High Tea at The Deck

We recently posted this interview with Debs from The Deck Coffee House and Cakery in Cardiff Bay. Obviously we had to try it out first to make sure it was a high enough standard for our readers ;) Charlie, Kate, Jemma and Maria went for High Tea at The Deck, Charlie is here to tell you all about it and all images in this post are by Maria Farrelly008

Being invited to afternoon or high tea is one of my favourite things! It was one of the things I did on my amazing hen weekend and I would do it every weekend if I could. I love sandwiches, I love tea, and who doesn’t love cake?! High tea at The Deck was possibly the best high tea I have ever taken, when we arrived the lovely Debs greeted us with some pink lemonade, a laid table, and told us we had all afternoon with endless pots of tea. Heaven!

Then Debs brought out the food! 012

We all had plenty of sandwiches, which isn’t always the case with high tea, and plenty of fillings – not just cucumber (which let’s face it, while being traditional and fairly yummy is not very exciting!). We had two scones each with plenty of fresh cream and jam, a cupcake each and plenty of fresh fruit. As if that wasn’t enough Debs also brought out two different types of brownie and there was a decadent chocolate and raspberry cake on the table! We were all in our element!

Debs came out to chat to us during our tea, she is so friendly and willing to help. Particularly in our debate over whether or not the jam goes onto the scone before the cream. Apparently there is fierce rivalry between Devon and Cornwall over this, Cornwall says jam first then cream, Devon prefers to start with cream and add the jam on top. Which do you prefer?! Debs also gave us some tips on etiquette, including the rule that sticking your pinky in the air is bad manners. Here we are trying our hardest to be polite!

I don’t think Jemma quite managed it!

The Deck is also the home of the amazing Love, Peace and Cupcake which explains why the cakes were just so damn delicious. It is ideal for hen parties, wedmin meetings with the bridesmaids, a treat for the mums or even your wedding reception. Debs held hers there, she tells us all about her wedding here.

All four of us had an amazing time and would highly recommend it, in fact I am planning to take my mum there ASAP. At only £14 a head you really can’t go wrong, it is such value for money and we even ended up taking doggy bags home! It was a real treat, they also do gift vouchers so if you are stuck for a Christmas present give Debs a shout! It won’t disappoint. Debs made us feel so welcome, in the words of our Homemade bride Kate “It is the perfect place to lose an afternoon and gain a pound or two” also she really does make the best cupcakes!

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