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Today we have a real treat on the blog, Debra, the very talented creator behind baking company Love Peace and Cupcake, (who you may remember from Hannah’s wedding report) is here for a little chat about all things bridal and our favourite topic – cake! Modern Bride Hannah asked Debra a few quetions about her business :) Enjoy…

ctb- love pea22ce and cupcake interview.doc

ctb- love peace and cupcake interview.doc

Hi Debra, we’re so excited to have you on Cwtch the Bride today; can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? :)

Well, I am Debra and I am the baker and designer behind Love Peace and Cupcake! We started off as a home based baking company, steadily rising to each and every challenge and design before we realised we were too big for our family kitchen! Fate played a hand and we recently found ourselves with an opportunity to couple delicious cakes with a coffee house and so the Cakery was born. We are now the proud owners of The Deck Coffee House and Cakery in Cardiff Bay where we grow daily with new cake flavours, classes, parties, and vintage hen packages.

How did you start Love, Peace and Cupcake?

Completely by accident! I was never the most confident person when it came to creating in the kitchen. I decided to create some cupcakes for the teachers at the end of term one summer. They were presentable and looked a bit like the picture in the recipe book so I proudly sent them off with the children. My future father in law had a big birthday shortly afterwards and I challenged myself to surprise him with 60 cupcakes. I remember losing sleep about such a large number of cakes which is mad considering the amount I cope with now! A random order came from one of his party guests and it took off from there.

cupcake interview.docctb- love peasxdsce and cupcake interview.doc

What’s the best bit about being a part of the wedding industry?

I met a lovely couple, freshly engaged, this week. They came to talk to me about their ideas for their wedding cakes next year and as I was talking with them I realised what I love the most.

I got them to tell me about how he proposed and listened whilst they told me their story. I adored watching the tender moments that passed between them as they recalled every detail and the way they held hands and kept glancing at the ring! I suppose when you work in this industry you get to be involved in the creation of precious memories and I believe that memories should be cherished. It is an absolute honour to be asked.

Have you had any hairy moments?

Apart from dropping a box of cupcakes whilst setting up a stand and once getting lost on the way to a venue, no! Never look at them as hairy moments, just accept them as learning curves ;) (This was ages ago and I have MUCH improved haha.)

Do you have any quirky wedding cake stories to share?

I have a zombie wedding cake coming up soon that I am very excited about; there’s a sugar paste bride and groom in hero mode on the top of the cake with zombies climbing up the sides! Also I am currently designing an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, which is amazing fun!

ctb- losdve peace and cupcake interview.docctb- love pfgfgeace and cupcake interview.doc

Do you have any advice for couples choosing their wedding cake (or cakes)?

Always do lots of research, perhaps gather pictures and ideas from magazines and put together a wedding inspiration book. Look at Pinterest or make a colour palette and take this with you to your cake consultation. I always like to get as much information as possible so that the final design is just what was imagined. Give your cake designer some colour swatches to keep showing the colour shades you are using on the big day. Above all ensure you get what you had planned, listen to advice but don’t be swayed to do something you don’t want…it is your big day and you should get to choose! Also, try to have a sample of the cakes to get an idea of the standard of the products.

Have you noticed any emerging cake trends for 2013/14?

Vintage is most definitely a popular choice at the moment. There’s lots of Victoria sponge towers with buttercream and fresh fruit, dustings of icing and huge rose designs. We are also seeing a lot of sugar veil lace effects. Also, I am finding that couples very much like their cakes to be personalised with sugar paste figures, such as, grooms with rugby balls and even the pet cat! It’s all about incorporating character and fun into their day.

ctb- lasasove peace and cupcake interview.doc ctb- love peace and cupc23232ake interview.doc ctb- lov222e peace and cupcake interview.doc

What’s your favourite cupcake flavour? If you can choose that is?

Hands down….coffee flavour, I make them with freshly ground beans and they are heaven on a plate.

We hear congratulations are in order as not only have you been busy setting up your own business, but you’re also planning your wedding! So for our last question, do you have a theme or style for your big day? If you haven’t already guessed we love wedding chat!

Aw thank you! Yes Mr Cupcake and I are due to get hitched in September in the beautiful Castell Coch. We have a relaxed vintage theme going on!

We will drive from the wedding in our VW camper (she is called Ruby Tuesday and is mega cute with a huge cupcake on her roof!) and we will be celebrating afterwards with friends and family over traditional vintage tea and buns. Do you know where I could find a good cake maker?

Debra did a fantastic job making my own wedding cakes and I can’t help but highly recommend her services to other South Wales brides. So if you’re looking for a cake maker she should be top of your list, plus those hen party/cupcake classes sound super fun!

Get in touch

To find out more about Debra and her fabulous cakes visit www.lovepeaceandcupcake.co.uk
If you’d like to have a taste of the fabulous cakes then pop by and visit her at her cakery;

The Deck, 20 Harrowby Street, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5GA :)

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Tel:02920 499 771


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