Honeymoon Inspiration: The Maldives

Destination Bride and holiday expert Jemma is writing a series of posts to inspire your ultimate honeymoon destination, she starts today with The Maldives.

Honeymoon Inspiration

The Maldives

When it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon, there are usually a few factors that determine the destination.  However when speaking to clients one of the most important things is that it has to be special and memorable, somewhere they have never been to or somewhere they are unlikely to return.  Nothing quite says “Special Occasion” like The Maldives.  So here I will give an overview of this incredible destination and some highlights of these amazing the islands.

The Maldives is a group of 1192 islands situated in the Indian Ocean, over 100 of these islands are home to resorts ranging from simple and rustic establishments to super luxury resorts.


My view from a seaplane

Best time to go

The best time to visit is during the dry season (Dec – March) however the temperatures consistently remain around 30 degrees, my own experience of visiting in September was good with only one incident of rain lasting just a few hours.  Also going out of the dry season a lots of hotels offer free nights, complimentary upgrades and lower rates.

How to get there

British Airways offers a direct service from Gatwick three times a week, during the winter season.  The rest of the year a whole host of other airlines fly to Male the capital via other destinations.  This makes The Maldives a perfect twin centre destination.

Here are some popular combinations

  • Dubai + The Maldives
  • Abu Dhabi + The Maldives
  • Singapore +The Maldives
  • Sri Lanka +The Maldives
  • Oman + The Maldives

This then gives couples the perfect combination of a different culture and an amazing beach destination.

The Islands

The resorts of The Maldives vary drastically in size, some islands like Maafushivaru take just a few minutes to walk around.  Whilst the island of Kuramathi is much greater in size and has golf buggies to shuttle guests around the wide range of facilities.

Sunset on Maafushivaru

Sunset on Maafushivaru

Infinity pool at Velassaru

Infinity pool at Velassaru

The Rooms

Along with a range of resorts to choose from there is also a wide range of room types that you can choose.  For many the ultimate luxury is spending their honeymoon in a Water Villa which is unique to only a few places in the world.

However if these are over your budget there are lots of amazing Garden & Beach villas to choose from.


Even though there is an island for every budget The Maldives can still work out quite expensive for some honeymoon couples, some islands do offer All Inclusive, and this can make budgeting much easier knowing everything is paid for in advance.  Also with the option of having a multi centre holiday some couples choose to visit for just a few nights so they still get to experience it without blowing the budget completely.

Jemma will be back on the blog soon with some more fabulous destination inspiration!

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  1. We went on holidays a few years back in November. Not a single drop of rain! Temperatures were up to 40c. Such an amazing place. Can highly recommend Kuredu island.

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