Introducing Our Winter Bride Emma

Hello you beautiful bunch of cwtchers :)

You may remember last year we ran a competition to find our lucky new brides to be. Well… We had over 150 entries! We couldn’t believe how many of you wanted to write for us. THANK YOU all so much, we were seriously humbled and overwhelmed!

After many discussions, copious amounts of G&T’s and a few debates… we managed to whittle it down to a shortlist. BUT we then got stuck. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to lose anymore. So… we’ve decided to keep the shortlist! There are far too many great stories that need to be shared! Some of these have brought us to tears….The first one being our incredible and inspiring Boobless Bride Dawn.

Over the next two weeks we will be introducing the rest of our new Cwtch Brides. Today … we’re introducing our new Winter Bride Emma! This beautiful lady tied the knot last month and has kept a diary in the lead up to the big day. She has some amazing stories to share as well as some great tips and advice for anyone else planning a winter wedding. So without further ado we give you Emma.

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Why hello there. It’s me, Emma, 23, sitting on the floor of my living room wondering what you’d like to know about me.

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Well, first things first, I’m a Mammy to my Best Friend, Seren who’s 6, funny and beautiful. Secondly, I’m a fiancé to my Best Friend Nathan who’s funny and patient (ok and handsome!). We all live in a little 1930s house in Llanelli, a town where we all grew up, well…where we are all growing up! I say this because I’m still on that journey- like Seren- to see what I become, dreaming and wondering! But, with our little family let’s just see what this life has in store.

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For the 9-5 I work for a Community Project; I support children, young people and families in the most deprived areas in Carmarthenshire. For every hour in between I’m the mammy, the best friend, the cook, the not-so-good tidy-upper, the loving a creative life, yogi, foodie, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, vintage magpie, bride-to-be, me.

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Sitting on my living room floor, I’m surrounded by boxes and bags of wedding decorations, table plans, place cards, menu choices. It’s all packed and ready to go. I have 5 more days (5 sleeps as Seren would sing!) of being that fraction of me, the bride-to-be. Right now, I cannot believe its happening…to me?! I in no way am supposed to have this type of luck. We didn’t see this coming; for a guy to come along and sweep both Seren and I off our feet. This just doesn’t happen. But it has.

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On Sunday we are getting our dancing shoes on ready to party! It shall be the end to a whole year that has held that Christmas Eve feeling of excitement and apprehension; the wanting it to come but not wanting it to end.

The best day of our lives will come and go leaving empty cocktail glasses, funny stories and hangovers behind. But the year ahead shall be the best of our lives, I’m absolutely sure. I will be a mammy, a traveler, a foodie (always!), a dreamer, a photographer, a best friend, a wife. What an adventure.

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I think you will agree that she is lovely. I can’t wait to see how her planning and big day turned out! I’m so excited to share all of the new brides with you I could burst. Yay! ~Kate

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