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Today’s featured vendor is blog sponsor and wedding photographer Alex from Creative Apertures :) (you can check out all our of blog sponsors in the sidebar to the right).

Creative Apertures Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself :)

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_001

My name is Alex (most people call me “Al”….Cue the Paul Simon song :)) I’m 30 something and I live in the village I grew up in, with my wife and 3 lovely kids.

I come from a family of artists and while not as talented as some of my other family members in drawing or painting, I love producing my own works of art through my photographs.

I am a little bit cheeky, fun, down to earth and have the amazing ability to put my foot in my mouth…often with hilarious consequences. I abbreviate everybody’s name and treat everybody like a friend.

 I Hate:

  • Sand
  • Traffic lights with faces on
  • Anything slimy that’s edible
  • Negativity
  • Egos

 I Love:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • My Job
  • Kindness
  • Welsh cakes
  • Carte D’or mascarpone ice cream

How long have you been running Creative Apertures? What made you decide to start?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_004

I set up Creative Apertures in 2008 initially to showcase my landscape work, which is the photography I like to do personally. I was selling my work, taking fine art and commercial commissions.

At the time I was still working self employed in the construction sector and it was about then that the economy took a down turn, hitting that particular industry badly, forcing me to rely more on my photography as a means of income.

It was not long after this I started pretty much photographing weddings full time. I’m thankful that particular experience ended positively, in me doing a job I love.

What does Creative Apertures offer?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_002

The main part of the business is taken up photographing weddings and pre wedding couple shoots. I also photograph family portraiture and of course I am still available for fine art and commercial commissions.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_006

I feel privileged to be part of the inner circle of a family during the wedding day even if it is strictly as an observer. It can often be quite emotional and a very powerful experience. I love meeting new people, which often results in new friendships and I have a great deal of fun. In the long term, its mind blowing to think that in years from now, families will be looking at my photographs as an intrinsic part of their history.

What can your clients expect from you?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_005

I try to have very little influence on the day itself. Apart from a discreet number of group shots and a quick 30-40 minutes with the couple, I really spend the day documenting what’s happening “recording the story”. I love that the couples can enjoy their wedding day without getting stressed out about photos.

I make sure all the important parts of the day are photographed and captured creatively and quickly and avoid at all cost turning the day into a time consuming and burdensome photo shoot. I work quickly, I am professional and always give my all.

What’s your price range?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_013

Currently full day commissions start at £1200.

What makes you different to other photographers?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_007

Simply put…me. My personality and my way of looking at things. Every photographer has a different personality and has their own perspective and way of working. It is my hope prospective clients like who I am as a person and what I offer creatively :)

What’s your favourite thing about working in Wales?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_008

I’d love to say the weather but…it has to be the people! Wales seems to ooze that community feel. Even if you have never met a person before, its not long before its seems like you’re old friends. Add to that a wicked sense of humour and a down to earth spirit and it certainly makes for a wonderful working experience.

What locations do you cover?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_009

The bulk of my work is of course in Wales. That said I find myself spilling over the border to the English counties from time to time. I am available for commissions right throughout the UK and quite prepared to travel for a destination wedding abroad if requested.

Do you run Creative Apertures yourself or do you have a team?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_010

Yes its just me, all by myself :) I have a very supportive family and my wife helps a lot, mainly helping at wedding fayres and taking telephone enquiries when I’m not available.

What’s your proudest moment as a photographer?

Creative Apertures Welsh Wedding Photographer_011

That’s a very difficult question to answer, there are so many. I have won a number of awards for my work and service, which of course I’m extremely proud of and very rewarding professionally. In all honesty though, I am the most proud every time a couple pick up their wedding photos, hug me and say “ we’re glad we booked you”.

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Facebook: facebook.com/creativeaperturesphotography

Twitter: @CAPhotography10

Blog: creativeapertures.com/blog

Email: al@audiolab.fsworld.co.uk

Telephone: 01554 821844

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