Homemade Bride Kate’s Perfectly Imperfect Honeymoon

Our newlywed Homemade Bride Kate is just back from her incredible sounding honeymoon, proving that (just like your wedding day) even if it isn’t perfect it will still be, well… perfect!

We got married 5 days before Christmas. Since we had family who had flown over for a wedding and Christmas we decided to delay leaving for our honeymoon till Boxing Day. I don’t regret that decision at all but everyone wanted to spend time with us and we spent the next 5 days driving around the country visiting family and at that point, we were absolutely ready to go.

I always thought that a honeymoon was just an awesome holiday. What I didn’t realise was how exhausted we would be after months of planning and all the run up to the actual day that I suddenly understood why newlyweds go on honeymoon. It was to have time to recuperate and have a stress free start to marriage. image2
Ever since I was 15 when I worked in a Thai restaurant I have wanted to go to Thailand. Every time I nearly booked a holiday there something happened and the plans always changed. It has been built up so much in my mind that there really wasn’t a discussion about the honeymoon. Even though Sean had been there before we just knew it was going to be Thailand. image4b
When you think about your honeymoon you imagine that everything is going to go perfectly. I mean you watch movies and adverts and the expectations are right up there. You see all these couples getting upgraded and having all these freebies. You think this will be amaaaaazing!
I’m not a person who is all about the stuff. I never expected to get upgraded to first class just because it was my honeymoon. I never expected to get champagne for free nor did I assume people would treat my any differently. What you need to realise is, I am unbelievable clumsy and I have this uncanny way to have not bad luck per say but unfortunate luck, follow me around. All I hoped for was that we would have a hiccup free fortnight. That didn’t happen.
The first night Sean had booked us to have dinner at one of the most amazing restaurants in the world. It was on top of the tallest building in Bangkok. I’m not great with heights. Let’s be honest here, I don’t even like standing on a chair but it was his treat and I loved him for thinking about it. Picture the scene, a stunning view and this balmy air where I have an out of body experience of “Bloody hell I’m in Thailand!” And I start crying. Sean is pretty chuffed with himself. This was until the wind started to pick up. Three mouthfuls into our delicious dinner, a huge gust of wind whipped my hair up and I started to panic. Before we could ask to move the worst torrential rain I have ever seen suddenly started pouring down on us. All you could see were staff and patrons making a mad dash to get inside before getting totally soaked through. Even the waitress was surprised and shocked and told us that she had never seen it happen like that as we towel dried ourselves. image3
Both of us got ill in the first few days of being there. Sean lost his voice and had flu but I got a severe water infection. Now imagine this: you have to go to a pharmacy in Bangkok and describe what a water infection to a person who doesn’t understand English! After about 15 minutes of Sean and I laughing our heads off in frustration and amusement she finally brought up Google translate on the computer. This woman is a genius! One minute later we were out the door antibiotics in hand.
We did do some amazing things that you could only ever do on honeymoon. I experienced snorkelling for the first time. To see the fish that you see in the aquariums was so exciting. It was like I was watching Finding Nemo in real life. I had three full body massages in a week the only cost £8 each. Talk about relaxing. We did a full day at sea and I discovered that with anti-sickness tablets I can fall in love with the ocean. During that trip I caught a fish using a proper fishing rod for the first time. I rode an elephant! We did a cooking lesson and every time we cook Thai now it takes us back to the special time we had together. image2image1image4

I didn't say it was a big fish!

I didn’t say it was a big fish!

Our honeymoon was not perfect but the thing is- it was perfect for us. We are not all about the things you can buy, we are one of those couples that love making memories. What we discovered on honeymoon is that whatever the world throws at us, whether it is good, bad or the downright crazy Asian stuff, is that experiencing it together we can face anything. It wouldn’t have been our honeymoon if it had run smoothly. I would never change it for the world as even though it had wobbles it was amaaaazing! image6
It looks like Kate had an incredible time,despite the little hiccups. Tell us about your honeymoon, was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Or if you haven’t been yet tell us where you are going and why :)

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