Help, We Don’t Have A First Dance Song!

Fear not, lovely Cwtchers. Budget DIY bride Sarah is here to solve your first dance woes. So sit back, grab and cup of tea and get your ears ready for some great song options!

first dance

Feeling a bit stuck on what to have for your first dance? It’s a common issue – how do you pick a song that represents you both, your relationship, marriage and wedding that you both like and is danceable to?! Oh gosh. It can be a bit of a dilemma and I know more than one couple who didn’t decide on their first dance until the night before their wedding. Oops.

If you want to try and keep the stress levels down on the night before the big day (and let’s face it, you’ll probably have enough to worry about) then I’d suggest trying to get this choice made as soon as you can.

Getting a song picked early means you get time to prepare and time to practice dancing in your wedding shoes (if you’re anything like us it’ll be while you’re cooking in the kitchen, twirling around and trying not to cringe at the idea of doing it in front of all your friends and family!). It also gives you time to change your mind if you find another song that you really, really love :)

So! What to pick! If you’re not a couple that has ‘a song’ together (we weren’t either, it’s okay) then it can be a bit of a minefield choosing a song. My only criteria was something not too soppy and something short, since I really didn’t want to be on the dancefloor for longer than I could possibly help it. Did I mention that I’m terrible at slow dancing? I’m terrible at slow dancing.

In the end we went for a not very well known John Mayer song, which was short, had a nice chorus and was one that we both enjoyed listening to. Job done.

Lucky for you, our lovely readers have been there, done that and are there to help you through it. Phew.

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of all the first dances that Cwtch brides picked, so sit back and have a browse – hopefully you’ll find something you like!

Top tips for preparing for your first dance:


  • Pick something you enjoy listening to. This might seem like a bit of a no brainer, but the temptation to try and please everyone is pretty much a constant pressure during wedding planning and can sometimes cloud your judgement. Even if you don’t think your guests will really get it, if you love it then keep it in :)
  • Practice beforehand! Most wedding shoes were high you guys. Like, so high. Mine were 5 inches which is way more than any of my regular shoes, so I made sure to wear them around the house as often as I could to try and break them in. (They were pretty cute so this wasn’t exactly a hardship ;) )
  • Don’t pick something with a long, long intro or crazy long interlude in the middle. When it’s just the two of you on the dancefloor trust me, it’ll feel like a lifetime.
  • If you don’t like dancing, or you’re feeling a bit shy then arrange with your bridesmaids / ushers / family members to join you at a pre-designated point in the song. (We did this and it definitely took the heat off us!)
  • Remember – it’s only about 5 minutes of your life, tops. Don’t overthink it :) (& don’t plan a routine unless you’re confident you can pull it off!)
  • & lastly if you really, really don’t want to have a first dance then don’t! It won’t make your wedding any less of a wedding not to have one and your guests probably won’t care. Your wedding, your rules.

If you’ve got a Spotify account you can subscribe to the playlist here. We’d love to get some more inspiration so send us your thoughts and suggestions and we’ll make sure we add them to the list :)


Sarah x

3 thoughts on “Help, We Don’t Have A First Dance Song!

  1. Brilliant post Sarah! A few weeks too late for me though!

    We really struggled on this one, we didn’t have an “our song”, we couldn’t agree on a song we both liked and I REALLY didn’t want to be up there being stared at so we had all but decided not to have a first dance until about 2 weeks before the wedding when I heard a song on Emmerdale of all places and thought “hmm…. maybe”. All of a sudden I came over all romantic and thought that maybe we should have one after all. Luckily Mark loved the song too, it was “One and only” by Adele (despite me protesting that I would NEVER first dance to Adele because of all the break up songs!). The only problem was that it was 5 and a half minutes long so I asked our DJ if he would fade it out after the second chorus, he said this would be fine and then on the night the swine deliberately played it in full! It did feel like ages but we survived it and I’m glad we did it now.

    Love your first dance song Sarah :) xx

  2. hahahaha Charlie…you make me laugh!
    Great post Sarah…been listening to those tunes today. My favourite is from Tanya & Kev’s wedding; King of the swingers.

    I do however think its time i post up my wedding soon. Its my 7th wedding anniversary at the end of this month. Our first dance was Franky Valli and the four seasons ‘Can’t take me eyes off you’ My all time fav song (not my husbands…but then he doesn’t like dancing and I thought Nirvana, Metallica & Electric Six wasn’t really appropriate back then).

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