Introducing: The Diary of The Empowered Bride

We have a new member of the team joining us today. Introducing The Diary of The Empowered Bride. This beautiful bride-to-be has chosen to remain anonymous to our readers in the lead up to her wedding. Why? Well, she is on a mission. A weight-loss mission.  She wants to share her journey with you without revealing her identity.  The ups & downs but all in good humour.

We really hope you enjoy this series and that you will use the comments box to share your thoughts and experiences as well as show your support too.  Without further a do, here she is…

The Empowered Bride

Today I’m going to climb mountain.

Before you set out to climb a mountain, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, will you need to take equipment with you? Who are is going to join you on the adventure? Will they be able to lift you up if you fall? How long is this going to take?

I am enduring to climb the highest peak that I have climbed in what seems to be forever. I know it has struck fear into many a bride and I can honestly tell you I am feeling exactly the same. Today I am going to climb Mount Everest! Okay it’s not a mountain it’s actually my bathroom scales!scales

So, it’s just scales I hear you say? Well you haven’t met mine. Never in my life have I met anything more judgmental, inconsistent and superficial. I can feel it watching as I brush my teeth waiting for the moment when I muster up the courage to step on. That’s when the routine starts. Earrings out, bracelet off, clothes off, socks, rings off. No make up on or body lotion that might weigh too much. Gosh don’t forget to take the hair bobble out. Every little counts. I can literally hear it groan as I stand there waiting for it to decide if it’s going to be kind and I’m pretty sure I hear it let a sigh of relief out as I step off!

This time I have a massive incentive. I’m getting married and I won’t let some glass and crome bathroom ornament get the better of me. This time it’s different I won’t be doing this alone. This time I will be sharing my challenge with you.

“When God said ‘Who wants a big chin?’ I thought he said gin so I asked for a double!” Only another bride will understand that I don’t want “a double” in my wedding photos.

So this is where you come in. Being on a diet can get pretty lonely and I’m asking for my fellow brides to support each other and myself as I start writing as the Empowered Bride!


10 thoughts on “Introducing: The Diary of The Empowered Bride

  1. I’m in exactly the same boat but have signed up to ‘climb the mountain’ in a group so have the shame of weighing in front of others!!

    Good luck with the weight loss and I’ll be keeping my eyes out to see how it’s going – knowing others are going through the same thing is always helpful!

  2. I’m getting married 25th sept this year and have been attempting to start losing weight for the last 4 weeks with slimming world. I’ve also got 11 week old baby so so far it’s been very hit and miss lol! Going to try and start afresh from today! Good luck on your climb!!!xx

  3. Whilst I applaud anyone who wants to get healthier and wish you well on your journey, as a plus-size bride-to-be I do hope that Cwtch the Bride will be celebrating those of us who don’t fit the wedding industries expectations of what a “bride” looks like.

  4. Hi Nicola, would you be interested in getting involved as a contributor? we’d LOVE to hear from you :) Cwtch the Bride is an organic project that is growing and evolving and I’m keen to hear from all welsh-based brides (no matter what their shape, size, ethnicity..) that would like to share their experiences. You can email me at xxx

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