DIY Hair Tutorial: Messy Side Bun

Today, our Homemade Bride, Kate has a super easy and very stylish DIY hair tutorial for you all to try. This style would work great for brides and bridesmaids alike. Once you pop a hair comb or fascinator in it, people would think you have been in the salon for hours!!  Photography by: Maria Farrelly Photography 

Messy Side Bun

What You Will Need



Bobby Pins/Kirby Grips

Backcombing Brush

JZ0C8635This super easy bun works best when when you have a slight wave or curl in your hair. It tends to sit better and is easier to work with.

Start by backcombing around the crown to create some volume. This is also a massive help to hide a strong crown and parting, just like my annoying hair!JZ0C8640 JZ0C8641

On both sides, take the section from above the ear to the top of the head.

Please remember that you don’t need to be super perfect or neat. This style is very forgiving! Choose a side that you want your bun and place the bobble off center creating a side ponytail.


This is where the main part of the bun is formed. Grab the end of you ponytail and push the hair from the ends to the root. JZ0C8651 JZ0C8653

Keep going until you have created the volume that you want. I love big buns so the bigger the better for me. JZ0C8655 JZ0C8658 JZ0C8659

A light dusting of hairspray to hold.

Now grab you hair and just start pinning. As many as you need to hold it there. Be careful not to put too many pins in that you lose all the volume you created!JZ0C8664

Taking the hair from the side, gently twist it. I left some strands out to make it look a little softer around the face.


Repeat on the other side. JZ0C8672

Pin any stray hairs that are not secure enough or are not in the right place and then spray in place. Depending on the weather or your hair type you might need a little more spray than on other days. JZ0C8676

Ta- Da!!!! See easy as!JZ0C8677JZ0C8678

This looks amazing with a facinator, fresh flowers or even a sparkly comb popped in the top of it. JZ0C8683JZ0C8685If you do try this DIY tutorial, we’d love to see the results, do tag us in on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook 

Have fun x


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