Groom-To-Be Diary: Planning A Civil Partnership

Illustrator Alistair is in the midst of planning his civil partnership to business partner and fiancé Jonny at Cardiff City Hall in September. Be prepared to meet the most dapper grooms you ever did see…

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The Beginning Of It All

I pretty much knew that Jonny was a keeper when he turned down my offer of popcorn at the cinema, exclaiming “No! It gives me gas!” (or words to that effect). When a potential lover informs you of their propensity to popcorn-induced flatulence on the first date, you can’t help but be slightly enamoured… or is that just me?

Of course it wasn’t just this quirk that drew me to him. Oh no! There was also the allure of his dancing, which I had witnessed the previous evening at Pulse nightclub in Cardiff. Resistance was futile once I had clapped eyes on his hypnotically rhythmic elbow movements and I simply said to myself: “that’s my kinda freak.” Sidling over to him, I whispered sweet nothings in his ear; actually I was far too coy for that, instead using his unwitting friend as a vessel for my attraction.

gay l'amour cwtch

Me: “Tell your friend I think he’s cute”

Friend obliges. Nice friend.

Jonny: “Tell him I think he’s cute too” (bless)

Friend obliges. Good friend.

And the rest is history. I’m skimming over the part where he spilt his drink all over me, but why ruin such a romantic picture? Too late!

The Proposal

wedding montage cwtch

Quickly moving on, we are now five years down the line and living in sin… but not for much longer. 18 months ago I got trussed up in a tuxedo, filled the flat to the brim with flowers and candles, and waited anxiously for my beloved to return home from work. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that he was working late and was discovered rocking back and forth in a sweaty state after 3 hours of listening to Adele on a loop. I digress. The question was popped, he answered with a teary “yes” (phew!) and within ten minutes it was business as usual as we devoured pasta straight from the pan in our PJs.

The Planning

Since then, if truth be told, I have done very little of the organisation. This will not shock my friends and acquaintances. Yes, I have been heavily involved in the decision-making and, yes, I have been unyielding in my aesthetic demands, but Jonny has done the majority of the planning. This is partially due to the fact that I am a lazy so-and-so and partially due to the fact that he is a self confessed control freak. The man has a “Wedding box” which only he has access to… and everyone thought I would be Groomzilla!

honeymooners vespa blog

I have, however, taken control of the fun, and some may say easy, stuff. Pour example, I secured the fabulously talented Siren Sisters as our entertainment, liaised with The Cakehouse girls regarding our confections and scored a deal with the printers for our invitations. Incidentally, and this is going to be a SHAMELESS plug, Jonny and I run an illustration business called Slightly Wobbly Designs so the wedding stationery has very much been a joint creative effort.

To say we had a theme would be going too far but “autumnal”, “rich” and “vintage” are words I would use to describe the intended feel. Not being fans of “matchy-matchy”, the wedding party (including ourselves) will be wearing different outfits, intended to compliment rather than match. Luckily our best men and women have oodles of panache so we’re confident the pictures will look great.

The ceremony is being held at Cardiff City Hall in front of 90 people * gulp! *. I’m hoping the exquisite woodwork and gilding of the council chambers will distract from the anxiety of saying those vows in front of so many people. Not being one for PDAs (that’s a public display of affection to anyone not in the know!) this could be tricky, but at the same time I can’t wait to say them. Love has a lot to answer for!

je t'aime cwtch

After the serious part we’re heading to Dyffryn Springs in the Vale of Glamorgan for drinks, food, speeches, dancing and more drinks. A hog roast is being provided by The Hogfather (what a cool name) and, as we are incapable of selecting one wedding cake, there will be a dedicated ‘Cake Table’ laden with many a homemade sponge. The decorations remain a slight quandary, logistically speaking, but that’s nothing that a bit of Sticky Back Plastic won’t solve! All will be revealed…

Thus far, the preparations have been relatively stress free but there’s still time for one or both of us to develop alopecia and possibly a peptic ulcer! Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. Watch this space for another update on the planning of our rapidly approaching nuptials.

bespoke examples cwtch

How wonderful are these bespoke wedding illustrations? :) We love them!

Thanks, Alistair! We can’t wait to hear more about your plans! If you liked the illustrations in today’s post then do check our the boys’ website – they really are fab :)



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  1. I think I’m a little bit in love with these guys already! What date is the wedding? I can’t wait to see all your plans come together :)

  2. I am in love with your CP plans and your illustrations! They are amazing :) Really like Cardiff City Hall, we looked into it for our CP but it was just too far away :(

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