High Street Wedding Dresses

You are getting married!!!

Yay! Wedding dress shopping!

This can be the most exciting time out of the whole planning process. It can also be very daunting. The thought of spending loads of money on a dress for one day just doesn’t appeal to some brides. Then you have the other thing to think about, a wedding dress like a baby and they take about 9 months to come. Oh no you might have left it too long! What are you going to do?

Well there are a few different roads that you can go down and you need to find the one that is right for you. You can go an look for a dress on the sale rack of a bridal store and hope that you find one. Then again there is the fabulous British High Street! With  high street wedding dresses you have the opportunity to cut down on having to have alterations. Perhaps you will only need to pay for the hem to be taken up. Perhaps you are self conscious, well you can try them on in the comfort of your home and then return them.

Now, I have a top tip for all of you budget brides who still want that special dress shopping experience. Most big department stores have a personal shopper. What people don’t always realise is it is free! They will help you to find sizes, styles and help you to accessorise. No more finding one you like and it doesn’t fit. You and your ladies can sit there and continue trying on while they will go and get a different size. The other bonus is that they know where everything is so no more wondering around aimlessly.

Here are some high street wedding dresses to fit all budgets. The prices are correct at time of publishing. Hopefully some of these inspire you to have a little look on the high street.

ASOS BRIDAL Lace Sweetheart Tutu Midi Dress £180.00 (This dress is available in their curve range up to a size 28)



Ghost Sana Dress Ivory £395



ASOS BRIDAL Vintage Lace Button Back Fishtail Maxi Dress £250 ( This dress can found in their curve range up to a size 28)



Coast Embellished Roccabella Dress £225



Monsoon Aspen Bridal Dress £219


Monsoon Camille Bridal Dress £499

 I think you will agree high street wedding dresses are simply lovely. I wish I could wear my wedding dress again. I could wear it on a night out in Cardiff….right??? ~ Kate

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