get a little concerned)!! :)

alternative wording std

Yeah that’s all great but what the heck do they look like?

You can have them to match your wedding colour scheme, theme or any other style you’re going for, or if you haven’t decided on this yet then just keep it plain and simple.

Here’s some ideas for you.

flat card std

magnet save the date

rustic save the date

tiffany blue save the date

If you can sing, can write music, have access to a recording studio, can film yourselves, and are good looking then you could do something like this:

Do I HAVE to have save the dates?

No! :) If you’re getting married within a year of planning then don’t worry about it. Some couples like to send them anyway just to be on the super safe side that no-one is going to miss it.

If you’re planning your big day for a weekday, during peak holiday times (e.g. summer holidays, or Christmas), or if there is a BIG national event happening (e.g. sporting events, bank holidays, or royal wedding (although this one isn’t likely to happen again for while))! Then it might be a good idea just to pre-warn people before you roll out the formal invites.

So I’ve decided I need them, when do I send them out?

As soon as you’ve confirmed your church/registry office/venue and have your dream reception all booked (with deposits paid) then you can send them as soon as you like. You’re guests can never have too much warning that your wedding is coming!

What ever you decide is best for your wedding is the right thing to do, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! Hope you enjoyed this look into Save the Dates – just leave your questions in the comments below or if you’re a little shy email me on kelly@whitecrafts.com :)

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