Real Weddings: Hannah and Jack’s Country Vintage Wedding

Happy Friday you lovely lot! So we have a deliciously gorgeously pretty wedding for you today! Shot by the ever-so-talented Leri Lane Photography, Hannah and Jack invite you all to find out the finer detail of their big day.  And its just wonderful – that tractor!! I mean, come on! I defy anyone to not want a tractor as their wedding car once they see it, and those shoes…..the dress…..right, I will leave you to find out for yourselves……

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Hannah and Jack’s Country Vintage Wedding



Firstly, a few words from Leri……

Hannah and Jack…. What can I say….? The moment I met these guys they were so excited about planning their wedding, we chatted for ages. It’s like I’d known them for ages. You could tell they were so excited to share their thoughts and it was so exciting to listen to… I knew I was going to love this wedding. They wanted Jack’s sister to design all the invites etc, Hannah wanted to grow flowers in her parents garden and use all around the wedding and she was so excited about going dress shopping! I was so happy when they booked me, photography was special to them, they even chose a second shooter within their package to make sure every element was captured.

Prior to the wedding day we discussed group photos and a wishlist of photos and I received instructions to ‘just capture the emotion of the day’ – which i just love to do! I feel we were just a perfect match.

The wedding day arrived and I made my way to Hannah’s parents home, the girls were getting ready and champagne popping! Hannah was blown away by all the details coming together in front of her it was so beautiful to see, how lucky am I to capture such precious stories. I then saw the dress, wow!!!! Beautiful and elegant and sparkly! One of my favourite photos is when Hannah looks at herself in her dress, her eyes filled up and she saw how beautiful she is!

I was so excited for Jack to see Hannah, I knew they were soul mates by what I had gotten to know of them leading up to the wedding and I absolutely loved watching Hannah walk down the aisle to stand next to Jack and being totally over the moon that they were married…. super cute!! As you can imagine I was so click happy in this day, I giggled alongside them, even shed a sneaky tear behind my camera during jacks amazing heartfelt speech about Hannah and thoroughly loved taking them away for a few photos as the sun was setting – they were such a pleasure to photograph.

They married at Gregynog Hall, which has truly beautiful grounds. There are pockets of hidden delights all around to photograph whether you want to capture the lawns, the building, or cwtch up in a little corner away from everything.

They are such a wonderful couple, their love, friendship and happiness just burst out of them xxx much love xxx

How would you describe your wedding theme?

Country festival meets vintage glam.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-57 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-37 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-38

What was your favourite part of your wedding?


-Hearing our guests singing “It must be love” behind us during the ceremony.

-Stealing 5 minutes together to absorb the fact we’d just got married!

-Seeing our reception room transformed with all our carefully thought out bits for the first time

-The speeches

So many stand out snippets!


Tell us about your Wedding Dress

This was the only part of the wedding planning I wasn’t looking forward to. I just didn’t believe I was going to find anything that suited me and thought I’d feel silly in everything. Luckily, my sister, mum and bridesmaids were excellent dress shoppers. I tried around 20 dresses on in all, at 4 different shops and quickly went from believing I’d never find anything to wondering how on earth I was going to choose. It was my sister who eventually picked out my dress from the rail – I had already walked past it.
As soon as I put it on, that was it. It sounds silly but I’d always hated my bum, but I actually thought it looked ok, so that was it! I had two more appointments booked in that day but cancelled them. I’d found my dress!

It was a Ronald Joyce, fitted number with lace, sequin and scallop detailing. I fell in love with the low back and gorgeous train. It was a sort of pale goldy colour, sparkled and just made me feel very glam.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-14 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-15 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-27

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I chose my sister as my maid of honour, one of my best friends from home and by two best friends from uni. I could have had at least 3 more but chose my other special 3 ladies (my 3 oldest friends) to be official witnesses and do readings/speeches. It was really important to me to share my day with all the people that mean so much to me.
Our best man was one of my husbands best friend and partner in crime. We knew he’d do a great job of the speech and he didn’t disappoint. He wrote a tongue in cheek poem which had all the guests in stitches.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-19 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-36 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-64


Why did you choose your venue?

The venue is smack bang in the middle of where we both grew up. Just after university, Jack worked behind the bar at our venue. I was a guest at another wedding when I first “noticed” him. We’ve actually known each other for years, but only as we grew up near each other. We got chatting and I asked him for a lift home. He actually left me there, but that was definitely the beginning of things to come. This meant, there really wasn’t another choice of venue for us. Gregynog Hall has played an important role in both our lives and is just stunning. It has amazing grounds, we go walking there all the time.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-18 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-16

Tell us about your photographer

Leri Lane is fab. I remember our first meeting to discuss our ideas. I could tell she knew what I was talking about. We just clicked. I was probably slightly over enthusiastic and our first meeting lasted a couple of hours whilst we chatted.
Then we had our pre-wedding shoot, where she gave us some tips and put us at ease.
It was great on the day to have a photographer that you thought of as a friend. It just made the whole experience enjoyable. We had fun. She did a great job in capturing our informal moments and all our little details. Toby H was her second photographer on the day. He was great and meant we had two perspectives of our day. He mostly hung out with the boys in the morning, so it was great to have both mine and Jack’s “getting ready” shots.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-26 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-4 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-7 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-29


How did the proposal happen? 

It happened about 2 weeks before my husband to be had planned it! It happened on Snowdon. We’d planned to climb it two week’s later but due to some glorious weather I made him come with me on that day. He’d always wanted to ask me on one of our hikes up Snowdon as it is one of my favourite places and somewhere I have been plenty of times with my Dad. Jack had wanted to be traditional and visit my dad to ask permission, but because of me and the “weather window” he ended up doing it over the phone while I was obliviously packing our hiking rucksack. At some point, he sneakily hid the ring in the same rucksack and refused to let me carry it, or retrieve my own coat/water from it for the rest of the day. He chickened out asking me on the top as there were too many people, so it actually happened on the way down, on a quiet, lesser trodden path – it was perfect. The first thing I wanted to do was tell people, but we didn’t have signal or see a soul on the way down. It was so exciting.

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

We tried to do a lot ourselves. My Dad and Gran grew a lot of my table flowers. Home grown sweet peas made the wedding smell so good!

My Gran makes her own jam, so has a hoard of jars, some of which were quite vintage. I raided her shed for plenty of jars, put them through the dishwasher, added minimal decoration to them and they made brilliant table vases for our homegrown flowers.

For our guests place names I engraved pebbles from our favourite beach in Pembrokeshire. They also doubled up as a great favour/memento for guests to take away.

We are fortunate enough to have some very talented designers in the family (My husband’s sister and husband). They helped us design all our own stationary and table plan (Which was based on routes up Snowdon). We only needed to organise for them to get printed. They were exactly how we wanted them and tied in with our colours and themes.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-66 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-67 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-68 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-70 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-69

What was your first dance & why?

Gabrielle Aplins version of “The Power of Love”. We’d seen her at a festival a few years previously and it’s just a special memory to us. We put up festoon lighting too from a gig memory, so everything about the first dance was festival themed and amazing.


In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Maybe found some money in the budget to have our ceremony video’d. There is so much that goes on during the day that you just don’t get to absorb everything. We are quite lucky as we have a lot of guest footage, but we don’t have the speeches filmed for example.

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Make sure you eat some of your cake! Our amazing friend Caroline made our cake and it looked stunning. I just didn’t get to eat any! It’s one of my only regrets of the day.
Other than that, don’t sweat the small stuff and try to enjoy the planning. Even if things don’t go to plan on the day, it really doesn’t matter as you are having such a good time.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-73 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-74

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Always remember you are a team and each other’s biggest fans. Work together, always.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Working together, not just as husband and wife to be but also with extended friends and family. It was overwhelming how many people wanted to be involved and to help.
My god father immediately volunteered his vintage tractor as a mode of transport. That was a special part of our day.
We had a family friend who made our cake, flowers were grown by family, stationary was designed, poems were written, wine was selected. It was such a team effort and we loved sharing it with everybody and seeing how much they all enjoyed it too.

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-20 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-21 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-22

The Suppliers

Photographer: Leri Lane Photography
Ceremony Venue: Gregynog Hall, Tregynon, Powys
Reception Venue: Gregynog Hall, Tregynon, Powys
Bride’s Dress: Bespoke Brides of Chester
Bride’s Shoes: Monsoon
Bride’s Headpiece: Jessica’s Bridal, Shrewsbury
Bride’s Jewellery: Tiffany
Groom’s Outfit: Moss, Peter Posh, M&S
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: ASOS
Cake: Family Friend
Flowers: TMS Events
Hair: Unique Hair
Make Up: Nerys Lloyd
Band: Anthemic Live Band
Stationery: Hatched Creative 
Caterers: TMS Events / WestEnt / and our own 
Transport: My god father’s vintage tractor and a friend’s Range Rover.
Other: We also had a vintage photo booth which really made our evening great. The guests loved it. The vendor is Martha the photo booth.

The Wedding Album

leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-1 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-2 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-3 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-4 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-5 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-6 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-7 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-8 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-9 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-10 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-11 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-12 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-13 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-14 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-15 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-16 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-17 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-18 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-19 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-20 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-21 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-22 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-23 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-24 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-25 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-26 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-27 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-28 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-29 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-30 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-31 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-32 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-33 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-34 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-35 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-36 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-37 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-38 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-39 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-40 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-41 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-42 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-43 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-44 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-45 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-46 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-47 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-48 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-49 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-50 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-51 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-52 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-53 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-54 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-55 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-56 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-57 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-58 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-59 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-60 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-61 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-62 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-63 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-64 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-65 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-66 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-67 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-68 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-69 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-70 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-71 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-72 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-73 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-74 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-75 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-76 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-77 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-78 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-79 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-80 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-81 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-82 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-83 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-84 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-85 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-86 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-87 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-88 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-89 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-90 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-91 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-92 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-93 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-94 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-95 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-96 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-97 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-98 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-99 leri-lane-photography-hannah-and-jack-gregynog-wedding-100

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