Spring Bride: Healthy And Happy

We all know the motivation needed to get healthy. When you are getting married it’s one of the biggest pushes you can get. Our Spring Bride Ali bravely shares her fitness journey. 
” Oh hi there pretty cwtchy ladies Heavy black heart️ Me again! Photo 02-02-2016, 13 45 01
So, round two… But what to talk about? Well as you’ll know from my first post (because you have all read my first post? Right? If not, stop what you’re doing right now, click here … And come back. My wedding isn’t until March 2017. So we have a good 12 months on our side to get things in order … I know, I know, I can feel my ears burning from all the “I thought the same…” and “It’ll fly!” ‘s … But, we’ve already booked the venue, secured a florist, photographer, guitarist for the ceremony, disco, food, my dress is ordered, my bridesmaid dresses are here and I’ve hoarded a whole heap of table decorations… And we only have one spare room. Haha.
So, what’s my plan now I hear you cry… Well, this year, or at least the first 6 months of it, I’ve decided to focus on my health and fitness. So, sort of wedding prep, but kind of life prep too, and just a generally good thing to be doing.
As we all know, couple fat is a genuine epidemic. One that’s had me in its vice grip for over 2 years, and gifted me 2 and a half stone, and 2 dress sizes I didn’t really want. So I carried my slightly more portly butt in to 2016 with a positive mental attitude, and a promise to walk down that aisle next year, the very best, most healthy, happiest version of myself.
So that is what I thought I’d write about.
Finding and feeling truly myself, before ‘I’ officially become ‘We’.Photo 07-02-2016, 11 29 34
Now, before anyone shouts at me (namely my mother) I do know that I’m not huge. I know that. But I’ve always said, being healthy and happy is nothing to do with scales or dress size. I love nothing more than a woman who is truly happy in her skin, be she a size 6 or 26. But we all know we have a place that is good for us. Where we feel that what we have on the inside is showing on the outside. And to be honest, this is about so much more than losing weight for the wedding for me. I really want to be in the best shape I can be when Mr and I decide to try for mini Uses. We are wanting to start trying soon after the wedding. We’re hoping to go to Florida for our honeymoon and yes, I’d like to look like a Greek goddess in a bikini while we’re there, and like Cinderella sweeping down the aisle, but more than that, I want to be fit and healthy for mini us.Photo 23-01-2016, 10 36 59
Now I hear you all a’hollering… “But Ali, how will you achieve this goddessly shape of your life? Pray tell.” … Well, I will. Sweat. Pain. Tears… Potentially blood. Hope not. But cover all bases.
As per most of the U.K., I went all out on January the first in the resolutions department.
– Clean meals (Google clean eating… It will change your life)
– Sign up for a 10k
– Sign up for a half marathon
– Go back to the gym
– Go on Active date days
– Generally kick butt…
To name but a few.
And within a week, I had. 97% of my meals since January 1st have been clean. My bridesmaids and I have signed up to run a 10k for charity together. I’m on the registration mailing list for Cardiff Half. I have gone back to the gym … With a vengeance (I’ll come back to this). And we went on date day to a trampoline park, which was EPIC. And although it’s dificult to accurately measure… I think I’m kicking butt. Yay me.
In the last two years, I’ve honestly tried every version of a diet there’s been, from detox teas and juices, the big name diet clubs,  right through to paying $99 for a well known Australian fitness models Bikini Body plan. And I still gained 2 stone!
So I decided to bite the bullet and go back to something I know works. In 2013 I took part in a 6 week diet and fitness Bootcamp with my local gym. These were my results… Photo 02-02-2016, 13 33 28Photo 02-02-2016, 13 33 32
So I know it works. So on January 18th, I handed over my money and 4 weeks of my life to the same gym.
And two weeks in I’m already seeing amazing results! Photo 01-02-2016, 16 03 38Photo 01-02-2016, 16 04 17
We train 4 evenings a week, and have a diet plan, which is essentially not to eat anything procesed, and a good balance of good carbs, protein and good fats. And do you know what? I love it! I feel amazing! More energy, happier, better sleep… I just generally feel so much better! Photo 02-02-2016, 13 04 53
Once the program finishes on February the 12th (just in time for a valentines choccy binge) a friend of ours has offered to continue training me and Mr Groom for free, as part of his final assessment as a Personal Trainer! Which is amazing! And means I’ll be much less likely to fall off the ever buckling wagon. Plus… I have a 10k and half marathon to train for… Whoever a stupid idea that was! Ha! But I honestly can’t wait!
The very best piece of advice I ever got, was to do what makes your soul happy.
My downfall has always been cake, and sweets. I even have a cupcake tattoo… Yeah. Haha. And those things do make me happy, like really happy. But only briefly. It’s not long before the regret and guilt set in, and the realization that an entire day’s calories for a share bag of chocolates really wasn’t worth it.
But what makes my soul happy?
Being active, being outside, seeing my family, friends, running with my gorgeous baby Belle, being healthy, having oodles of energy, and motivation… And feeling like I’m doing something really good. Photo 01-01-2016, 16 46 11Photo 01-01-2016, 16 46 09
So that’s me right now.
They’ll be having to change my name to ‘Buff Bride’ in no time… Hehe
Love ya,
Ali xx “
Keep up the good work! Keep going I can’t wait to see you looking even more healthy and happy. If you are looking for some wedding inspiration then make sure you get yourself tickets to Cwtchfest. ~ Kate

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